So, who is Master PlutoCraft and what is it exactly that he do?

I was born in the beautiful city of Moscow, raised near Kiev (Ukraine) and I moved to the USA when I was 16. Currently, I reside in the Midwest (state of Wisconsin), in a very Magical place, where energies for manifestation support the perfect output into the Universe, without dark interference. It is clean. It is pure. It is Spiritual. It’s inspirational!!!

I can just feel how the Universe picks up the Magick and delivers it to the place, where manifestation takes form. There are only few places on this planet that support such speed and clear path to creating miracles. And I am lucky to be right here, right now.

It’s very unusual. I love unusual…

Since my childhood, I was very unusual. I wasn’t like the majority of kids. I was always unique. Adults, including my parents, always noticed that.

I was always secretly drawn to anything that was mystical and paranormal. Instead of watching cartoons, I would watch X-Files. Instead of asking my parents for things, I would try to get them myself, knowing that there was invisible help that would let me get what I wanted. And, of course, I was right…

When I was around ten years old, most kids were asking their parents for spare change. My parents taught me from childhood that if I want “extra”, I have to “earn” it. I would then listen to my guidance, fry a huge pan of sunflower seeds, put a bag on my bicycle and ride to the flea market where in just couple of hours, I was able to fully sell it and cash in way beyond “change”. That same psychology staid in my head up to this day, and one of my favorite life mottos are:

“Control your destiny or someone else will.”

Master PlutoCraft in Paris, France

That is something anyone can do if they listen to the higher power and believe in themselves. I strongly believe that anything is possible. I proved it over and over again…


Later in my life, I noticed that all I have to do is just want something. And it will be there. And a little bit later, I was exposed to the Magickal powers…

Just like a tornado sucks things into its vortex, I was in the vortex of Magick. I understood that it couldn’t be stopped, and I did not have any desire to do so. I started learning about Greek Gods, deities, energies, rituals, Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Spirituality and anything that is Magickal. The more I learned and worked with Magick, the more I understood that it is simply a natural part of me. At that time, I could not even imagine what the Universe was preparing me for…

People started coming to me from all different places. People who needed a new job, to get their ex lover back, people who were under Magickal attack, people who had goals and wishes but were stuck in a pile of negativity… I couldn’t understand at that time where these people come from, how do they find me…

Later, under the training of some of the World’s famous Magicians and Spiritualists, I was granted powers that most Magicians don’t have. Once I opened up to a new understanding of how things work in the Universe, I understood how to help people with things that seem to be “impossible”. In fact, I decided to remove the word “impossible” when it comes to my Magickal work.

Miracles are one of my favorite forms of Magick. I successfully practice them to remove all limited beliefs that might be imposed. And that’s what differentiates me from most others. Whenever I hear that “this case is impossible to resolve,” I simply say: “Please, give it to me”.

I successfully utilize Love Magick, Sex Magick, Money Magick, Business Magick, Protection Magic and many other forms of Magick when helping people, just like you.

The majority of my business is built on referrals and repeat inquiries. I am extremely proud of that. I am also extremely proud to say that I succeed where many others have failed.

Speaking of that, I take on cases where others have failed. Multiple trials and multiple failures. After I successfully resolve these cases, I am proud to say that people become my lifetime customers, as they realize the power of my work. Don’t waste your money on fluff. You will come back to me later anyway.

Here are just some of my constant practical specialties:

  • Magick, including Craft and Hoodoo
  • Reiki healing and problem corrections
  • Remote viewing, problem recognition, influencing of outcome and energy work manipulations
  • Professional Tarot readings
  • Professional psychic diagnostics
  • Akashic records access
  • Law of Attraction with Law of Creation specialty
  • Astral projection & manifestations
  • Spell casting and petitions
  • Love Magick
  • Reconciling Magick (Reuniting With Your Ex)
  • Money and Business Magick
  • Reversing, Protection and Road Opening Magick
  • Specialty in working with manifestation
  • Spiritual advisory and guidance
  • Advanced Ho’oponopono clearing and problem correction
  • …and much, much more!


  • Marcos Henrique
    February 13, 2014 5:07 pm

    Hi!. I found your site by accident. I’m doing research for a book and found some very interesting articles that I found here. I’m from Brazil and we have a wide variety of african-Brazilian religions that include possession like Umbanda and Candomble. I would like to talk to you about some aspects of spirit possession and, in some cases, demons. At your convenience, you can contact me by email. Luck and prosperity and a big hug.