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Today I want to talk about Love Magick and how it all woks.

love magick

First of all, Love Magick is one of the most complex forms of Magick. Yet, it is one of the most demanded forms of Magick and there is a reason why – relationships are generally fragile and they do break apart…

However, Love Magick is not just about bringing ex lover back. Some forms of Love Magick also include finding new love, strengthening current relationships and PREVENTING relationships from falling apart.

Same applies to marriages. Using Magick, a lot of marriages can be happily saved and divorce rates would significantly go down if people would only know…

The hardest and most complicated forms of Love Magick include bringing ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back. This requires a lot of work, patience and expertise. It is like doing a surgery on a resurrecting a vanishing relationship and whatever is left from it.

Do you now understand why simple love spells almost never work and instead, create more complications?

If you still don’t, let me explain.

First of all, there is a REASON(S) why relationships fall apart. For different couples, reasons can be different. Here is a list of most common ones:

  • Personality incompatibility
  • Different views on life and different major goals
  • Envy and jealousy projected by other people
  • Interference of the family members
  • Use of malicious Magick by other exes or other people
  • Couple is living in the wrong location where Astrology works against them
  • Sociological and cultural influences
  • Modern ways to “resolve” conflicts by just breaking up
  • Backstabbing friends who influence your loved one to break up with you
  • Spirit attachments and supernatural interferences
  • Unbalanced chakras
  • Short time spans of some relationships
  • Unforgettable hurts
  • Cheating
  • Lack of trust
  • Co-dependency
  • Fear of loneliness and clinging can drive your partner away
  • Low self-esteem (that’s rarely appealing)
  • Too much jealousy, control, possessiveness
  • Lack of freedom
  • Block on the third eye chakra and throat chakras
  • Daily negativity
  • Financial struggles

And the list can go on and on. But Magick can repair them! That’s the good news!

So, would it be beneficial to do a love spell of someone has, let’s say, chakras blocked and malicious Magick done against them?

No! Such a strategy will only amplify the problems.

First, the CAUSE needs to be identified WHY relationship failed.

This is done by a comprehensive diagnostic we do at PlutoCraft.

Then, a strategy needs to be developed based on diagnostic results.

Then and only then, spells and rituals must be started.

Love Magick spells?

Again, no!

If the CAUSE of the problem is malicious Magick, the first, spells and rituals must be performed to eliminate that. Then, chakras must be balanced.

Only then, Love Magick can be performed.

As you can see, such process requires patience and highest level of expertise. You do not want some “spell caster” to do such a fragile and critically important work for you. Unless, of course, you don’t care about results and consequences.

I just gave you a very quick example of how things work in real life rather than in fantasy.

By knowing this information, you can now make informed intelligent decision who will work on your case.

And by the way, same applies to all other cases, not just Love Magick.

Remember, the right approach is this: AIM, READY, FIRE!

Forget about READY, FIRE, AIM – that creates those “ops!” situations.

Magick is NOT a toy!

It is a high-caliber art and science that only few people are capable of performing SUCCESSFULLY.

Sure, everyone can do spells. But only few can do them successfully.

Don’t just listen to website “testimonials” as someone can write them all day long.

Look at the knowledge, expertise and your intuition whom you pick to do your case. Once you do that, your results shall me just a matter of time.

Wishing you the best,

Master PlutoCraft

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