Mercury Spell – Knowledge, Communication



Mercury Spell

Mercury is the planet of communication, knowledge, logic, and technology. This is why messages and electronic devices tend to have problems during the astrological Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Spell can be used to improve communication and aid those who work with computers, Internet and other technologies. Advertisers often use this spell to gain exposure of their advertising campaigns. This planetary spell can also be used to trick enemies and competition.

Common Uses:

  • Improve communication in relationships on both the physical and astral planes.
  • Enhance receptivity of messages between yourself and any entity, Deity, spirit, etc. for example, in prayer.
  • Great in conjunction with the Stop Gossip spell for added power.
  • Perfect planetary energy for safe travel and adventures, no matter what form of transportation you use.
  • Clear the mind and boost learning and studying abilities for school, tests, and even occult studies.
  • Establish communication with your subconscious mind for healing, manifestation, and messages from the Higher Self.