On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, the Fall Equinox is happening.

It is a very powerful time in Magick.

Those who follow certain traditions and celebrate equinoxes will have a fun time celebrating this one.

But what does it mean for practical Magicians as well?


No, I am not talking about just crops harvest.

I am talking about ALL KINDS of harvests!

Especially, MONEY AND SUCCESS harvest!

If you ever want to cast a very powerful money spell, you want to use the upcoming Fall Equinox on September 23, 2015.

But this money spell will be different.

It employs another power that attracts financial success and that power is called gratitude.

During Fall Equinox, in order to get supreme results from your money spell, you must first cast a gratitude spell. It will be done in conjunction with the money spell.
Let me give you the full procedure.

Autumn Equinox Money MagickSpell

Supplies you will need:

  1. One 7-day white candle (in a glass jar)
  2. One 7-day orange candle (in a glass jar)
  3. Victory oil
  4. Money oil
  5. Crown of Success oil
  6. Rue and hyssop herbs
  7. Florida Water
  8. Sea salt (about 2 pounds, coarse sea salt works best)
  9. Two containers for the candles (what you want to do is put about a pound of sea salt in each container and put your candle on top of the sea salt). Make sure these containers will not melt from the heat. Small metal buckets or ceramic pots work great!
  10. Some fallen autumn leaves that you can pick up outside (if there aren’t any, a seasonal gourd or other element of nature will do).
  11. Orange table cloth
  12. Lighter or matches
  13. Permanent marker
  14. Pen and paper
  15. $5.00 dollar bill (or some paper or coin currency in five, depending on the country you live in).
  16. Some place to donate the money

The best time to start this spell is at around 8:00 PM EST.

You can start it at any time after 8:00 PM EST.

Here is the protocol for the spell:

  • Take pen and paper and write all the things you are grateful for. Seriously, take some time and write all the things you are grateful for. Even if it takes you an hour. In fact, you don’t have to wait until 8:00 PM, you can start this process in the morning. But try to have your list completed before you begin the spell for money and success. This process will open up powerful attraction channels in you and will especially empower them on this day.
  • Set up your altar or Magick space. Put your orange table cloth and fall leaves on it.
  • Cleanse your white candle with Florida Water. You want to begin this process at 8:00 PM or after.
  • After cleansing your white candle, add 7 drops of Victory Oil to it.
  • Add sea salt to your first container, about 1 lb of it. Put your white candle on top of the salt and say these words: “I give thanks to the Universe, to God and to myself for all blessings, known and unknown. I give thanks for all the blessings from the past, present, and the future. I am completely satisfied and I would love more! Thank you!”
  • Light your white candle.
  • FEEL THAT GRATITUDE! Genuinely feel that gratitude. You don’t know how blessed you are. You may think you are lacking a lot, but the fact that you are doing this spell already suggests you are very blessed. Feel these blessings. The more things you are grateful for, the better. The more genuine you are, the better. The more intense that feeling is, the better.
  • The white candle that you lit goes to the Universe. It is a Thank You gift you are making. You are NOT putting any requests in your white candle. That sacred light flame goes to the Universe.
  • As your white candle already burns, cleanse your orange candle with Florida Water.
  • Add 7 drops of Money Drawing oil to it and 3 drops of Crown of Success oil to it.
  • Add a little bit of Rue and Hyssop herbs to your orange candle.
  • Take permanent marker and write your name on the candle.
  • Below your name, write your date of birth.
  • Below your date of birth, write three dollar symbols ($$$). You can also use your local currency symbols.
  • Below the symbols, write the words: “Thank you for all the money I received, receive and will receive”.
  • If you want a specific amount of money, concentrate on the amount. Be reasonable. This is a reasonable spell to attract reasonable amounts of money and this is not a spell to toy around with, like “make me a millionaire by tomorrow”. But I am talking about very good amounts of money that will most likely come to you from unexpected sources.
  • Hold your candle in your hands and be genuinely thankful for all the money you got in the past, are getting now (imagine you are getting it), and will get in the future.
  • After you feel good and grateful, put this candle in the second container on top of the sea salt. (Just to clarify, both of the containers with the candles will be on your altar).
  • Light the candle. Imagine how Universe received your request and gratitude. Now imagine how more and more money comes to you. It comes to you easily and effortlessly. You don’t have to imagine how and where it comes to you. Just imagine you have it.
  • As your candles burn, take the $5.00 bill and wipe it with Florida Water on both sides. If you live in another country, use some currency of five. It can be 5 cents, but try to use $5.00 dollars if you can.
  • After wiping your money clean, put it above the white candle for a couple of seconds. Then, change the side of your money and hold it above the white candle for a couple of seconds. You don’t need to imagine anything.
  • After you do that, say the words “THANK YOU”.
  • When you are done, go and donate that $5.00 somewhere. Try to select the place or a person who will be grateful for getting this money. It can be a poor person who is begging for money on the street. It can be a gas station jar that collects change for kids (they have them all over gas stations in America, I don’t know about other countries).
  • If there is no place or person for you to donate that money at this hour, put that money somewhere where it will be found. After you put that money in that place, close your eyes and imagine that when someone will find that money, they will be very, very happy and it will brighten their day (or night)! In other words, you want to give this money to a worthy cause or to someone who will be very happy to get it.
  • After you do that, celebrate! You just did an extremely powerful spell and most importantly, you showed powerful signs of gratitude to the Universe! Don’t be surprised if you get at least 100 times more money!!!

NOTE: This spell includes proven, tested and ancient practices of attracting more money. So, do it with faith and confidence!

Now listen to this: since we are making September 23 a powerful gratitude day, we will have very special blessings added for anyone who orders ANY kind of Magick from us! What we will do is we will add special blessing elements to your spell, including our custom-made Blessing Oil. Master Plutocraft makes this oil very, very potent and I personally saw it working surreal miracles.

So, if you have been thinking about ordering any kind of Magick, do it on September 23! We will use Universal Power and additional supreme powers “brewed” by PlutoCraft!

Don’t skip this day because the Magick will be hitting hard!

What kinds of spells must you consider?

Here are powerful suggestions for you to review:

  • One of the most demanded spells called Crown of Success to get what you desire.
  • Very potent and extremely powerful Money Drawing spell in order to increase your finances and unblock your money flow.
  • Our custom one and only Phantom Warrior spell for supreme protection and defense.
  • Attraction spell of immense power to get love (and sex…).
  • And let me make you a personal suggestion: VICTORY SPELL! This spell can be done on your name for all past, current and future victories and your gratitude will be included in it! You can always order this spell in combination with other spells.

With that said, happy upcoming Fall Equinox!

Write us if you have any questions and we will be glad to answer them!

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