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A Drama Of Losers That Write PlutoCraft Reviews To Devaluate! And REAL Magick + Remote Influencing Reviews Sent To Me – From Leading Medical Doctors, Scientists And People From All Areas Of Life!!

If anyone ever questions at least any of my reviews or anything else that I claim to you and people – I am willing to make a $50,000.00+ bet that they are real – and will be proven with attorneys as well – my attorney and whatever amount of lawyers anyone wants to pick!

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PlutoCraft Reviews Revealed
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PlutoCraft reviews are real, recorded, proven and can be always presented to any government authority. These reviews are just some of what I pulled from my email. I have much, much more – and a lot, from colleagues. With over 11+ years in Magick business (writing this on October 13-th, 20212)

PlutoCraft Reviews That Are Fake (Purposely Made By Competitors) – Finally Revealed!

Who Are These Magick Scammers That Take Your Money?

Discover How Fake PlutoCraft Reviews About Master PlutoCraft Can Cost You Time, Money And Most Importantly – You Can End Up With The Scammers!

These scammers insult your intelligence! They are like rotten plaque, an evil that’s aimed at innocent people! I proudly expose them, reveal them, and put them to a complete shame in front of you! Feel free to make fun of them now – they are yours to laugh at your will!

Magick testimonials for business

From Master PlutoCraft: after being in business for eight years, people look for PlutoCraft review – and this is the right thing to do!

But be warned: there are competitors out there who write fake reviews about PlutoCraft and indirectly advertise their so-called “spell casters” as “real”.

This causes damage to people to believe the scammers and choose to do business with so-called “real casters”, whose profiles are fake and they don’t even probably exist.

How do I know? Because my own customers reported me that several times! I had several people who bluntly told me that they chose to do business with “those casters”, got completely scammed and then – came back to me for Magick services!

They too were looking for PlutoCraft Review…

Let me show you how these scammers work in detail and how you can end up being scammed for your time, money and your case!

But first, let’s start with my original message that I wrote to the public a long time ago. Here it is:

We are proud to have helped many people through diverse stages in their lives. It is a pleasure and an honor to help each and every one of you overcome obstacles, remove negativity, and find peace and fulfillment on your journey.

Feel free to leave your own testimonial in the comments below or Contact Us with a written message and instructions on how you would like us to post it (with your name or an alias).

Thank you for all of your kind words!

– Team Plutocraft

Now comes PlutoCraft Review…

These Are REAL PlutoCraft Magick Reviews And Testimonials From Remote Influencing!

First PlutoCraft Review From A Happy Customer

Date: 5/15/2014 12:13 AM
Subject: Info you can use

Hi All,

I want to share with you how Pluto coaching helped me go through deep crisis in my life in a fast, successful a painless way.

When I met Pluto I was in an unhappy marriage ( two little kids) but I did not have the strength to break up, his guidance and down to earth help gave me what I needed in order to do the right thing in my life. In the end the divorce went very well, no need to go to court although at first it seemed to be the only option. Today I have a good relationship with my ex husband.

He helped me through my divorce and not only that, he helped me build up my coaching business.

After the divorce I began dating men and all my neediness, insecurities, illusions, dellusions, came up, thanks to his work with me I am feeling well and with enthusiasm in my life, I love my life, the things I do and now I date good men for me, I do not attract jerks anymore…

Pluto helped me a lot in the love/money department, he has the skill to see you inside and give you what you need to get you on track and
regain the spark in your life.

Seriously we need more Plutos to help us!!!

Big thanks dear friend.

– Raquel – Spiritutual Healer From Spain

Second PlutoCraft Review From A Happy Customer

Date: March 3, 2014 7:34 pm
Subject: Amazed!

Hi, I want to write a testimonial for this website and the wonderful people behind it.

You would think that because they haven’t met you face to face and that they are “just” burning a candle that the results might may be reasonable. At least that is what I used to think until I started working with Master Plutocraft.I am here to say this:

what he can do is what you’d love to see happening and that seldom happens.

They are honest. And after a Cleansing candle and Road Opener, I must admit that my Life has made a major turn around in a positive way. It seems that they know me, my problems and my potential probably better than my family does. Moreover Pluto knows is really gifted and does not shy away from a “problem” no matter how big or complicated. Once you sign up she doesn’t give up until you and most importantly she is satisfied with the results. He raises the bar. 2013 was at best, a bad year for me, the only positive thing, without sounding corny, was finding this site particularly Pluto. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and caring as much as you do.

– Alex – Ph.D., Medical Doctor (Pediatrician)

And Here Is Another Recorded Testimonial From A Leading USA Scientist, Ph.D., Professor, Researcher, And Medical Innovator

Thank you!
I left graduate school a complete and total, defeated, depressed mess of an over-worked human being. I was not the happy young woman who skipped in there with a light in her eyes at 23 years old. I endured daily abuse (physical, verbal and emotional) from co-workers and superiors who did nothing to correct what was technically an illegal “toxic work environment.”
I became a shell of former self and as I withered away so did my relationship with Marvin and several dear friendships. I’m very happy and very busy at my new job. I’m valued and so is my education. I am one of only two PhDs and people do not forget that. I’m trying to find and be that happy girl again but at the moment, that requires medications. I did intuitively recognize that I needed to not lay around and miserable, so yes, I have already taken your advice to heart.
I am pro-active these days about correcting what I feel I lost in terms of contentment so I can regain my fun-loving personality. I do it slowly but I DO IT! I listen to my favorite songs, I wear things that make me happy for the most part (heels and dresses are unfortunately forbidden in my new lab), I bond with my co-workers, I’m learning to speak Spanish, I go above and beyond with my boss, I really do a lot!
And yes, I feel and know that work helps my love vibrations tremendously. I’m respected and I work hard, who doesn’t find that appealing? Jakov was amazing when I finished my PhD. He was ecstatic for me. He would check in to see how my job search was going….but things fell apart obviously. I would say I am a bit preoccupied with finding romance but when I find myself thinking about it, I follow your LOA instruction so far.
I take a moment to imagine that I already have the romance I desire, I believe that it is mine and that miracles are happening (and they are, what are the odds of me randomly seeing him? never happened before. also, you were right about him reading any infrequent correspondence, just not responding to me. his English is poor. I used the word “antiquated” and he asked me to repeat it. he didn’t know what it meant. that’s fine. so, he’s speaking at the microphone this week and uses the word “impetus”…..a word I used in my very last email to him. it took me a minute but I laughed. he steals the vocabulary from my emails to and improves his conversational English with it!) and then I say out loud that I’m letting go of my intention and letting the Universe handle it!!
I am learning Spanish because it occupies my free time and challenges my brain. Most importantly devoting time to that in the evenings allows me to STOP OBSESSING because I have to focus and practice. I either do that or read because it requires my entire mental engagement as well….I’m trying!
To be fair, I am looking for romance and as I said if I contacted you about every dude, you would not have the patience, but Jakov was whom I chose and did work for. So yes, I do have an idea of “whom” the romantic target I chose is, how we get there is the part of the obsession that needs to end.
I also don’t focus on how things are now or what happened in the past. If I did, I would have zero hope in any of my spell work EVER having even the slightest chance of coming to fruition and we did a lot to improve things with Jakov. I just believe that romance in the future will happen because miracles truly do.
With regards to the spell work for vibrations, I don’t understand what you explained very well but I’m admittedly interested in looking into it. Could you make it sound maybe a little more simple for me? Sorry, haha I have my areas of expertise but this is not one of them!
Amy – Ph.D, Leading Scientist, University Professor, Medical Innovator, received on June 23-rd, 2019, 11:37 PM

Fourth PlutoCraft Review From A Happy Customer

Sent: Mon, Mar 10, 2014 2:29:59 PM
Subject: Testimonial

I have known Pluto for many years both past lives and this one. He is a beautiful spirit! From time to time I believe we all need help with the daily trials and tribulations which can and will come across our paths.

Pluto’s abilities in the psychic realm are unbelievable.

He has an innate gift to look deep into the many layers of questions and probabilities. I trust her implicitly. Besides the cards, Pluto is astute in creating oils for various purposes. His latest oil is for meditation which I use every morning. Since using this oil, I have become more aware of my intuitive side and thus am helped with making better decisions throughout my day. Trust is a huge factor when we open up our souls for psychic guidance. Pluto is someone to be trusted and I do without qualification. His wonderful oils for love and money are phenomenal. It’s simply amazing the breadth and depth of his abilities.

– Jeanie

Fifth PlutoCraft Review From A Happy Customer

Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 02:10:08
Subject: Re: update

I am very impressed by Plutocraft services ,he is very down to earth and understanding.

He get straight to the point and give you the truth of the matter

I have contacted plutocraft a few month ago and asked for help and advice to sort out some issues going on with my life,I am very happy to see my life changing in a very positive way.

Plutocraft will add the magic touch and help you succeed
in what ever area of you life that need a change.

– G. from London, United Kingdom

More on PlutoCraft Reviews is coming soon with a REALLY SHOCKING testimonial from England! But first, let me show you the scammers! And how they insult YOUR intelligence!

Now Come Fake PlutoCraft Reviews About Master PlutoCraft

First Fake PlutoCraft Review

Fake PlutoCraft review by… Ummm…. Whom???

Some… lordgameover.wordpress???

Looks like “lordgameover.wordpress” either could not afford a $10 domain name or is really trying to hide his identity behind the scenes… Don’t you find it to be a problem?

Anyways, the funny thing about “lordgameover” is that he claims to be so-called “spell caster investigator” and looks like he has a list of… WARNING HERE … HIS LIST OF TRUSTED CASTERS!

Do you get the picture here? It’s like “don’t do business with him, don’t do business with him… I have MY list of trusted casters – go rush and pay money to my casters!”

No wonder people get ripped off with lordgaveover.wordpress scam – and then, come back to me!

This is how lordgameover.wordpress operates his scam! See it yourself!

A potential customer asks a question about me:

PlutoCraft Review

lordgameover.wordpress says that I am a “new website” and that “I can resolve cases in 14 days”… And that’s – “a huge red flag”…

Sorry lordgameover.wordpress or whoever you are, but it is the end of 2018 and I am in the business! You are not! Where are you???

Also, I just released a 2-ND Edition of A Prayer That Always Works. Don’t you think I would not be able to do it I was scamming people? What did you publish besides your scam posts?

And if you really “investigate spellcasters’, then don’t you know that getting results for some cases in 14 days is NORMAL? I never advertised that I do it for all cases! Or maybe it’s not normal with your “list of trusted casters”?

No wonder…

Then… Look at this…

PlutoCraft Review 1

“lord” did not count that the person came to me first telling me about their relationship problems. Not vise versa. Also, a lot of relationships do have negative energies around them and that’s what causes a break up – but not always.

In my practice, I never “always tell” that there is a negative energy. If it is there – I tell. If it is not – I don’t. And it was the other person who asked me for a break up spell, not my suggestion.

Then, “lord” states that he never even heard of me and doesn’t know anyone who uses my services… Yet, he seems to know “a lot” about me!

As you can see yourself, this is done in order to push people towards a “list of trusted casters”.

But it doesn’t stop here… This is just a beginning on how you get scammed by “lords”.

A person who originally asked “lord” about me says this – and mentions ebay casters – and of course, “lord” knows a good ebay caster too!


Here is how “lord” recommends an eBay “caster” – and waiting for a victim prospect DrQuinn and others who see posts to PM him for details.

This is how scammers work!!! They mention so-called “casters with results that they know”.

This creates public’s interest to PM them for details about “real casters with results”.

Here is a proof:

PlutoCraft Review 3

Once a naïve victim PMs someone like “lord” for details about “real caster”, 99% of deal is done! “Lord” acts like he/she doesn’t have any financial interest in it, but this is a whole scammer’s scheme.

They get a cut from a “real caster” or that “real caster” may actually be “lord” himself! The bottom line is that there is no real caster!

Then, one of my loyal and repeat customers who actually revealed him name on the forum made a post about me. I seriously did not know it and never asked him to. I understood who it is when I saw a name because I still talk to this person.

Take a look:

PlutoCraft Review 4


Not surprisingly, “lord” does not like it!

This is what he falsely accused the person of along with other false statements:

PlutoCraft Review 5

First of all, nobody is advertising me. I never paid or asked anyone to go and make posts about me.

Second, “lord” talks like he knows everything. In reality, he just makes it sound like he does. He doesn’t know absolutely anything.

How do I know?

He takes information what’s openly written on my website and makes it sound like it is his “investigation”. Back then, it was openly publicly written on my website, on the main page of my website that I work with Nancy! There is no investigation needed.

About Russian decent… If someone says my name is “Julio”, people know it must be Hispanic decent… And if the name is Mike, then it must be some English/USA decent… Again, no “investigation” is needed.

What “lord” got really wrong in his “investigation” is that Nancy’s readings were laser accurate! Nancy was the # 1 Tarot Reader at PlutoCraft with a consistent repeat business and referrals! That is something “lord” failed to “investigate and report”.

Then, “lord” tells people that he knows where I am located, that I am a young guy and that I advertise on social website – everything that I publicly whore on About page of my website a long time ago. That’s a “very powerful” investigation!

Finally, “lord” makes a real sensation!

He says that I am not on a list of his “valid casters” because…

…of the advertisement that he saw…

But what is the real reason?

The real reason is because I do not pay to scammers to be on any “lists” of “valid casters” or anything of that sort! I don’t pay money to write me those PlutoCraft reviews!!! YES, reviews can be purchased for as much as $1.00 each for a so-called “positive review” these days! Here is an example when I Googled “buy reviews

PlutoCraft Review 6 Fake

Do you now see how scammers create an artificial circus to push you to their “trusted and valid casters”?

I warned you.

I showed you the proof.

Now it is your choice!

Second Fake PlutoCraft Review

This One Is Hilarious! You Should Laugh At The Composers Of Those fake PlutoCraft Reviews, LOL! :)

But scammers don’t stop here.

Besides registering free “domains”, they take their scam business even further.

They create additional subdomains in order to make legitimate Magicians look untrustworthy and try to make you pay money to their so-called “casters”.

Take a look yourself.

Just like in the previous case, lordgameover.wordpress is a “domain” with a free “wordpress” extension.

There is nothing wrong with that if you own a personal blog, but if you are a business, you invest in a quality domain and hosting to present your real credibility.

Here comes another “plutocraft review” on another .wordpress free domain!

I call it an EPIC FAIL! Because anyone doing fake PlutoCraft reviews will SUFFER an epic fail, just like one group suffered after my Karma Spell – see information about them below!

PlutoCraft Review 7

Then… It shows you who says what about PlutoCraft…

And then, it epically shows you that the referrer is the Greatest Scam Ever – trying to devaluate real PlutoCraft reviews from real customers of mine!

Yes, the website that made this review – get ready for this – is clearly showing you that a reference review website is the greatest scam ever!

Now, that’s classic! We should give them a credit for an epic fail.

Take a look yourself how competition writes fake PlutoCraft reviews to promote their “casters”. But nothing can beat REAL PlutoCraft reviews and as I said – I will do $50,000.00+ bet to prove that PlutoCraft is all real! I will connect any lawyers with a great pleasure!

How I say: “Bring your lawyer, I don’t even need one” when anyone questions PlutoCraft reviews and their legitimacy!

PlutoCraft Review



PlutoCraft Review

I don’t think I have to explain you much how and why this racketeering works… But you get the picture.

SPS Review Forum Put Fake PlutoCraft Reviews And Advertised Their Own “Good Magicians” – I Ran This KARMA Spell On Them And Take A Look – They Are OUT OF THE BUSINESS!

Other PlutoCraft Reviews Points To Consider

As you can see yourself from the examples above, scammers try to lure you in to their “list of trusted casters”. A scammer acts like an “authority” and “investigator” who “helps” people just like you.

There also other websites that make false claims about PlutoCraft website itself. I don’t want to go into a technical details here.

My main point was to show you how you get scammed.

Many scammers operate in very creative ways. One of the biggest scams is called “free magick, you pay by results only”. I do not want to reveal the catch of this scam but if you are smart enough, you already see two things that are wrong with that.

Let me assure you that nobody will do magick for free. It can easily cost over $320.00 in just supplies to run a love case! I had cases where I spent way over $500.00 in supplies. Ok, I use high quality supplies, but even if cheap ones are used – they aren’t free.

And nobody will do Magick for free. Trust me on that one.

Another PlutoCraft Review That Almost Made Me Cry! Yes, PlutoCraft Reviews Can Be Emotional Because People Rarely Write Them For Fun! I Am Happy To Save Lives And Improve, Inspire the Lives Of People!

Date: 10/2/2013 8:35 AM
Subject: Prayer Testimonial (Since A Prayer That Always Works eBook was originally purchased from PlutoCraft website, it can be legally added to all other PlutoCraft reviews. Keep in mind that there are USA laws on presenting reviews and I keep them to the best of my ability!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I will give you my full story and give you permission to post it on your websites. I will talk about the build-up of events that caused me problems and how I overcame them.

I first contacted you on 19th March 2012 (on my 22nd birthday) because I was sick of being lonely on yet another birthday and I wanted you to do some love and sex magick work. As you did the case diagnostic a lot of problems came up.

Let me explain my history first.

I didn’t have the best of upbringing. I was abused as a child by family and the local religious community, from the age of 3 stabbed, dislocated joints, broken bones, cigarette burns…

Abuse went on and got much worse from 13 and onwards because that’s when I decided I no longer wanted to go to mosque (because of abuse and not happy on having beliefs forced on me). Around 13 was when shamanism and witchcraft found me.

I had a hidden stash of books which was found by my “family”. It was a really bad thing because generations back my ancestors used to stone and burn people for being accused of witchcraft.

Due to my beliefs I had been stabbed and suffered from broken bones (being hit by hammers and crowbars) since my early teens. Had I not defended myself on each occasion (almost daily for the past 10 years), I would had been fatally hurt. They believed it was totally ok to treat me like that, they believed in their “religious law” I should receive the stoning and burning to death punishment which is still practiced on other parts of the world today. Unfortunately my “family” are one of those crazy religious people and due to abuse at a very young age it took me until now (23) to get out of it, it wasn’t easy and it could have cost me my life so many times.

I just want to say that it’s not specific religions that are bad, its people. Unfortunately crazy nutjobs are found in all societies.

I kept it together all these years until July 2012 when I had a cancer scare, I kept it hidden from “family” but they found out in November 2012 and once again was beaten and wounded. I finally left home and moved into university accommodation. I was studying social work, specialising in child protection because I don’t want others to go through what I had been through.

But I should have left home sooner, instead of moving on with my life I spent the last 10 months trying to commit suicide. In the UK we have the “right to die for the terminally ill” organisations holding “rational suicide” workshops where you not only are educated in a number of quick and painless ways to die but we get to “dress rehearse” our suicide to remove the ingrained fight or flight reaction.

I tried to commit “rational suicide” myself around 50 times over the last 10 months. I would check into a hotel room, put a note on the bathroom door and lock myself. Then I would proceed to do my own ritual which would end with me killing myself. But every time I stopped at the very last moment, even though I desperately want to leave this world, it just didn’t seem right. The “ritual suicide attempts” as I call it helped me cope, even though I didn’t go through it (I’m glad I didn’t now) they gave me a release from everything.

This wasn’t about attention seeking or because of anger towards “family”. I had left behind my old life but I was still left with the pain. It was about live free or die.

Then there was a period of being homeless for the past 3-4 months and only eating every few day. However a homeless charity for young people recently helped me, they help young runaways by providing a place to stay and food. It’s been 4 weeks since my problem of being homeless has been resolved.

Now this is where you came in. I was too far gone for anyone to help me or to help myself; I couldn’t work with things like Logical Soul but I had A Prayer That Always Works PDF on my laptop. It was just there, unread, never even opened the folder.

Then one day I was clearing out my laptop and came across A Prayer That Always Works, I thought I would at least read it as I have respect for your works. After reading a few pages, I couldn’t move away from my laptop, I read it all in one sitting. It was as if the Divine Creator have me a nudge in the right direction.

I not only learnt the theory that your past is just memories and with this Ho’oponopono/Hawaiian Shamanism prayer you can not only delete the beliefs, lingering energies and roots of the problem, but you can also delete the actual memory of the problem! It’s as though the problem didn’t exist in the first place!

It’s so easy to do and after reading the book I wrote a 5 page word document with all my problems that needed clearing. Everything is memories (past) and we are in the NOW. This Ho’oponopono/Hawaiian Shamanism prayer aligns the Universe, Higher Self, Conscious Mind and Subconscious mind (inner child) in harmony and erases all your problems.

I used the prayer to erase all emotional traumas from my past, erased suicidal tendencies, and got myself off the streets and living in a safe and comfortable place. When I’m using this prayer opportunities land on my lap.

Not only did the Ho’oponopono/Hawaiian Shamanism prayer save my life but it also gave me the opportunities to help others. It’s lit this fire inside me, a power and has guided me to help so many people and it feels amazing it help others!

I want to end this testimonial by thanking Plutocraft deeply from my heart; this guy does an amazing and rewarding job. Honestly, there couldn’t be a better job in the world, this guy helps others heal on all levels and empowers them to find their path, what better gift can one give to humanity?”

– Ahmed

From Master PlutoCraft: I am very grateful to those who send me emotional PlutoCraft reviews because it inspires me to do more, write more books, and invent more spells – thank you guys and girls! God bless you all!

(Click here to get A Prayer That Always Works.)


  • Nancy is AMAZING. I’ve had generally positive experiences with other psychics/spiritual healers, but Nancy blew them out of the water. I found myself trusting her implicitly almost right away, and her genuine concern for my problems and well-being was truly touching. I was upset over what I believed to be psychic attacks, and Nancy made time to help me on short notice. And help she did! Upon leaving I felt empowered and could barely remember how shaken up I had been walking in. And yes, her readings are extremely accurate. A few months after she told me what was going on, all those things happened blatantly and almost in rapid succession, like there was a list of what she said would happen, and I could check them off as I watched the events present themselves. Nancy is a fantastic human being with a warm and giving heart and even if she doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, it’s because she knows there’s better for me and she’s trying to help me get there. Oh! And her oils smell wonderful and help me feel empowered as I go through my day. What more can I say? She’s the best and I love her. Thank you so much Nancy for all that you’ve done for me, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon for another reading!

  • Elle Dobhailen
    March 10, 2014 2:45 am

    Love Nancy, great insight, her bring lover back worked perfectly, next I’m requesting a marriage candle.

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  • I would like to write about Nancy, I have been dealing with her for quite some time every since August of last year. I was instantly amazed by her tarot card reading ability she is extremely caring and extreme in knowing exactly what to do next. Her sweet spirit shows you each and every time that it’s not about money she actually cares. I begin to have a bond with her immediately and I still do to this day . Anytime I have any issues or any fears I speak with her she shows me what’s to come so that I’m prepared or she shows me how to overcome it .Every single reading that she’s giving me has been on point she is absolutely amazing at what she does.s She has also done many spells for me love spell /money spell/ divorce spell/ and I believe wholeheartedly that everything she’s done for me has worked and I’m waiting to see the ending results. Ive begun to see alot already all I can say is….IM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO HAVE HER IN MY LIFE!