Wealth Talisman



The Magnificent Earth Mother, Loa Oshun, is a spirit of Santería, Yoruba, Voodoo, and other traditions. She grants the power of wealth with generosity and kindness. Her energy vibration is tied to water, attraction, and fluidly attaining one’s deepest desires.

Loa Oshun is also a protector, as no one can be an enemy to water. Water inevitably conquers all enemies. Therefore, her blessings can also be called on to protect your money.

Every talisman is thoroughly cleansed and blessed, then powerfully charged with the energies of wealth and money attraction. Your talisman is also linked to you personally. Make sure to keep your talisman to yourself at all times, so that no one touches it. This helps to retain its purity and strength.

Loa Oshun’s immesaurable power can help you on your path to financial growth and success.

Approximate Size: 1¼” x 1⅜”

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