A Prayer That Always Works



A Prayer That Always Works - Ho’oponopono and Hawaiian Shamanism Karma Repair. Wish And Miracle-Granting System!

A Prayer That Always Works draws on the Hawai’ian system of Ho’oponopono and the teachings of Morrnah Simeona, who was a kahuna lapa’au (healer), to give you a prayer that is perfect for any situation.

After using this prayer himself, Plutocraft wrote this book so that you can quickly and easily understand how it works and begin creating miracles in your life!

See how this powerful prayer can help bring your conscious, subconscious and superconscious beings into alignment and solve your deepest problems with forgiveness and reconciliation.

You can use this powerful prayer to:

  • Clear your karma, including past lives, ancestors, and relationships.
  • Heal your life with deep forgiveness on all levels.
  • Let go of painful memories and move on to a better future.
  • Reconcile your relationships with family, friends, and ancestors.
  • Resolve any problem with the help of your higher self, inner child, and the Divine.
  • Cleanse your aura and balance your chakras with a simple request.
  • Remove harmful attachments to other people, places, or things.
  • Ask for answers to your most important questions (e.g. What is my life purpose?).
  • Relieve nightmares, insomnia, and fears.
  • Attract what you actually need, not just what you think you need.
  • Work on any issue you can imagine!

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