Roman Festival of Vulcanalia

Light a candle or a bonfire in honour of Vulcan, god of fire, on August 23. You may call on him for his fiery protection against evil and danger. You may also petition for his defense against your enemies.

The simplest way to do this is to write your petition on a piece of paper and ceremonially burn it – whether it is in a small cauldron or a gigantic bonfire built for the occasion. Focus on your desire and mentally thank Vulcan for his assistance.

In general this is a powerful time to harness the element of fire for cleansing and protection. This festival also falls on Sunday, the day of the Sun, providing even more fiery energy.

You can direct these energies to:

  • Create sacred space
  • Cleanse your home
  • Purify yourself
  • Empower tools and ritual objects
  • Set up powerful wards and shields

Feel free to get creative! Fire dances in the light of freedom and courage.

Written by Dr.PlutoCraft

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