# 2 Law From 48 Laws Of Power Says: “Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends And Use Enemies!”

Have you ever been betrayed?

Do you fear that you can be betrayed?

Do you fear that your loved one can betray you, cheat on you or maybe that someone at work may stab you in the back?

Or anything of that sort?

If yes, we can fix that very quickly!

See, when you get success, your friends become very envious of you. They may still smile you in the face, but deep down inside, they are rotten with envy and jealousy. They wish you ill things.

What about love relationships? Often, same rule applies! Your loved one often mistakens your communication and eventually, wants to revenge on you with cheating or even leaving you.

Your can protect yourself from all of that and so much more…

You can turn your enemies into friends with the power of Magick too.

See, your enemies will want to be loal to you because they will want to prove their faith to you.

As a result, you are protected from backstabbing and betrayal, while your enemies worship you!

That’s the power of # 2 Spell from 48 Laws Of Power from PlutoCraft!

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