Job Satisfaction Talisman



Loa Simbi, The Water Snake, is a serpent spirit in Haitian Vodou. She represents the power of clairvoyance and prophecy, as well as the waters that lay between heaven and earth. This ocean is the path that spirits take to travel between these two realms.

This Job Satisfaction Talisman is designed with powerful Veves (mystical symbols) to rapidly increase the journey to job success. It can be used to aid in the opening of opportunities and as an intuitive guide to success and happiness in your career.

Your talisman comes fully cleansed and blessed with instructions for use. It is linked to you personally and powerfully charged with the unique energies you need at this time. We work with you to customize each talisman to your exact needs.

Let the soothing waters of Loa Simbi carry you to your destination and bring a bit of heaven into your earthly life.

Approximate Size: 1⅞” x 1″

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