Ancestor Guidance Talisman


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The Grand Gatekeeper of the Underworld, Loa Guédé, is a Voodoo spirit who lives in cemeteries and is sometimes called Baron Samedi. He is full of laughter and joy, singing and dancing. He is the spirit of death and resurrection, and the gatekeeper to contact with the dead. He controls who has access to the afterlife, so if you wish to connect with your ancestors, he is the spirit to talk to.

Fortunately, Loa Guédé is happy to share what he knows about those who have passed on if you are able to catch him between his jokes and dances.

This Ancestor Guidance Talisman is empowered to petition Loa Guede to connect you with a deceased love one and communicate with them somehow, whether it is by receiving a message or sending one. You can also ask him to have your loved ones watch over you from the afterlife.

Each talisman is cleansed, blessed, and linked directly to you personally for maximum power. We can also customize this talisman to fit your specific needs.

Approximate Size: 1⅝” x 1¼”

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