Reap Power Talisman



Loa Legba wields the the Energy of the Sun and Magick and is a channel between the spirits of Voodoo and the people of earth. Papa Legba stands at the spiritual crossroads. He is the first spirit called in a Voodoo ceremony, because he opens the gateway and grants permission for mortals to contact all other spirits.

The Reap Power Talisman is used to draw on immense power during ceremonies. You can also use it to bring magickal energy into your daily life or to help fuel your own magickal work.

Legba is known for giving humans the knowledge of other worlds and the ability to contact them. Respect his immense power and he can open the gateways to spiritual fulfillment.

Each talisman is thoroughly cleansed and blessed, then potently empowered with the appropriate energies for your situation. We are very careful to tie the talisman to your energy alone and give you instructions on how to care for it after you receive it.

Approximate Size: 1⅜” x 1¼”

Shipping included in price.


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