Why Law Of Attraction And Planet Saturn Work Together?

Which planet is majorly responsible for Law of Attraction? It is Saturn…

Why is that?

law of attraction

Saturn is a planet of limitations. While Mars can rule limited beliefs, Saturn rules authority, restrictions and limitations, just to name a few…

Saturn’s role is not to actually limit you, but instead – direct you in the right path.

When you want something that is not serving your life’s journey ruled by Sun, Saturn steps in and shuts the gate down.

While Pluto can impose external limitation, Saturn imposes internal limitations. They can be felt through forms of frustration, inability and desperation.

How do you work around it?

There is no way working around it and cheating Saturn. And there shouldn’t be anyways…

What you need to do is question if whatever you want is serving you good or not.

You may say: but how come total abundance of money, love and happiness is not serving good?

See, it is all good and something you should be going for. But many people try to achieve that for themselves by cheating, manipulating and taking advantage of others. This is when Saturn, an Authority, steps in and says “no, no!”

Many people play by win-lose and lose-lose games without realizing that abundance is not about win-lose or lose-lose. In fact, that is not even abundance anymore…

When you engage in win-win game, Saturn raises the vibration and activates Law of Attraction.

What is helpful in all of this is be on the right journey instead of demanding “I want this and I want that, and this and that too”.

When you are on the right journey, Law of Attraction starts working like a miracle. Yet, Saturn will still keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t attract something that would take you off your journey.

Of course, there are always ways to “sell you soul to the devil” for the fake feeling of power. But in reality, what good is that going to do? Why do you thin fakes ones fall so fast? The illusional feeling of success that they manifest is a special set up that makes the falling much harder.

What can you do?

Ask planet Sun and Saturn for guidance. And allow planet Moon to guide you with feelings.

If you want, explore our new Astrological Magick and send us an email with request to help you get in touch with your archetypes. We can perform special rituals that can put you in the right track and make Law of Attraction work for you, instead of against you. This service is NOT free, but it is worth it!

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