How To Achieve Impossible Goals With Magick And Use Of A Victory Spell

If you look close at your life, you will notice that you achieve some goal on autopilot. You don’t even think of them much. You just do it. For example, when you return home from work, you may remember that you need to buy a loaf of bread. You stop at the store and just get it. Goal achieved.

You may also notice that some goals require more effort. For example, you may recall a goal of getting your diploma. You had to go to college or university and put significant effort to achieve it. But, at the end – goal achieved.

And then, you have some goals that seem to be impossible to achieve. Be it making more money or attracting love – some of your goals just seem out of reach. So, how do you achieve the impossible?

There are 3 main strategies that I personally know to achieve such goals. I never saw anyone present these strategies. They are very simple, yet most people take more complex route and distance themselves further away from their goals.

So, what are these “impossible to possible” strategies? Here they come:

  1. Identify an alternative route. This is a big one! Most people think there is only one way, maximum two to achieve the goal. The more “impossible” it seems, the less ways people see.For example, someone who wants more money may think that the only way to get it is to be promoted at work. Someone who wants a new girlfriend may think that first, they need to kill shyness. Someone who wants to get better grades at school may think that the only way to get it is to become smarter. You get the idea…But Universe does not necessarily work that way. The realm of magic and miracles loves to surprise people with new ways that are so close to someone that they are being overlook due to complexity thinking.As you meditate on other ways to achieve your goals, you may come up with alternative solutions. For example:

    To get more money, someone just needs to be open to whatever good opportunities to attract money. One of the ways is to share your experience on the Internet and get paid for it. There are always a plenty of customers.

    Or maybe it would make sense to slowly start going what you love and get paid for it. A great way to identify your passions and monetize them! At the same time, you will be living much more passionate life!!!

    Or what if it is a time to get into Magick and fire a Jupiter candle for money increate? Or maybe you are called to fire a Money Drawing candle?

    Someone who seeks a new girlfriend may not need to kill shyness.

    Instead, maybe, they would want to go for shy or shyer girls instead. Why not? They are so cute!

    Or maybe that person needs to identify a root of shyness. Instead of killing shyness, why not work with it? Identify the root, become aware why you are shy and then – shyness will begin to disappear on it’s own.

    Why not turn shyness into a dating asset to begin with? Why not simply approach girls and be comfortable that you are shy – and tell them straight away “Hey, I like you and…I’m shy…” Sure, you may get rejections just like anyone does, but if you would only know how much women love sincerity. You may make a lot of female friends and ultimately, get your special girlfriend!

    Someone who wants to get better grades does not necessarily need to become smarter.

    Build better relationships with teachers J

    Become more attentive and aware during classes. Observe information. Become interested in the subject.

    And finally, why not do two of these things together and move to the first seating row of the classroom, which is proven way to get better grades overall?

    Do you now see how coming up with alternative ways works? Stop clinging to the “only way” and explore new and exciting opportunities! There may be much more ways than three ways! You may come up with five or ten ways to achieve your goal once you engage into this practice!

    And yes, it WORKS! It works extremely well!

  2. Ok, second way is to take your large “impossible” goal and to break it into smaller pieces. Having alternative ways helps!So, let’s take attracting a new girlfriend as an example. To a shy person, this may seem an impossible goal. But as we find alternatives and break it into smaller pieces, looks how easy it becomes when I guided someone though this process and show you an example:- I realize that shyness itself is not a natural state of mind for me. I realize that it comes from something.- As I think deeper, feeling some tensions, I realize that it comes from some sort of emotional depravation

    – As I go deeper, my mind takes me back to the childhood. As I concentrate on my childhood, I notice how I had a lot of tension as a child. The tension comes from a feeling that I experienced… A feeling when my mother was denying me certain things.

    – I now vividly recall a situation… When I was five years old, I asked my mother to buy me a toy car. She denied my request to punish my bad behavior… I did not get a toy car and I felt a lot of feelings of embarrassment and sadness… Sadness comes from a feeling that I am a “bad boy” and make my mother upset. Like, I am not good enough. How can I even ask for a toy car if I am not good enough? I do not deserve it…

    – But in my adult reality, I realize that I was just a child. It has nothing to do with being good or bad. Kids do different things, they do not have much reason. I realize that I do deserve the toy car! And I realize that I AM good enough! There is no need for feeling low self-deservingness! And there is no need to feel shy during asking for something!

    – Therefore, I no longer feel shy asking a cute girl out. I now feel confident approaching girls. Even those that I do not know!

    – I perfectly understand that I will get rejections. This is normal. Everyone gets them, no matter what their personality is! In fact, they are fun! Rejections have absolutely nothing to do with me not deserving that girl. Maybe she is dating someone. Maybe she is just having a bad day. Maybe she will say “NO” today but will say “YES” tomorrow! Who knows where all of this will take me!

    – I am now excited to approach at least one girl that I don’t know on the street and ask her to exchange phone numbers!

    – I now see that I actually do have a circle of potential girlfriends that are already in my immediate surrounding. It’s just in the past, I had low self-esteem and found all the reasons and excuses why they will say “NO” to me!

    – I now develop a “rejection plan”. If, in the past, as soon as she says “NO” – I would accept it as the answer, now I turn it into a challenge. I will ask her “Why not?” and will playfully use my witty mind to playfully challenge her “NO”. I will turn it into an opportunity to seduce her with my newly increased level of self-confidence! In fact, I know that people love to be seduced!

    – I will keep a journal and will track my success. I will look for patterns. I will escalade on successful patterns and will eliminate failure patterns. I will write down my thoughts and feelings by carefully observing them. I will look if there are any additional blockages.

    – I may get an Attraction Candle Spell to help me! Magic works miracles! I will be superior in the front of my competition and they will not understand how I am able to do it so easily! My friends will wonder how I went from being lonely to suddenly surrounded by beautiful girls all the time! Next time we go to a bar, I am the one who gets attention!

    – I am excited to try even more new venues of getting a new girlfriend! Or… Is it girlfriends by now?

    Ok, do you see how an “impossible” goal was broken into a series of small, achievable tasks brought massive results and success?

    And let me tell you – it did!

  3. Finally, in order to achieve what seemed to be impossible goal, it is a wise decision to boost it with Magick.But how exactly?My favorite formula is a two candle spell combination.First, I select an appropriate candle for my goal achievement. It will already give me a massive edge.

    In my PlutoCraft Magick Shop, I offer a selection of Candle Spells for pretty much every need: love, money, protection, psychic abilities, goal achievement, you name it! And I have a full line of Astrological Spells that also work for pretty much any goal – they are beyond effective!

    Then, to secure my success even further, I fire such spell with a combination of a Victory Candle Spell! Now, that’s what I call POWER!

    Victory Candle Spell truly puts my Magick beyond all resistances, blockages and obstacles! It is MASSIVE ENERGETIC MEGA BOOST!

    And finally, I let go. I do not dwell on how and when I will receive my results. I know that the less dwelling I do, the faster and better my results come.

    That’s it! So simple!

    Goal achieved!


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