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Bind Rune Wealth Talisman

This powerful talisman is inscribed with a Bind Rune for wealth, attraction, and security. A Bind Rune is created when runes are connected to create a magnetic vortex of energy combining all of their individual powers into one.

This talisman features three runes:

  • Feoh (Fehu) – Money, Prosperity, Wealth, Power, Material Desires.
  • Peorth (Pertho) – Fate, Vibration, Receptivity, Beginnings.
  • Ger (Jera, Yer) – Success, Fruition, Harvest, Continuity, Year.

Each talisman is double sided. On one side is the Bind Rune. On the other is a spiral made of a complete set of runes, so that you can carry all of their power with you wherever you go for ultimate balance and harmony.

When you order a talisman, we will customize it to match your needs as well as link it to your energy field for maximum results. We cleanse, bless, and charge each talisman with extreme power for at least two weeks.

Materials: Allergen-free zinc alloy in bronze color, 18” chain, blue satin pouch and a comprehensive leaflet detailing the history of runes, how to empower them and what each rune means.

Approximate Size: 1.5″ x 1.5″

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