Protection Talisman



Voodoo Protection Talisman

The Ever Powerful Master, Loa Eshu, is a deity of the Yorùbá religion and is another name for the Voodoo spirit Papa Legba. He is also linked to Archangel St. Michael by some traditions. Eshu watches over the crossroads, guides spirits to the afterlife, and holds power over fortune and misfortune.

This Protection Talisman carries the tremendous power of Loa Eshu, who fiercely protects the wearer from harm. Please make sure that you only petition Eshu with this talisman when you truly require protection, as he does not like to be called upon for no reason!

Loa Eshu is a great teacher as well as a protector, and will help you grown and mature if you are willing to listen.

Each talisman is cleanse and blessed, then deeply charged with the energy of Protection. Your talisman will be linked to your personal energy and instructions for keeping it safe and strong are provided.

Approximate Size: 1½” x 1⅜”

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