Spirit of Fire, Storms and Lightning, Loa Shango is an erotic warrior Sky God brimming with vitality. This potent Lust Talisman call on his power to inflame the soul and set fire to the passion between eager lovers.

The snakes on the talisman are symbolic of erotic energy ready to spring into being. This lust energy can be overwhelming, so we recommend using this talisman only when you need it!

Loa Shango is a balance of logic (white) and passion (red), power, and self-control. This combination of energies makes for a wild, fulfilling experience.

Each talisman is cleansed and blessed. We personally charge your piece with intense energies and provide instructions on how to use and care for it. All talismans are linked directly to its owner for maximum power and benefits.

Approximate Size: 1⅜” x 1¼”

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