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  • Overpower those who plot against you by doing just one psychic reading
  • Open your third eye the right and safe way to become clairvoyant
  • How to become more psychic and control the world around you without leaving your home!

Can I Make You Psychic Right Here, Right Now?

Yes, that’s right…

Maybe you don’t realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes you’re going to feel what it is to be psychic and how easily you can become psychic.

Let me show you the three biggest myths of developing your psychic abilities:

Myth # 1: You have to be born psychic or be “special”.

This is probably the biggest and most well-known myth. Let me tell you: technically, you are already a psychic. It’s just your psychic abilities are unrealized, unused and underdeveloped. Why is that? It’s because today’s world is very “left brain hemisphere” oriented. This means that starting from about age 12, your creative, intuitive and psychic abilities get slowly — yet precisely and consistently — suppressed by school system education and media programming.

It’s not that your abilities get destroyed. It’s just they do not reach full-scale development. Therefore, the communication between your conscious mind and subconscious mind gets out of balance and you are not able to interpret psychic information correctly.

How do you know if you are a victim of such an imbalance?

Simply see which of these questions you can answer YES to:

1. Do you ever have feelings that “something is wrong”, but you do not know where it is coming from?

2. Do you have problems (or any problem), but you just do not know how to solve it?

3. Do you seem to know what to do, but for some reason, you don’t actually do it or end up doing something completely different?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, that is an extremely high indicator of an imbalance between your conscious and subconscious mind, or left and right brain hemispheres. Therefore, your psychic abilities may be extremely suppressed. All you may get is partial information, or partial solutions, like knowing that something is wrong but not knowing what.

Or you may even know how to solve your problems, but for whatever reason, you don’t. Perhaps you end up doing something different, procrastinating, and get hit with negative emotions at the end – all due to lack of fulfillment.

The good news: it can easily be changed and you can get in the flow!

What does this mean to you?

This means that if there is a problem and obstacle, not only will you be able to summon very often an instant solution by using your newly developed psychic powers, but you will be able to UNDERSTAND the solution in easy and simple logical terms, rather than blindly guessing and going with negative feelings.

Myth # 2: Becoming psychic takes a long time.

This is ignorance based on false beliefs. This is a complete nonsense ego-trip, because it lacks understanding that you are already a psychic and all you need is the right guidance – not excessively drawn out instructions with overwhelm and frustration.

This belief is often used to trick people into emptying their wallets for expensive “psychic schools” and “psychic classes”, and then up-selling them more and more…

Don’t get me wrong. There are really good psychic schools and psychic teachers out there who work very hard for their students. They do very good and very legitimate work.

But the thing is, in reality, all you need is the right psychic education, not a lengthy one.

Look at it this way: would you rather spend time and money to achieve some psychic abilities that take twenty five times longer, or would you rather get much better, quicker results and significantly higher self-confidence in psychic realms when you cut false beliefs and choose the right, proven methods?

Believe it or not, some people do prefer a lengthy education. What’s the reason?

The reason is simple: their self-confidence in their already present psychic abilities is low. It’s not that they need much guidance – it is more that they need someone telling them “you can do it” and showing them the proof…

But the problem is that once most of these people get on their own – their temporary self-confidence starts to decrease more and more, until they end up right where they began…

This can be a cost someone will more often than not pay for holding such a belief.

All of this brings us closer to the third myth…

Myth # 3: For whatever reason, YOU can’t be a psychic.

The third myth ties very well into the second myth. Many people wonder how to become psychic, they research information on how to be clairvoyant, how to open their third eye and all of these things.

But deep inside, they still feel that, for whatever reason, out of millions and millions of people, it is particularly them who can’t become psychic.

What’s the reason? The reason is simple. Again, it ties into a lack of proper education, misinformation and misrepresentation of the reality.

This is what most people don’t grasp, and that’s why they become victims of this belief:

You have conscious and subconscious minds.

Your conscious mind is responsible for logic and reasoning. In other words, it is responsible for making sense. For example, you are reading this text and it makes sense.

Your subconscious mind is not limited by time, space and distance. It can take action and impress upon a person, event, situation, object and anything you can think of.

It can do this for past, present and future.

Subconscious mind primarily communicates through a language of feelings, visions, dreams and signals. It also can provide you with an ability of total knowing. For example, some people say things like “I don’t know why, I just feel he/she is cheating and I know it for sure.”

That’s because subconscious mind can influence energies, events and other people.

Well, guess what?


In fact, your subconscious mind can process millions and millions of information per second, while your conscious mind can interpret only a few bits, maybe like only 15 or so.

As you can see, you are already conducting psychic abilities, it’s just you don’t know how to do it at will and most importantly – how to interpret it right, at will.

Please note that I did not say that you can’t.

You can, and once you do – you become your own best psychic!

How does this work in real life for you?

Let’s think of any problem you have that you want to solve. Pick any problem you have right now.

As a hypothetical example, I will take one of the common problems people come to me with: they want to reconcile a relationship with their ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.

Ok, a person without developed psychic abilities will have their subconscious mind go and impress on the situation. The next thing – they get overwhelming feelings of negative emotions, tensions, uncertainty, frustration, and anger. They just do not see a “way out”.

A person with developed psychic abilities will do exactly the same. Their subconscious mind will go and impress on the situation exactly the same way. But! Instead of overwhelm, they will get a solution!

As you think of your problem, do you get negativity or a clear solution?

And most importantly, if you get the solution, do you feel assured you can implement it easily?

How Psychic Tools Are Used

Here is a list of common psychic tools:

  • Tarot cards
  • Pendulum
  • Crystal ball
  • Water
  • Candle flame

Here is a list of some more ancient psychic tools which are still used today:

  • Runes
  • Fire coals were used by Vikings
  • Grounded coffee is still commonly used in Russia
  • Wind
  • Leaves

As you can see, there is a wide variety of psychic tools you can use when you wonder how to become a psychic medium.

But what are these tools used for?

Mainly, psychic tools are used to gain a quicker, more precise, accurate interpretation of the psychic impressions coming out from the subconscious mind.

And very often, your best psychic tool is your own intuition.

I personally find that Tarot cards are the easiest and most interesting tool to implement which can provide both easy and complex psychic readings and interpretations. This works for me and nearly all people I know who do psychic readings.

Just remember that psychic tools are used as tools and they themselves do not give you psychic powers.

You are not limited to one tool, you are free to experiment with whatever works best for you.

What Can You Do With Your Psychic Powers?

As you read every word of this letter, you discover the new powers and possibilities that you can have once you are able to diagnose the past, view the present, and see the future.

Just imagine… what can YOU really do with your newly developed psychic powers?

How about just some of THESE things:

  • Be able to detect lies, cheating, and know the truth?
  • Feel safe by ridding yourself of fears and dangers by knowing what caused them in the first place and seeing what’s ahead?
  • Know how to win and achieve your goals by a hidden path of least resistance?
  • Become a superior human being?
  • Create a circle of loving friends that you can trust?
  • Get that special someone you love by knowing what truly makes them tick, what is hidden deep inside? Note: this is rarely what they tell you it is. They guard it very well! Don’t you?
  • Instantly see the best ways you can use to correct all sorts of abnormalities?
  • Have more money, more love, better sex and romance?
  • Create the life you want right now?

And now as you feel these things, I want you to imagine something even deeper… I want you to visualize that exact same problem you may have right now, the one you thought of earlier.

Wouldn’t you now agree that by possessing your newly developed psychic powers, by becoming a powerful psychic medium, you can now see it simply disappear — all because, unlike others, you took the responsibility to claim one of your most valuable, natural gifts?

And allow yourself to experience a feeling of joy, because what was once a problem may start feeling like soon-to-be-history for you at this moment.

But Is There Something Bigger?

Yes, there is something bigger. MUCH BIGGER.

What if I tell you that I can take you to a very special place where magic and miracles happen right now.

This magical place is called THE SOURCE!

At The Source, you can place your requests for miracles, receive pure psychic guidance, re-energize and clear yourself from all negativity, both within and without.

The Source can also receive your request to clear all interferences between you and what you try to attract.

The Source has no limits; no request is too big or too small.

All you have to do is place the request and allow the time for it to manifest into a tangible reality that you can see and touch.

Why am I doing this?

Well, isn’t a purpose of being psychic to sense information, so you can correct abnormalities and achieve what you want to achieve?

Sure, but what if you would be able to do that and then – do what most other psychics can’tSTART GETTING AUTOMATIC CORRECTION OF THE PROBLEMS!

And very often, as if by magic and miracles, you don’t even have to do anything, because a lot of your problems mysteriously disappear… The things that you want appear… Because The Source welcomes you and takes care of you.

While others struggle to achieve even some minor results, YOU can experience psychic and manifestation powers even beyond your wildest imaginations!

And you know what else going to The Source is good for?

It can easily stop a lot of incoming problems that may be hidden from your awareness right now.

The more you work with The Source, the better your psychic abilities will be fine tuned, the clearer your manifestation channels become, the more you get of what you want, and the happier your life becomes!

It’s like opening a magic portal of unlimited psychic power which helps you every time!

What Is The REAL Psychic Power And
How Can You Have It?

THE SOURCE can provide you with the best psychic information, even more powerful solutions based on unconditional love and pure inspiration, and it can also help you to correct problems, protect you, help you manifest things and send blessings of all kinds!!!


I’ve even noticed that people who work with THE SOURCE very often get AUTOMATIC corrections of their problems. Unlike other psychics, very often they don’t even have to do anything!

It’s like by magic and miracles problems get corrected, desired things get manifested, and life becomes more abundant!

Just think about how powerful it is… While most others lay out the cards, see what they don’t like to see and then live in fear of bad outcomes, you can take full control and ask THE SOURCE to help you out – RIGHT WHEN YOU ARE DOING THE PSYCHIC READING!

I NEVER saw anyone teaching this!!! Yet, ironically, why do people want psychic readings in the first place?

Because there is either a problem they want to get rid of or something they want to attract – and all of it can happen at THE SOURCE!

Now you can say that, not only are you becoming a powerful psychic reader, you are also becoming a psychic healer – and all of this starts happening automatically for you!

Experience The Time Machine

As you already realize, being psychic gives you power. The power that not every human has under control.

Going to THE SOURCE, a place that gives Divine healing, love and inspiration, gives you even more power. That’s a place of magic and miracles, a place without limits, a place of your unconditional love and blessings — and not all psychics go there.

Now I wonder if you want to know how much power it can truly be for you…

Imagine yourself getting in a time machine. Now, imagine that you have superior psychic power to detect and resolve problems, to find the easiest ways to achieve your goals, to know how to attract someone you like, to help yourself and loved ones… Just about anything…

Can you imagine what your life would be just three month from now?

Six months from now?

A year from now?

Allow yourself to continue imagining: what would you do differently? What are the things you would not do, the ones you don’t want to do? What are the things you would do, the ones you want to do?

What experiences would you want to experience?

As you are scanning all these possibilities with your mind, you realize that you DO have the power to create your life by design, not by default.

In fact, it is your birthright to do so!

And as you start feeling better and better about your future, you also understand that these are the things which are hidden in the realms of your subconscious mind. The things you are meant to experience for yourself.

Is It Really This Easy?

Here is my very honest answer: absolutely!

Remember, the only reason it may still seem a bit unrealistic for you right now is because you may be holding onto some false beliefs, installed in you by those who lack the proper knowledge in the first place…

But you don’t have to be a victim of inadequacies, ignorance and misunderstandings.

I can easily give you my personal SORCERY on how to become psychic,
so you DO become psychic nearly instantly!

If An Overworked Taxi Driver Can Become Psychic,
Then You Can Easily Too!

Many people ask me this question and even more wonder: how did this exact same website (PlutoCraft, the one you are reading right now) became so big, and most importantly – so fast?

Besides that, very often I receive genuine compliments, congratulations, praises and projections of love.

I am not telling you this to impress you. I am telling you this to impress upon you the many possibilities.

I don’t know if you know it or not, but just in 2010, I was working a miserable job as a taxi driver (12-hour shifts by the books, often 14-hour shifts total) bringing home sometimes as little as $30 per shift, living in a rotten, leaking basement and uncertain about the future.

I hated my job with a passion. The company made us drive very unsafe cars on bald tires during severe icy Michigan winters, dispatchers were consistently ripping off the drivers, and the owner of the company was consistently looking for ways to mooch as much money from drivers as possible.

The company was completely corrupt from the inside out. Other workers were bribed, vehicle inspections shops were bribed, and who knows what else was going on there.

(Eventually, after I quit, I heard it got heavily fined, closed down, and had to file for bankruptcy.)

Besides that miserable job, it seemed like I did not have to look for other kinds of problems – somehow, they just mysteriously knew the way towards me…

I lived by a hope – that one day, things will change… That some miracle will happen…

To be honest, it felt like a very traumatic experience in the past…

But what I also did was make a firm decision to take control of my life into my hands using the development of psychic abilities.

I have to admit – it was tough in the beginning because I did not have a solid system to go with.

But once I was able to connect to THE SOURCE and do it the RIGHT WAY – it’s like by magic, my psychic powers started flowing through me!

All sorts of miracles started to fill my life.

This is what happened within just the FIRST MONTH:

  • I got over $6,300.00 in unexpected income
  • I quit my terrible taxi job and started my own business
  • I moved out from the rotten basement into a good apartment
  • Problems started to mysteriously disappear
  • Right people and right situations started to appear
  • I began to read Tarot cards for people charging from $1.00 – $2.00 PER MINUTE
  • I began doing Magick for people because my manifestation powers increased
  • I started helping people with all sorts of problems in love, money, protection and many different departments
  • And most importantly, I started to feel much safer – because now, I could just lay out the cards, see what’s coming, and if I don’t like something – THE SOURCE was either erasing the problem or provided me with easy magical solutions

It was like a steamroller of psychic energy ready to bust out whatever’s in the way, attract whatever is needed, and provide me with information others can only marvel at!

I felt like flying, just totally knowing things, able to summon the right information on many different situations simultaneously, use it, and begin the creation of my life by design!

I began reading people’s thoughts, began to discover who thinks what, able to detect hidden secrets and very often – penetrate the most intimate parts of people’s souls.

And this was just the tip of the iceberg!

THIS can happen to you, too – I will teach you how to do just that and SO MUCH MORE!

YOU — YES YOU — CAN become a super psychic starting TODAY!!!

If you want to develop psychic powers and you want them FAST – then you are in the very right place! And I am sure Universe put you here for a reason.

“Become Psychic NOW – Mastering Tarot In One Day”
Is World’s Most Powerful VISUAL Psychic Course!

THIS IS the best psychic course you can ever find!

And I made it visually illustrated, so you can actually see for yourself how to conduct psychic readings for all your needs, including all sorts of love, money, relationship, protection and whatever other situations you may have!

It is filled with powerful education, Tarot card meanings, illustrations, practical interpretations, precise Tarot spreads, ACTUAL EXAMPLES and so much more!

It WILL teach you how to connect to THE SOURCE and how to become psychic in just
12 hours or less!!!

Don’t just take my word for it.

Take a look what’s in it for you right now!

For your convenience, it is broken into a 12-hour easy-to-master sequence which you can complete much faster at your will and start flying with your new powerful psychic abilities!

HOUR 1: – Preparation To Become A Psychic

In the very first hour you will learn how to formulate your psychic questions the RIGHT way. Fail to do this – and your accuracy can drop by 200% or more right on the spot! You will get vague answers and may not understand Tarot card meanings at all. This is the BASE of Tarot readings that you absolutely have to master!

In the first hour, you will also see actual examples of correct and incorrect questions and you will know how to connect your subconscious mind to your Tarot deck.

Just go straight to Page 7 of the course to begin the process.

HOUR 2: – Building Your Psychic Success In One Hour

In the second hour, you will learn the SUCCESS FORMULA of a successful psychic reading. All you have to do is apply this formula to get powerful and accurate psychic readings. Do this and you will be 100’s of steps further than other psychic readers.

You will also be introduced to spreads and you will understand what cards in the Tarot spreads actually represent.

Then, I will very quickly introduce you to a Tarot set up!

HOUR 3: – Become A MASTER At Readings For Love And Relationships

In the third hour you can become a MASTER at love and relationship readings.

You will learn powerful love Tarot spreads and their practical interpretations.

At this point, I take you to actual Tarot readings so you start getting instant experience and learn by example! You’ll experience how I do it so you too can do it anytime, at will!

Here is what else you’ll see:

  • A Tarot spread to see if it is true love or not. This Tarot spread is often used to diagnose the feelings of another person towards you, get deeper into your feelings, and see an outcome of the relationship in the Tarot cards.
  • A spread to see if your date will be successful or not. This spread is often used to see what the two of you expect from the date and what can happen on the date. If you ever wonder HOW to structure your date (mild attraction or unleashed passion) and how to expect the other person to react – just do a quick 5 minute reading, and you are golden!
  • Spread to diagnose relationship problems. Do you ever experience problems in a relationship? Do you want to know what the root of the problem is, what problem affects emotions, sex and future outcome? Simply pull out this spread and answers are in front of your eyes!
  • Do you ever wonder which lover you should choose? If so – or if you will ever need this – pull out this 6 card Tarot spread and you will see hidden truths of each lover as well as most likely outcomes with each one!
  • Do you ever feel lonely? Do you ever feel like you lack love or hot sex? If so, I have an easy fix solution for you with a very powerful spread that will show you how, when, and where to look for a love and sex partner(s)! And then, you’ll see psychic guidance suggestions on how to eliminate major risks and achieve your best success here!
  • Do you want to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back? If so, I have a
    VERY POWERFUL 12-card Tarot spread for you! Using this spread, you can see what the REAL TRUTH is rather than what they tell you it is!!! This is a CRITICAL STEP to getting your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back! Besides that, you’ll know how to see WHAT YOUR EX THINKS, FEELS AND PLANS TOWARDS YOU. You’ll also be able to diagnose if they are seeing someone, what your steps to reuniting are, what HIDDEN TRAPS are there, and HOW TO GET DESIRED OUTCOME! I will walk you very thoroughly through this process so you feel 100% comfortable!
  • Spread to diagnose for cheating!!! “Is he or she cheating on me?” – that’s a very common and a very emotional question that is hard to find the answer to. But it doesn’t have to be this way, because the answer may just be at your fingertips – just go to Page 29 of the course to see it yourself!

HOUR 4: – Becoming A Master Of Your Money

In the 4th hour, you will learn how to master your money.

I will explain how to use your newly developed psychic abilities to have more money! You will see how an actual case scenario works for diagnosing money situations.

Also during the 4th hour, you will actually start doing a psychic reading yourself! But don’t worry, I will provide you with another practical interpretation example to help your psychic energies flow.

At this point, you will start getting more and more comfort in your psychic abilities.

HOUR 5: – Attract It!

Do you have something that you want to attract in life?

More love?

More money?

More business?

Certain things?

If you said YES, I have another way to do it using the Law of Attraction Tarot spread.

By using this spread, not only will you have a better understanding of how to attract certain things into your life, but you will also be able to diagnose energies that are around you.

Even better! You can diagnose energies around people, situations, objects and whatever else concerns you.

HOUR 6: – Custom Tarot Spreads For Custom Psychic Solutions

In the sixth hour you’ll learn how to make custom Tarot spreads for custom psychic questions.

This will dramatically increase your psychic power and creativity because you’ll know what to do when a challenge arises.

This is the difference between powerful psychics and those who say “I don’t know how to read for this…”

Always know how by being able to compose your own Tarot spread!

HOUR 7: – Card Meanings That Make Sense!

Did you know that the biggest struggle psychics have when reading Tarot cards is not knowing what a card means?

When you always know what each Tarot card means in the reading, you gain so much psychic power of interpretation that you become able to diagnose situations other psychics try to avoid at all costs!

This is the root of PSYCHIC CONFIDENCE!

Fear no more because in the 7th hour you’ll begin experiencing your psychic confidence!

You will also learn an instant tip that clarifies card meanings!

HOUR 8: – Mastering Major Arcana Of The Tarot Deck

In the 8th hour, you will be introduced to the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.

Major Arcana represents MAJOR INFLUENCES related to your psychic readings.

Therefore, these influences must be considered very seriously.

Many beginner readers struggle to interpret Major Arcana cards such as: Fool, Moon and Hanged Man correctly.

To make things worse, they panic when they get a “bad” card.

Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, know what Major Arcana cards mean in areas of:

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Money and Business
  • Law of Attraction
  • Dark side

If you see something you don’t like, remember – I will show you how to go to THE SOURCE to correct the abnormality!

HOUR 9 & HOUR 10: – Mastering Minor Arcana Of The Tarot Deck

In the 9th and 10th hours, you’ll master the Minor Arcana of the Tarot deck.

Minor Arcana includes cards such as Wands, Pentacles, Cups and Swords.

These cards represent lesser influences, but don’t mistake them for being unimportant!

It also contains trump cards such as Aces and court cards such as Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages.

A lot of readers, even experienced ones, struggle to interpret court cards correctly. I will clarify this issue for you during the 9th and 10th hours of the course so you can read them like a pro!

I will also provide you with a Quick Keyword Sheet for all Tarot cards.

Once you have this sheet, you can speed up your psychic readings and you can always refer to it if you ever stumble!

I will show you how to use it so you always have confidence and speed in your readings!

HOUR 11 & HOUR 12: – Secrets Of Being A Successful Psychic Reader

During 11th and 12th hours, you’ll learn different tips, tricks and techniques to be a successful psychic reader.

I will show you:

  • How to care for your Tarot cards
  • Set up powerful psychic protections
  • How to cast a spell to become a powerful psychic medium!!! Cast this spell to safely skyrocket your psychic abilities — and very fast!
  • How to make your own psychic information candle to increase your
    psychic accuracy by another 200% !!!
  • How to connect to THE SOURCE while reading your Tarot cards to ask for Divine help and make psychic requests!
  • A very powerful psychic clearing technique that I personally use which always works!

And there is so much more!

You’ll get over 150 pages of my supreme quality information, training and secrets with illustrations and easy, step-by-step instructions on how to become a SUPER psychic within the next 12 hours!

Look, I spent over a year creating this perfect system for you, and you’ll feel as if I am right by your side, holding your hand, walking you through every technique of every hour (and minute…)

In fact, after completing the course and doing quick practices, you will be able to become a psychic instructor yourself! That’s how much I truly believe in IT AND YOU!

Do you know what a psychic school would charge you for all of this? I saw many charge over $300.00 just to “tune you in” (and you would still have to do the process) but with
the Become Psychic Now course you can do it in less than 30 minutes all by yourself –
with much better results!

Psychic schools charge you enormous fees for other services which I teach you. Your total bill can easily end up over $10,000.00 for everything. Even so-so psychic schools or medium to low level instructors charge $50.00/hour…

There is no need to waste your hard earned money and valuable time which you can spend on improving your life instead – and you can begin today!

I Have Great News For You!

I am not going to charge you $10,000.00. I am not even going to charge you $50.00/hour.

To be fully honest with you, I want you to have my Become Psychic Now course for only $97.00 as an instant download.

That’s it.

No more fees. No selling.

I perfectly understand that economy may be tough for you right now and you may need the money… In fact, I want you to use my Become Psychic NOW course to have all the money you ever need and want!

I give you a choice: for only $97.00 you can change your life completely in all areas, like romance, money, protection…

You can view past, present and predict future…

You can help yourself and your loved ones…

And you can easily start creating your life by design, within just the next few minutes!

Heck, you can even remove 90% of the effort by “outsourcing” your problems to THE SOURCE!

All of this and more is possible for you with Become Psychic NOW course!

Get my course now or later, the choice is yours.

REMEMBER: Get Become Psychic Course NOW
And You Are All Set!

I am very excited for you because magic and miracles are waiting for you!

I wish I could explain to you what kind of excitement it is but it’s unexplainable. You have to experience it for yourself and you have to experience what it’s like to be a super psychic!

All you have to do is genuinely commit to it, not only because I suggest that you do, but because on a very deep level, you know that there is something bigger you’re always yearning for.

Once you do that and go through the Become Psychic Now course, you’ll start to notice how Universe opens up magic portals of endless possibilities for you. All you have to do is act.

I perfectly understand that until now, knowing, being certain and right action may have been…
a bit hindered for you…

That’s not your fault.

You are not educated in your psychic abilities like you are in your logical thinking.

But that’s about to change.

Once you integrate your logic with your psychic abilities – you are all set!

All you’ll have to do is know what you want (or don’t want) and the endless help of the Universe will be on your side.

As I mentioned earlier, not only will you be able to become a SUPER psychic but you will also be able to become a MASTER of your own life.

Here Is Exactly How To Get – And What Will
Happen After You Get – Your Own Copy Of
“Become Psychic NOW” Course

  1. All you have to do is click on the ADD TO CART button below
  2. After making your payment of $97.00, you will get an instant download of your
    “Become Psychic Now” course in PDF format along with instructions
  3. Just open the PDF file, start following the instructions, and you are on your way towards becoming a very powerful SUPER PSYCHIC, able to conduct psychic readings and psychic healings!

Note: If you can’t open your PDF file, make sure you have a PDF reader installed on your device. You can get Adobe Reader for free!

Everything is very simple!

Sorry – I won’t hype you with a special offer and I won’t offer worthless bonuses. What I will do is give you my completely honest, everything I know, always working way to…

How to be Psychic

What you want is what you will get…

  • Discover the secret of correct question formulation that increases your psychic accuracy by at least 200% (go to page 7)
  • Easily handle reading the hardest part of the Tarot deck – the court cards (begins on page 69)
  • Find out the FORMULA OF TAROT that guarantees you successful readings once you start implementing it (go to page 10)
  • Know the Law of Attraction spread and know how to diagnose for harmful (and good!) energies of the past, present and future. THIS will also help you to get to the core of the issues and stop the bad that comes your way (go to page 40)
  • Weed off the confusion about card meanings and see yourself why so many beginner Tarot readers fail (go to page 45)
  • Want to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back? Want to “get back at them”? I show you the secret spread that opens up the secrets on how to do just that and more! Besides that, I actually demonstrate the reading for you! Just go to Page 24 and see how miracles happen :)
  • Confused if your love will be successful or not? Just go to Page 13 and find out with an easy spread and interpretation example that I give you


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