# 5 Law Spell – Gain And Guard Reputation!



Law # 5 from 48 Laws Of Power Says: “Guard Your Reputation!”

Do you want to intimidate people?

Do you want to win?

Do you want to be the pentacle of power?

That is done with reputation.

Without reputation, you are volnurable, weak, powertless and simply nobody. In fact, nobody takes you seriously. Your efforts do not pay off.

Someone with reputation can say one word and get what he wants, while someone without it will spend years of hard labor going null.

Then, life seems unreasonable. But the’re is a reason: people must gain and guard reputation!

For example, Golden-Standard of PlutoCraft creates unshakable reputation. That’s why PlutoCraft does not depend on paid advertising at all. I do it only when I want to.

Same rule applies to people like Donald Trump. His reputation of quality in construction business brings him wealth. As soon as name “Trump” appears on the property, it’s value goes up by 50% automatically.

But what about you?

Do you want to radiate a reputation that’s unmatched and best of all – guarded?

Nobody will be able to interfere with your reputation. As soon as someone will want to do ill things to your reputation, #5 Law Spell from 48 Laws Of Power will automatically reverse the intent. It will reverse it with punishment because fakely destroying someone’s earned reputation is a crime. In fact, it is also punishable by law.

So, become a pentacle of power with having immense reputation!

I will cast #5 Law Spell on your behalf from 48 Laws Of Power and in no time, you’ll see that people respect you, value you and want to do business with you.

Best of all, you too will change for better! You’ll know how to do things better, when to do them and how to deliver best results possible.

You’ll gain Universal Wisdom that only few are able to possess.

It is a powerful weapon that will make your life 100’s times easier by eliminating most of your mistakes and putting you on the right path of least resistabce!

There is something else to it… You’ll be able to open enemie’s holes in their weak spots and they will go into the path of self-destructions. When I say enemies, I mean real enemies. I don’t mean healthy competition.

Everyone has a right to compete with you. It helps you grow. It makes you more original, brings you more fun and exciting challange. But there are enemies out there who learn to do “business” by stabbing legitimate business people in the back, lying, making false claims and spreading slender.

Should anyone do it to you, be it in business, relationships or even your personality or sexuality – they will automatically have a hole opened in their reputation and will sink in their ill intends!

In fact, as I am wrtiting this, it’s been about 10 minutes since I came back from my friend’s daughter’s Birthday and witnessed with my own eyes how someone just sank and lost 2 friends due to spreading lies about me. They were friends for over 10 years and they trusted her. They barely know me.

But the power of #5 Law Spell from 48 Laws Of Power magically pulled out lies that the person was spreading. After that, she began to feel very… unwell… let’s just put it this way. That’s because she git energetic attack from the Spirit. Finally, she went home on her own with massive amount of embarassment and nobody wanted to say “good bye” to her.

After that, we continued the party and I said: “People! See? Time always shows who is who! Lies always come out!”

Again, even though this is a “small deal”, imagine what if it comes to a big deal?

Be protected!

Because you don’t know what, when, who and how destroys your reputation.

You need reputation in relationships, love, sex, business, work, money, health, craft – everywhere!

Even on the street!

So, I urge you to get #5 Law Spell from 48 Laws of Power to guard your reputation!

Don’t mess with it! Get it now!

Be covered!

48 Laws Of Power Law 5 Guard Your Reputation


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