Kahuna Energy Disk – 325X Power!

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Removes ALL TYPES Of Negative Energies And Heals You On Autopilot – And That’s At The Very Least!





Warning: avoid fake placebo so-called “disks” or weak “coins”…



Problem: In new era, coin no longer works because we have more negative energy and pollution. It still works but it’s not enough. There are two solutions that you have: carry 20 coins on you and still get weak results or get our Kahuna Energy Disk.

Powerfully Charged, New 2019 Scientific Engineering Improvements, Bigger, Better, Thicker, 100% Hand-Made, Comes In Variations For Your Best Needs (No Generic), BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY – TESTED AND PROVEN TO WORK EVEN UNDER MOST SEVERE CIRCUMSTANCES!

From: Master PlutoCraft, inventor of a NEW Kahuna Energy Disk with 325X More Power!

Being Sick to Being Healed, & ‘Something Special That Makes a True Difference!’

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Think about it… Why is it that some people just seem to be blessed by Good Luck?

Why does everything about their lives seem so blissful and perfect? Riches and wealth fall at their feet even if they don’t go seeking them.

And yet, there are many more people who just seem destined to be plagued by bad luck. They fall ill indiscriminately and suffer the worst experiences imaginable. This difference is not just glaring; it’s scary.

To put it bluntly and explicitly, most of the people of the world attract bad luck just like shit attracts flies. All of that can now finally change. The perfect solution is right before you!

You want to know how you can easily, effectively and efficiently forge a harmonious energy system in your body with little effort?

Are you curious about how to live a happier and healthier life with better coordination and ability to have deeper intellectual thoughts?

Hello fellow Inner Circle Member. Do you suffer any of the following problems?

  • Inability to maintain focus during any activity.
  • Work habits and culture that are perpetually disorganized.
  • Distraction during all daily activities.
  • Forgetfulness during any sort of activity, be it at work or at home.
  • Lack of concentration in any activity and frequently switching between the activities in haste.
  • Problems with understanding given directions.
  • Inability to complete set tasks, house chores, homework or office work.
  • Terribly impatient.
  • Speak the most inappropriate things at the worst possible moments.
  • Trouble with the ability to control emotions and keep them in check.

If the answer is ‘yes’, then we have the solution you need. We have in our possession a Kahuna Tool of Power that is guaranteed to help alleviate all your woes, particularly with your thinking and healing energies. The best part of it is it helps you INSTANTLY, especially if you suffer health issues.

Miss Zhilover was one of our clients. Every time, she was attacked by negativity and evil eye… Then, she got Kahuna Energy Disk and this is what happened to Miss Zhilover:

  • Negative people begain to feel very uncomfortable around her
  • Her psychic abilities and intuition suddenly increased
  • Money channels git unclogged and instead of meaningless spendings, she became to get more and more money. From being a financial victim, she moved into a state of prosperity
  • Miss Zhilover suddenly noticed that Kahuna Energy Disk cleared her love and sex fields. Not only she said she experienced much better orgasms, but she also began to attract opposite sex like she would not even imagine it’s possible!
  • She also noticed that her well-being, happiness and joy improved. She began to smile and laugh! Nobody looked at her as “depressed” anymore and people began to draw to her because her charisma severely increased!

Miss Zhilover says: – “The Kahuna Energy Disk seems to be a simple tool at first. All I do is cary it on me. I feel the chanrge Master PlutoCraft put in it! It’s vibrational!!! And you feel it!!! Now, I take my Disk with me everywhere I go!”

Here are some other benefits of Master PlutoCraft’s Kahuna Energy (Psychic) Disk:

  • It deals with colds.
  • It helps you with radiations
  • It deals with flus
  • It deals with allergies
  • My personal advice: ALWAYS CARRY KAHUNA ENERDY DISK WHEN YOU GO IN THE HOSPITAL TOO!!! Especially, if you work there. You’ll notice unimaginable results!

What about using the brand new and improved Kahuna Energy Disk? It’s very easy: simply carry it on you and you’re all set. No one has to tell you anything else because you’ll feel a changing course through you.

It matters absolutely little what kind of person you are: empath, psychic, sensitive person, prone to psychic vampires or just a “regular person” – Kahuna Energy Disk will help you!!!

Having said that, what exactly is the new and improved Kahuna Energy Energy Disk is utilized for?

  • It optimizes your body’s 9 energy systems so they work in tandem and more harmony, increasing your awareness and vitality.
  • To increase the potency of your Law Of Attraction
  • To increase your vitality
  • It buffers your immune system against negativity and psychic vampires
  • It has a particular vibration to bring you more love, sex and money by protecting and clearing you, as confirmed by world-renowned psychic – Edgar Cayce.
  • It transforms dark energies into light!!!

If you suffer from any of the mentioned problems and even some others, allow me to elaborate on why the Kahuna Energy Disk is a solution that’s works so well.

Each human being has 7 chakras. One of the many functions of these chakras is to make sure you are doing well in your God connection, psychic ability, communication, love, personal power, sexuality and creativity, money and survival in general.

Transformation means converting one form of energy to another. For example, loneliness energy transformed into appeal drawn meaningful connections and love!

Poverty energy transformed into prosperity makes you rich!

Apply this same principle to anything! Kahuna Energy Disk transforms dark energies into light and you begin to LIVE!!! The way YOU WANT TO!!!

Another example: first chakra pulses energy and flows it into the earth… This chakra is grounding you. It makes you unshakable in harsh circumstances! It gives you what you need for survival and $$$money!

  • It can flow the energies moving through your body by vortexing the Earth’s energies into it!
  • It can recharge your survival and “money system” to the point that you become rich and healthy!

Simply carry Kahuna Energy Disk on you – that’s what Master PlutoCraft prespribes you to do when you want to experience an unbelievable transformation! So unbelievable, that others will notice and ask you “Oh my God, what is it exactly you are doing???”

But… On the other side… Block of energy flow can cause physical, mental and emotional problems. That also means money, sex, love, Spiritual and other problems like loneliness and unhappiness…

The risk of you becoming neurotic these days is great! JUST LOOK AROUND FOR PROOF!!! This means others are avoiding doing something about it and it literally costs them a lot – not just in money!

Want more benefits?

Here is what my customers told me after they got my Kahuna Energy Disk:

  • “Suddenly, I began to have more money on my bank account”
  • “WTF??? My ex began calling me out of the blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “NO WAY! It removed a generation curse!!!! Master PlutoCraft, THANK YOU!”
  • “I was taking pills for erections, now my penis is rock hard. Sometimes, it’s too much!” (this is because chakra got unblocked).

New Kahuna Energy Disk Fights Stress Much Better Than Edgar Cayce’s Cold Coin!

Stress, among other factors, is very effective at negating the ability of the energies pulsing in the nervous system to change. As the days and years pass by, such constant disorganization subverts a person’s clarity of mind, resilience and overall health.

The most common symptoms are:

  • Lethargy
  • Lack a sense of direction
  • Feeling uncomfortable around people and not knowing what to say
  • Boredom… No matter what you do, no matter what you get, you still feel bored and dissatisfied
  • Sexually, you can easily perform in your 50’s better than an average teenager. Do you?
  • Money are not what you want them to be. It seems like you are just paying bills and maybe saving a bit. But stress kills your abundance and prosperity!
  • You just do not feel well. You may feel irritated, angry, you ask a question “why bad things happen to good people”, it is hard for you to love…
  • You feel sad, sometimes to the point where “it doesn’t matter”
  • You put priorities of others first (and if you think about it, you want to avoid rejection, criticism, etc which give you stress)
  • You are not experiencing CLEAR MIND. Your focus is split. There is “too much going on”.
  • You don’t have time. Even though time is a watery illusion, you do not feel like you have time for everything. Stress clogs the truth!
  • Speaking of truth, you are unable to detect truth from lies. You do not see chating and betrayal. That’s because your 2-nd chakra is blocked and your 3-rd chakra is “at bay”, due to 5-th chakra’s clogging suspends your personal power to think, feel and communicate the issue. Others feel free to lie to you because they do not feel your personal power!


Here is what scientifically proven psychci Edgar Cayce has to say about his “cold coin”:

‘Do not take this tool as being something superstitious, or as something that would be a good-luck charm-but if the entity will wear about its person, or in its pocket, a metal that is carbon steel, preferably in the groin pocket-it will prevent, it will ionize the body-from its very vibrations-to resist… those inclinations for disturbance with the mucus membranes of the throat and nasal passages.’

-Edgar Cayce Health Readings

Simply put: the new and improved Kahuna Energy Disk is NOT a placebo.

I make it 325X more powerful than original Edgar Cayce’s “cold coin” not only by using supreme materials, but also by charging it specifically for you with Remote Influencing and Chi!

It doesn’t matter if you believe it it or not, it will still work for you! No matter who you are or where you’re from.

  • It brings you much more love, attracts opposite sex and makes your sex so much hotter! It even gets your ex back in case you want your ex back!PROVEN!
  • It brings you more money!
  • It makes you completely yourself! The one that World loves and you begin to love and respect yourself!
  • It gives you much better well-being!
  • What used to be a big problem in the past can solve on it’s own – as if though, it is miracle!

Finally, Say YES To Your New Kahuna Energy Disk From Master PlutoCraft With 325X Power!

Directions for use: simply carry it in you.

Easy enough?

I made it so! Because original directions for use were little bit complicated…

Just put it in your pocket and you will see the difference yourself! Become a witness of a newly created and tested miracle!

I Want You To Be Aware About Something: Edgar Cayce’s “Cold Coin” Is Very Powerful, But…

It is not 1960’s anymore…

We live in a different World.

And we have improvements. Actually, today’s World requires improvements, either you want it or not.

That’s why I made myself a mission: to improve Edgar Cayce’s “cold coin”…

What I did was, I increased it in size, diameter and width.

Then, I found a special premium-grade steel available only in Ukraine.

I ordered a steel and realized that best “talismans, amulets, etc” are made from scratch by a Magick practitioner.

So, I make every Kahuna Energy Disk from scratch for you!

Then, I know from my professional practice that INDIVIDUAL charging is a MUST if you want that kind of results!

Using my Remote Influencing practice and abilities, I charge each Kahuna Disk especially for you using my secret code Hz Chi charger!

Finally, I “coat and seal” your Kahuna Energy Disk with special energies and test it to make sure it surpasses the power!

Compared to original (and I am not even taking about fakes here), it showed 325X more power! You can witness it and test it yourself if you know work with the pendulum! It literally moves the pendulum to 325X power and then spins it so hard, that it is nearly impossible to keep it in your hand!

Now, that’s the process!

That’s the creation!

That’s the power!

That’s the MIRACLE available to you RIGHT NOW!!!

Here is what else you should know about NEW Kahuna Energy Disk made my Master PlutoCraft:

  • Both sides have spiraled surface and it is done on purpose to open up a powerful vortex of energy
  • The width is increased because it solidifies power output and never drains your Kahuna Energy Disk
  • The diameter is bigger because in today’s World, more nagativity of all kinds is present… Just think now much negativity TV stations and radio broadcasts – and those are waves going thought you, haunting your brain!
  • Sealing is done so nobody can drain the charge, even if they touch your Kahuna Energy Disk
  • Remote Influencing makes it unique to you and your Kahuna Energy Disk “listens” to you and only you. Others cannot steal the your benefits!
  • I found a special Chi Hz charge that makes my invention a top secret among others. The special Hz output gives you 325X power from your Kahuna Energy Disk!
  • Yet, it is still compact – just slip it in the pocket and go!
  • Finally, don’t worry about those “special instructions” on how to use it. I charge it the way it works even being 3 feet away from you! Just slip it in your pocket or a purse and you are golden!

Don’t wait.

Don’t second-guess.

Don’t doubt.

Order your Kahuna Energy Disk right now and you’ll witness how your life will never be the same again!

The price is only $197.00 + $10.00 for shipping, making it $207.00 total for everything!!!

Get your CHARGED Kahuna Energy Disk right now and speed up the transformation of dark energies into light – and you’ll see massive rewards others only dream about!

That’s how confident I am about your results!

Master PlutoCraft


1 review for Kahuna Energy Disk – 325X Power!

  1. Vanessa

    I have had my Kahuna Energy Disk for a few months. When I got it and welcomed it, my whole body started tingling. I felt very much how the Kahuna Disk connected with me and started to cleanse me. Since that day I have it with me day and night! During the day in my pocket and at night I put it under my pillow. Since I have my Kahuna Disk, a lot has changed in my life. People react very differently to me than before. I have a different charisma and more attraction to people since then. They are more open and much more talkative. They feel like they are attracted to me! I also notice that since then I am much more resistant to negative energy from other people. The negative energy of others doesn’t drag me down like it did before. Other people’s bad energy and bad moods just bounce off me. I can even get people into a better energy by talking to them and finding the right words to motivate them and make them feel better. It is much more comfortable to leave the house with my Kahuna Disk because I just feel more comfortable, safe and respected. What I have also noticed is that my sleep quality has improved! I get better rest at night, feel safe, secure and dream more again. I feel more at peace and can handle stress better. In general, I have much better energy with the Kahuna Disk than before. I am much more vital and fit. At work I also notice that I manage projects better and that I get along with my colleagues even better than before. It is simply easier for me to make contacts and do the right thing. My intuition has improved. I feel much more clearly what is the right thing to do and what I should better not do. It’s also led to my finances improving because I’m making the right decisions. What the Kahuna Disk has also changed is that I feel much better, cleaner and healthier. My friendships have reached another level. They are even stronger and more connected than they were before. Men also find me more attractive than before and report to me that I have a great, special glow. I don’t want to miss my Kahuna Disk anymore! I can only recommend to anyone who wants to change something in their life, change their charisma, feel purer, more secure, healthier and more attractive, to get a Kahuna Disk. It helps in every area of life and is simply pure happiness!!! Like a happiness magnet. That’s why I want to share my experience here, to make it clear that it’s really worth it and not a fake!!! You can really feel that Master PlutoCraft puts a lot of work, effort and love into the Kahuna Disk. It perfectly tunes to the customer and knows exactly was he does! The quality is very good, it is not too light and not too heavy. It is not too big and not too small. You can carry it perfectly with you without it getting in the way. If it accidentally falls off, it has NO scratches or damage, which really shows that the quality is great. The price is definitely justified! For making a noticeable difference and improvement in life, it’s definitely worth the money. It comes back a thousand times

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