Interesting facts about Master PlutoCraft! Ok, maybe some of them you know but I bet you don’t know it all. And I promise you that if you know it all – you know what you can expect if you will ever have a problem or have problems now. Read it, it is fun and quick!

(Trivia #1)

  • My first work with Magick included a Love Spell. Not an easy one. It was very hard due to many complexities. I thought I will do it with the “C” grade, but turned out that outcome became an A+ grade. People got happily married and I was invited to the wedding in order to secure their marriage even further. After that, doing any spell work became a breeze. I am glad that I started with hardest! Lesson: you never know what you are capable of. Never let doubts stop you!

(Trivia #2)

  • I love to travel. I’ve been all over USA. There are just few states that I did not visit. Recently, I visited France and as of October 2017, I am staying in Ukraine. Planning to come back to USA soon, as soon as I finish my business and marketing plans. Do yourself a favor – travel!

(Trivia #3)

  • As a psychic, I took a 2-nd place in competition in Atlanta, GA. But this was my very first public psychic performance! It was a bit scary… You have a huge demand of people with all kind of imaginable and unimaginable problems. Still, competing with people who have over 20 years of experience and getting a 2-nd place (almost getting 1-st place!!!) is pretty good! Getting nearly 98% psychic accuracy where 60% counts as good is impressive. To be honest – I am proud of myself and proud that I can truly serve the public (YOU!) without telling you general blah, blah, blah. Concrete results with laser-accuracy and clarity!

(Trivia #4)

  • I love business and marketing. Why? Here is a reason. I was a student at one of the very prestigious business universities in Michigan. You know what? To be honest, I did not learn much at all. It cost me big money to sit and listen now nearly 70% of the teachers, who have absolutely no business experience try to teach me with books written 10 years ago. And oh God, try question them… Most of their egos cannot handle it. So, what did I do? I quit the university to help people. Do you know what dream I have? I actually want to help build online businesses for people who want to be self-employed and charge their websites with Magick for success! The thing is, it takes tremendous time. I wish I would have knowledgeable partner or investor who can help. If someone can help me – please, I would love to get the help! With this, we can create even better World! This is a massive service to public! So, if you even want to become a successful online entrepreneur – let me know! I already helped people and I can hel you (as soon as your ideas are reasonable).

(Trivia #5)

  • I am not judgmental when it comes to work on sexual desires. I get a lot of customers who want MMF, FMF and all sorts of threesomes. Your sexuality is very important. Never repress your sexuality!

(Trivia #6)

  • I am a problem solver. Either we need to do Magick, psychic reading, remote influencing, remote viewing, energy correction, Astrological Magick or whatever else – I am ready to do it for you! Remember: things like these are NOT evil. It is people’s intentions that are evil or good. Everything else are just tools on how we solve problems.

(Trivia #7)

  • I build a powerful PlutoCraft Magick Shop: Many people do not know about it. But if you spend some time and browse all products carefully, you will find some hidden treasures that you can use in your life! Choose the spells that best resonate with you…

(Trivia #8)

  • And speaking of that, I am actually an author. I have a lot of books that I did not finish yet. One of my best hits is called A Prayer That Always Works. But here is a list of all of my book – paid and FREE! Of course, more will be coming! And I am working on a very comprehensive Magick course as well!

(Trivia #9)

  • Did you know that I can make you psychic? Yes, that’s right. I can make you psychic at the distance and all I will need is your name and photo. You will be able to detect lies, know the truth, correct your life and very interestingly (if you desire) – make BIG $$$ working as a psychic! The average pay for a good psychic is $2.00 per minute. That’s $120.00 per hour. Not bad, right? Why even bother going to school? And If you think getting clients is hard – do couple of readings, even if you have to do them for free – and you will see how people want more, and more, and more… And they refer you more and more… In other words, 24 hours a day will not be enough to serve everyone! Do you want me to make you a psychic? Check out the protocol:

(Trivia #10)

  • I love serving positive customers. Sure, hen people come to me, almost everyone is in the negative situation. But when I apply positivity though my special energy work (besides other works that people order), I always get reports that somehow things miraculously improve. You know why? Because Universe has special vortexes of positive problem solving and all you need to do is know how to tap into them and use them! That’s why Magick so so great!!!

What now? I invite you to check out my website because there is always something for everyone in here! Either just look at it or get your most wanted and desired services – and you are golden!

Thank you!

Master PlutoCraft