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Fast Protection Magick Spells And Psychic Attack Elimination With Curse Removals Or Reversals!

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Why Protection Magick spells are so needed these days? Well… Let’s take a closer look at you…

Are you experiencing these signs of Magick attack:

  • Rapid loss of energy
  • Insomnia and nightmares
  • Skin problems
  • Dark circles under the eyes (black bags)
  • Confusion, irritation, aggression, etc.
  • Feeling that something is “touching” your aura (face, spine, head, neck)
  • Shifting of energies on the face, left to right and vise versa
  • Feel that something is “pushing” or “pulling” in you, or from you
  • Holes in your aura that feel cold. Energy leaks.
  • Feeling that some “object” is inserted in you
  • Having medical problems, but doctors can’t identify what’s wrong
  • A feeling of heart attack or heart problems with normal medical diagnosis
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Thoughts that you will die soon
  • Constant thoughts of death in general
  • Illusion that a significant other is cheating on you
  • Looks that you are severely aging
  • Uncontrollable actions. Something makes you do it against your will
  • Schizophrenia-like states of mind
  • Sexual impotency or poor performance with no medical explanation
  • Inability to attract the opposite sex
  • Bad luck in love life, financial matters, etc.
  • Fear, worry, doubts, disbelief in yourself
  • Did someone threaten you with Magick?
  • Did someone verbally curse you?
  • Do you think there might be a person constantly wishing you the worst?
  • Did you do some action in the past that severely pissed someone off?
  • …or maybe you just “know it”?

All of that and so much more can be eliminated by Protection Magick!

Protection Magick Spells FREE You From Evil! And You Feel SAFE!

Protection Magick

As your mind reacts to this information you might question whether or not you are under a magick attack, also known as a Psychic attack. If you are, this can be an extremely serious problem for you.

Not all the signs above identify Magick attack. Not all signs above mean that you are under Magick attack. But if you have several of the signs of Magick attack at the same time – most likely you are under one, and maybe, or maybe not – you could be your own Magickal attacker, causing harm to yourself without even knowing it.

I’ve seen a lot. I’ve heard a lot. From minor daily negativity to cases involving suicides. Magickal attacks can be extremely powerful and nasty.

If you are under a Magickal attack and you don’t do anything about it, the chances are great that you might lose your family, business, money, health and much more than that.

I’m not trying to scare you at all. I’m just telling you what I’ve seen in real life. And to be extremely honest – the consequences of Magickal attack are scary.

I’ve seen people losing their soulmate. I’ve seen businessmen losing a business. I’ve seen people ending up in emergency rooms with weird diseases that they shouldn’t have at all. I’ve seen people ending up in emergency rooms with a “heart attack”, but there was none (heart 100% healthy). I’ve seen people who had a lot and lost it quickly. And I’ve heard of suicides numerous times.

Let’s take a moment to examine types of Magick attacks as I personally classify them:

  • Curse, hex, jinx. They are all pretty much the same to me. These are done to harm a person on all levels: love, emotional, financial, health, etc. These can be extremely bad. If not removed, curses, hexes and jinxes can do their damage. What I did notice, the majority of them last up to 5 years, but then it takes even more to “rebuild” after them. If counter-Magick is not involved (removing them), I noticed that a person is never the same again. In 5 years a person goes through a hardcore amount of negativity and develops severe mental blocks. Self-esteem suffers a lot. Also, it seems like “minor links” will always be present if they are not removed. It is never too late to remove a curse, hex or jinx.

    Curses, hexes and jinxes are very often done by amateur Magicians while they are in a rage. But this is more than enough to cause severe problems for a victim. Some curses, jinxes and hexes involve Candle Magick, while others involve cemetery work (usually burning someone’s picture in a selected grave). Others use Magickal supplies like crossing powders and Gofer Dust to cause additional problems and even death.

    Curses, hexes and jinxes are the most common forms of intentional Magickal attacks. They are usually done out of envy and jealousy or if another person thinks you did something “wrong” to him or her – for example, sleeping with their husband…

    Some curses, jinxes and hexes can be unintentional. A person can be simply thinking and projecting constant negativity at you without touching any Magickal supplies or even without realizing that their thoughts can be an extremely powerful Magickal weapon. The more emotion, negative desire, or rage is involved – the harder it can hit the victim. I see this happen left and right.

    Sometimes you are the one who provoked a situation or an environment where an unintentional or even intentional curse is created. But does this mean you deserve THAT type of desired suffering? In other words, if you stole someone’s lover even though that same lover would have probably left your enemy anyways, do you still deserve THAT
    kind of suffering?

  • Love spells. Don’t mistake these for the Love spells I do. I am talking about Love spells that involve breaking up happy families and “zombying” the person for personal gain. They can also involve “Love Me or Die” Love spells, where a person suffers extreme intranquility until he or she is with the “customer” of such a spell, going to them against his or her will.

    These are very dangerous forms of Magick attack. I can’t even classify them as love spells, as they block a person’s chakras and put a person’s free will in a rusty cage with ten locks. A person starts experiencing really dark times after such a Magickal attack is performed. It can also easily lead to impotency or a lack of enjoyment of sex with other people. The victimized person becomes the puppy of the “customer” and doesn’t know why. Very often,
    the victimized person doesn’t even care what is going on and has a very empty look in the eyes.

    Serious illness and even death is possible here too, especially if soulmates were broken up.

  • Evil Eye. This is the most common type of unintentional Psychic attack. If you have good looks, or maybe you are a successful businessman, or maybe if your life just goes right – others get jealous. This jealousy and envy creates the energy of an Evil Eye.

    It doesn’t seem too serious in the beginning. Usually, it is not even felt. And this is a big problem… Because it is so “innocent”, it slowly gets a chance to get into your areas of success, and then slowly, like a mold, grows its darkness there.

    Bad things don’t usually happen quickly from Evil Eye, unless it was projected by an experienced witch. Bad things start happening slowly, and it seems like it is “normal”.

    The most common producers of an Evil Eye are people who don’t have what you have.

    Think about this: How many friends do you have who are very happy in their relationships?

    Now think about this: Would it make them happy to see you happily in love with someone?

    And now recall a memory: Have you dated someone while constantly socializing with people in your circle who were not happy in their relationships at all? Have you noticed that later, you started getting problems in your relationship too, and maybe even broke up? That’s an example of an Evil Eye doing its job.

  • Self-Attacking. Yes, you can be paranoid that you are under a Magickal attack while the attacker…well… is you. How so? By Law of Attraction… Like attracts like. Like thoughts attract like thoughts. And thoughts manifest into reality.

    In this concept, the word “Magick” can be removed. It deals more with the person’s beliefs. However, this can be just as powerful as Magickal attack. A Psychic attacker wishes you harm. While you are constantly believe in negative ideas, you caused that exact same harm with your thoughts. What’s the difference? For the end result, there is almost none.

    Cases like these require a special approach and that approach is your urgent application of High Defense Protection Magick Spells!

How to find out if you are under a Magick attack, what type of attack it is, and what is going on in general? You have to get a consultation with a reputable Psychic who specializes in the field of Magick attacks. Not every Psychic can thoroughly diagnose these issues, very often drawing a conclusion that you are self-sabotaging yourself. Be careful, as many of them can’t diagnose these issues, and so tell you not to worry… (And this is what an attacker wants!)

Well, here is the deal: a lot of Magick attacks are cloaked (meaning that the energy of invisibility is put on them), and it makes it invisible to a lot of psychics. It is best to consult a Psychic who is also a Magician, as they are very familiar with these energies, including the energy of cloaking.

Another trick that Psychic attackers use is called just that: laying a trick. This will make you think, if you discover anything, that the actual attacker is someone else. This is done for the purpose of wrongly aimed reversal of the attack, meaning that if a reversal will be done – it will go at another person, who isn’t at fault at all, creating even more problems with your Karma in this case…

Again, a reputable psychic will be able to diagnose what is going on in reality. From my credentials, a “Qualifying Psychic” means someone who also works with Protection Magick PLUS:

  • Understands the seriousness of a Magick attack
  • >Knows forms of Magick attacks
  • Knows the difference between intentional and unintentional attack
  • Knows how to identify the enemy (or if you are attacking yourself)
  • Is able to get a reason for an attack
  • Able to see through cloaked energy
  • Able to see through trickster energy

In my opinion you should order a diagnostic reading from me, because I use the above credentials to make sure that you will get the most accurate answers I can give you.

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