Spring Equinox Eclipse You are entering very powerful astrological times!

Tomorrow – March 20, 2015 – there will be a New Moon, a Total Solar Eclipse, and it will be the Spring Equinox.

What does this mean? First, a New Moon in Pisces brings energies of imagination, creativity, emotions, wisdom, dreams, and compassion.

The Total Solar Eclipse occurs at the last degree of Pisces, which is known as the Omega degree. The timing of the eclipse with the New Moon makes it an exceptionally powerful time for change.

The Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, honors the coming of Spring and the fertility of the Earth. It is another potent sign of rebirth and renewal.

This is a powerful day of magick for new beginnings, building compassion for others, and following your dreams. You may also wish to let go of some of the negative aspects of Pisces if you experience them – things like self-pity and being too passive.

In the long term, you are entering into a period of true spirituality and making choices for your personal development. Universal energies will provide a strong energy boost throughout this lunar cycle and, if you stick to it, for years to come. Eclipse energies alone can easily ripple through your life for the next six months, so keep your eyes open for the effects!

Use this power to release the past, end old cycles, and enter into the next zodiac sign, Aries, with a fiery passion to take action on your choices and succeed. Right after the last degree of Pisces comes the first degree of Aries, which is known as the Alpha degree.

So, we will have a union of the Moon and the Sun, the Alpha and the Omega, and the balance of night and day between the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth.

Sun, Moon, and Earth will be beautifully aligned.

Talk about a time of balance!

Some advice: Face this month with courage and forgive yourself for past fears and regrets. You may experience some difficult changes, but the rewards will be worth it. Move forward with a clear heart and mind, making positive life changes with the power of the eclipse behind you.

In honor of this day, we have a sale on three candles to assist you on your journey:

Clear Mind Spell for making clear decisions.

Mars Candle for Aries energy boost/balance, Protection, and Victory.

Neptune Candle for Pisces energy boost/balance, Psychism, and Spirituality.

These sales will continue until the next Full Moon on April 4th.

Blessings to you all!

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