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World’s First Ho’oponopono Mantra Candle Done To PERFECTION To Get You RESULTS & RESULTS ONLY!

The one and only! Works Just Like You Like It – SUPER FAST!

Watch Me Do A Ho’oponopono Mantra Spell That I Can Do For You!

Now, you can clear all your problems with the power of Ho’oponopono mantra!

What needs to be cleared for you and what is it (or who is it) that you want to attract?

Money problems?

Blocks so your ex comes back?

Protection issues?

Well-being problems?

Luck problems?

Maybe you want to win a lottery?

Or maybe you have New Year resolution plans but already know that blocks will get on your way?

Or maybe you have a GRAND GOAL: you want to make something epic in life but you are blocked from all the agues, those that you can imagine and not?

Or maybe you are doing Ho’oponopono prayers, including mantra, but nothing is working?[/vc_column_text]


Is Ho’oponopono Mantra Really Working?

The answer is: YES! YES! And… YES!

Big times!

Ho’oponopono mantra is really working and I’ve been using it for over 10 years.

And yes, you may be doing Ho’oponopono mantra non-stop, saying:

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I hear you… You are doing and doing it…

… but

… nothing is happening…

Well, something is happening, you just don’t see it. That’s because it takes about three days to delete the program for Ho’oponopono mantra and replace it with inspiration.

I know, three days may be frustrating when you need clearing NOW and you have A LOT of it to do![/vc_column_text]


Let Me Make A BIG CONFESSION: I Love Ho’oponopono Mantra With All My Heart And Mind, Yet, Sometimes I NEED IT TO WORK MUCH FASTER AND DEEPER. That’s Because I’m Getting FRUSTRATED!

To make it simpler – sometimes I want and sometimes I seriously NEED results much, much faster – meaning NOW – like an instant manifestation! And very often – it happens just like I want it!

Now, imagine if I could intensify your Ho’oponopono clearing power by at least 1,000 times?

Yes, that’s right – Ho’oponopono clearing power will be intensified by at least 1,000 times or more!

How is this possible?

Well, let me tell you how…

I personally practice Ho’oponopono for about 10 years.

And I do Magick for about 10 years too now.


Ho'oponopono Certificate

And I am the author of one of the best selling Ho’oponopono books “A Prayer That Always Works” which now comes with Ho’oponopono Sigils!

A Prayer That Always Works Several years ago, I ran an interesting experiment…

I took a 7-day white candle, held it in my hands, read 4 Ho’oponopono mantra phrases:

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

… put my request in a candle and lit it.[/vc_column_text]


Ho’oponopono Mantra Can Be Put In The Magick Candle To Bring SUPREME Results – FAST!


To my surprise, I felt strangely weird, sort of high…

And I felt that deepest level clearing is running through me. It was as though Universe is taking down all these severe blockages.

Sure enough, my request was granted and I was very happy with results.

But I thought:

“What if?

What if I can intensify the power even more and help people get what they want?

Wait a minute: Ho’oponopono has 4 pillars of light, not just white and has a band of Gold Light!”

I knew, I absolutely knew that THIS, along with my personal Ho’oponopono secrets will give REAL POWER!

Sure enough, as you know it, with Ho’oponopono inspiration – whatever you do – it happens.

Those who use it correct, know it!

But there was just one slight problem:


People Don’t Get The Concept Of 100% Responsibility

You may know it or not, but Ho’oponopono requires 100% responsibility first. That’s before you even plan to read Ho’oponopono mantra!

There are no “iffs” and “buts” about it.

To solve this problem, Divine Inspiration told me:

“What problem are you trying too solve with responsibility issue? Candle IS the best way to take 100% responsibility! Think about it: when client orders a candle, you clear them AS # 1 responsibilit, unlike in some other type of Magick! That IS 100% Ho’oponopono responsibility and candle represents a pentacle of that responsibility! Plus, you clear yourself, others and planet”.

That all made perfect sense to me!

Let’s recap Ho’oponopono formula again really quick:

You take 100% responsibility for whatever it is going in your life (lack of money or your ex left you, whatever…)

Then, you say 4 magic Ho’oponopono mantra phrases:

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

That’s it!

Imagine If Your Ho’oponopono Mantra Is Now Super Charged By 1,000 Times!

Now, with Ho’oponopono Candle Magick, it works like this:

Once you order a Ho’oponopono mantra candle, I prepare it as though you take 100% responsibility and I clear myself too to help you even further

I encode your candle with 4 Ho’oponopono phrases:

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

Then, I install ANY of your request into the candle, something like:

Get your ex back

Bring you more money


Solve any, absolutely any problem that you tell me to solve

Then, I dress your Ho’oponopono mantra candle with the 4 pillars of Ho’oponopono lights and make Gold Band extension so it’s “covers with the band of Gold Light”

I install Karma cleansing and clearing prayer with your request…

I do my secret Kahuna stuff on your behalf…


I fire your Ho’oponopono candle!

Now your request is sent to the Universe!

Sure, you are on the way of getting your request and at the sane tine – deepest level of Karma cleansing and clearing is happening! That’s along other types of cleaning and clearing!

Now, remember Dr. Len taught us that if we forgot to mention something, all you have to say “Candy Cane”?

Well, just in case, your Ho’oponopono Candle is covered with “candy cane approach” – so you do not even have to remember everything or stress about formulating your request![/vc_column_text][ultimate_heading]

Now Your Ho’oponopono Candle Sends Your Request Along With Mantra Straight To The Source Of The Universe – All So Simple!

Yes, let’s make it so much easier.

Just tell me what problem needs to be solved and let my Ho’oponopono Candle do the magic and miracles for you – FAST AND DEEP!

Don’t delay, don’t hesitate, don’t doubt!




Why just think about it when you can have it?

Why imagine it if you can see it?

Why just dream if you can touch it?

Live A Life Because You Deserve It!

Simply order your Ho’oponopono Mantra Candle right now from an Advanced Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner and expect miracles like you should with Ho’oponopono!




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