Happy Halloween The Sabbat is only a week away, and we want to celebrate with you!

Here’s a free recipe from Pluto for an all-purpose, high power cleansing spray. You can spray it around your house and even on your skin whenever you need some fast, deep cleansing.

Cleansing Spray Recipe:

  • Mix equal parts Rue water, Florida water, Holy water, and spring water in an empty spray bottle.
  • Add a piece of quartz crystal or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can break a quartz crystal into shards with a hammer (just be careful!).
  • Place the crystal (whole or in shards) in the bottle with a teaspoon of Sea Salt and shake well.
  • Leave the bottle in a window or outside in the light of the moon to charge overnight.

This works best on the Full Moon, though you can also let it charge from sunset on Hallowe’en through sunset on November 1st to harness this holiday’s energies of cleansing and protection.

All Hallow’s Eve

This is the time to harvest the fruits of your labor, let go of those things that no longer serve you, and honor those who have passed on. As you probably know, the Veil between the physical world and spiritual world is thin on Hallowe’en, so it is traditional to leave an offering for your ancestors on your altar or doorstep. Common offerings are bread and a small bowl of Florida Water or wine. You can even invite their spirits to eat with you in the evening time.

Halloween is also a time of magick and divination for the coming year. Pull out your tarot cards and your candles, and celebrate the turning of the seasons with joy and blessings for yourself and your loved ones on both sides of the Veil.

May you know peace and wisdom this Halloween season.


Order your Ancestor Guidance talisman by Saturday, October 26, 2013 and we’ll begin charging it for you on Samhain night for extraordinary power and connection to the spirit realm.



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