Sun in Aries, time to do Victory Magick! And Win!

By |2019-07-30T11:35:07-05:00May 2nd, 2017|Magick, Protection Spells|

Sun in Aries - Magick For Victory! When Sun in Aries, it gives supreme boost to do vkictory types of Magick! Sun in Aries... Cafe Astrology explains it's power and I love it! Because i gives supreme boost to do the following types of Magick: Victory spells Crown of Success Energy enhancement Protection Magick Love Magick for [...]

Are You Ready for This Powerful Equinox?

By |2018-12-09T13:55:00-06:00March 19th, 2015|Astrology|

You are entering very powerful astrological times! Tomorrow - March 20, 2015 - there will be a New Moon, a Total Solar Eclipse, and it will be the Spring Equinox. What does this mean? First, a New Moon in Pisces brings energies of imagination, creativity, emotions, wisdom, dreams, and compassion. The Total Solar Eclipse occurs [...]

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