Travel Protection Talisman



Lord of the Sea, Loa Agwe, is a powerful protection and travel spirit of Voodoo, Hoodoo, and other traditions. Fishermen in particular call on him for his strength and gifts from the sea. Loa Agwe embodies the strong intuition and deep wisdom of the entire ocean.

As guardian of the seas, he is often petitioned to calm waters for safe passage. His power encompasses the wind, waves, and all other natural forces. He is the perfect spirit to call on to watch over you during your journey, whether over land or sea.

This Travel Protection Talisman is cleansed, blessed, and deeply empowered to protect you on your travels and guide you to a peaceful destination, wherever that may be. Your talisman is linked directly to you and can be customized for your exact needs.

Approximate Size: 1⅜” x 1¼”

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