Reversing Spell



The Reversing Spell is a candle magick spell used to reverse evil and harm. It can be used to reverse it back to the Universe where Higher Powers will determine what to do with that energy or it can be used to reverse it back to your enemies with magnified force.

This is extremely powerful reversing spell!

Top 10 Reasons To Use A Reversing Spell!

Here are just some examples of what you can gain by getting this spell from Master PlutoCraft:

  1. If someone is building a betrayal scheme against you, this spell will reverse it back from you and they are the ones who will be betrayed.
  2. Against cheating: this spell can be used to reverse covert dishonesty and expose a cheater in act!
  3. To reverse any evil from past, present and future.
  4. To reverse evil eye, envy and jealousy. You should use this spell if you notice an interesting scenario in your life: when you tell about your plans to someone or just people in general – they do not work out.. This is a HUGE warning sign!
  5. Reverse debt! Do you feel like you are a victim of liars who promised you “gold” but instead, you ended up in debt? Use the Magick! With my Reversing spell, you can reverse that debt and Universe will fill the void! Even better, you can add Money Drawing Spell and turn your debt into attraction of money!
  6. Reverse Witchcraft! Do you feel that someone put a curse, hex or jinx against you? In this case, you have a right to reverse it back to those who did it! And because I do all my spells professionally, nobody will ever know where it came from!
  7. Reverse Relationship Problem (BREAK UP)! Did your relationship broke up and you feel heart broken? Do you want to give it another chance? Did you know that you can? Here is a secret Magick combination on how to do it: you simply use my Reversing Spell to reverse the break up along with Saturn (Time-Altering) Spell to access the past.What will happen is Saturn Spell will access the past and Reversing Spell will reverse the break up! When energies are settled – your ex is commanded to come back as though nothing happened! Why? Because problem is erased from the past!

    ALWAYS REMEMBER: Any problem can be erased from the past!

  8. Reverse Injustice! Did someone hurt you or your reputation behind your back? For example, did someone gossiped that you are at fault for something when you are not? If yes, you can reverse injustice and that person will be fully exposed! You’ll come out as a winner!
  9. Reverse Bad Karma! Did you do something you are not proud of and Karma haunts you? Do you know that there is a way to fix it, repair your Karma and turn the situation into a blessing? How is it done? Easy!Simply get my Reversing Spell, Saturn (Karma) Spell and Blessing Spell (as combination) – and I will form a Karma-clearing, Karma-repairing and Karma-blessing triangle for you with these 3 candles!

    I will write a special petition for you in regards to correct, heal and bless your Karma. In Magick, it’s called “Representation In The Front Of Higher Power” and only real Magician know such secret.


    Then, I will do the mojo called Karma Triange!

    As a result, you will notice that your wrong-doing will become a blessing as soon as you don’t consciously do exactly same mistake again!

    (Real life example of what others say “unbelievable success!!!”: during year of 2011, a man said he stole from his company… He said that a bad manager was “cutting him short” and “abusing his power”. Then, he decided to quit but steal first before quitting…

    He stole… Karma haunts him. He loses money and feels worthless, depressed, has no hope, desperate, it becomes harder and harder to fake good emotions, he looks down upon himself and feels like a criminal.

    On top of that, he reported that most likely, he will be caught soon during the audit. And if he gets caught… He may face some very serious consequences that gave him a wild paranoia all day and night…

    That’s what he promised… And I believed him… I did Karma Triangle with my Reversing Spell.

    After we did Karma Triangle, he completely improved. As of October 2020 (that’s almost 10 years…), he is still employed by his company and he is one of their best contributing employees!

    He loves his job! And he said that he “returned” to the company much more than what he stole by simply concentrating for good 20 minutes, developing a plan on getting extra clients during his non-work time, praying to God for help… And it took him just 4 hours to land a perfect client who brought at least 10 times more profits!

    You too can do something like this to “return the stolen” when we do your Karma Triangle! And look at how God decided to help him – not only he quickly found the client, but also, he became happy, productive employee who loves his job, took a position of the manager and many more blessings came his way!

    How do I know? He is still my very loyal client!)

  10. Reverse ANYTHING! Do you miss those good times? Did your life enter some stale point? Do you miss someone? Do you feel like you can be better off? Do you feel like your freedom is lowered for whatever reason (be it corporate world, marriage or worse – both?). Do you feel like you are “suffocating”?Need a fresh start?

    If YES, then simply let me know what you need right now! What I will do is carefully analyze your situation and suggest you BEST Reversal Spell strategy. Be it Reversal Spell itself or a combination of spells – you will definitely know HOW to fix your problem with EXACT CLARITY!

Reversing Spell Interesting Combinations

Take a look how easy it is to fix your problems using Reversing Spell (R.S.) for short in conjunction with other Magick spell!

  • R.S. + Saturn Spell + Aphrodite Spell – this combination is used to regain youth and seductive powers back. Works for both men and women.
  • R.S. + Neptune Spell + Run Devil Run – this combination is used to reverse the bad luck. It happens a lot when successful people get jinxed, or evil-eyed… As a result, they lose their lucky mojo and success begins to slip away. But there is a way to fix it!
  • R.S. + Road Opener + Come To Me – use this very powerful combination to experience your high school crush!If you have a high school crush but he or she did not have feelings for you. Or if you simply want to have an affair (or more!) with your high school crush! Instead of wondering “how would it be like?”, “how would that kiss feel like?” and “how euphoric and crazy we could be?” – experience what you’ve missed!
  • R.S. + Money Drawing + Uranus Spell – you can order this combination to begin repairing what’s called FORCED POVERTY. If you were born in a poor family, came from a poor country or have any money beliefs that do not serve you well, then it is time to free yourself from that! It converts your poverty into riches and lets you finally enjoy the real life! It suspends existence and makes you truly alive – something others can only dream of!
  • R.S. + 2 Wish Granting Candle Spell (Ace of Wands & Secret Desires) – get your lost goals back again! When you get this massively powerful combination, all you have to tell me is what are your top 10 goals are. Something that you missed and still want to experience. Reversing Spell will reverse the blocks and Ace Of Wands Spell will bring your desires, while Secret Desires spell will make sure your desires will manifest as fast and as best as possible!

Are you interested in this or something more? Just contact me and we’ll make it happen!