Love Magick Plutocraft This is a wonderful time to nourish yourself with love – especially divine love. Take some time away from your usual routine and celebrate the energy of love that courses through the Universe, on your own or with special company. Allow yourself to revel in joy and lightness of spirit.

To celebrate with you, Plutocraft has a special three day sale on our new Aphrodite Love Candle.

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and sexual pleasure. This is a very powerful candle spell designed to call on Aphrodite to hear your petition, whether you desire to find new love, spice up a current relationship, or increase attraction.

Normally this candle spell is $250, but from February 14th through 16th it will be on sale for only $175!

Did you know that there are three ancient holidays linked to this time of year?

Valentine’s Day brings us back St. Valentine, a Roman saint associated with courtly love. Very little is known about St. Valentine, except that he was martyred on February 14 on a road called Via Flaminia in Rome. That might sound a bit dark, but it is common for darkness to allow for light, especially as winter passes and the road opens for spring to arrive!

Lupercalia, or the Wolf Festival, is an ancient celebration observed from February 13 through 15 for cleansing, purification, and removing harmful spirits. The name comes from two gods: Lupercus, the Roman god of shepherds (the Greeks called him Pan) and Lupa, the she-wolf who nourished the infants Romulus and Remus, who later founded Rome.

And a lesser known holiday is Liosberi, celebrated by the Norse from January 21 to February 19. Liosberi means light-bringing, and is the celebration of Vale the archer slaying Hodur. This represents the death of winter and the rebirth of light and the Sun.

As you can see, this is a time to connect with the light, Sun, purity, and divine love. Take it upon yourself to experience a taste of peace and joy during these beautiful festivals.

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