Your Astrology By Zodiac Sign From PlutoCraft Shows What Others Fail To Present You!


Astrology from PlutoCraft is a bit different outlook on how planets work. Most astrologers provide generic information and fail to provide you real solutions. You begin to thing that if you get “Mars in Scorpio”, you are a guaranteed sexuality addict.

Or someone can tell you that if you have “Venus in Gemini”, your love astrology is doomed due to wanting to fall in love with multiple partners. This is not true at all as you have a choice: you can either do that or you can have a single partner who is on the same page with you.

I will present you very interesting insights on your Zodiac signs. All you have to do is take a look and you will discover something new about you.

So, what’s your Astrology sign? You pick one:

So, how much does Astrology influence you in a real way and should you even pay attention to it?

This is what I discovered.

Your # 1 influencer is your brain. But your # 2 influencer is your Astrology. And I am not necessarily talking about your Zodiac Traits.

What I am talking about is the whole Astrological picture, including your zodiac sign, your location, your chart, your planetary positions and the list goes on and on.

You may think that if “Pisces is compatible with Scorpio”, then it’s a heaven relationship, like 99.9% of Internet so-called “Astrology experts”claim.

But do you know what the truth is?

For example, I am a Scorpio. By shortest relationship was with Pisces and longest relationship was with my “opposite” sign – Aquarius. One of the most interesting relationship was with Gemini. And my “hottest sexual partners Aries and Scorpios” failed to produce Gemini and Pisces quality.

See? It gets complex. Astrology can be complex for you.

What I Encourage You To Do:

  1. Stop reading general “astrological compatibility” or your “general astrological traits” online, mostly written by ghost writers.
  2. I encourage you to check out REAL Astrology Reports that will give you full picture. The first report is about you.It’s called DEEP SKY. But the second report I present to you is called LOVE MIRACLE COUPLE SERIES. What it does is solves couple’s love, sex, communication, friendship and other issues in a very miraculous way! All you have to do is read it, know the secrets of your partner (and yours too) – and then, you just make minor adjustments that bring you real relationship miracles! This report saved every couple as far as I know it! I was getting tremendous feedback. So, the choice is yours!
  3. I encourage you to stop paying attention to generalized Astrology like “Mars in Jupiter and Scorpio in Capricorn are not the best sex buddies” and go for detailed, professional Astrology Reports instead. This is what I would do if I would be you – and I would do it! I did it!

Astrology Secret You Did Not Know About:

And here, I want to present you a secret that you did not know about…

It’s called: Astrological Magick Planetary Spells!

Do you wonder how it works and how can it help you?

Here is a simple example I will give you:

For example, your Jupiter is in Capricorn and you feel severe restriction on Spiritual and monetary expansion at the same time. You complain with something like: “No matter what I do, I cannot progress financially and I feel just disconnected from my mind”.

Or let’s say your Venus is in Pisces and you complain: “God, why can’t I find a man who wants a serious relationship? I am tired of these liars and cheaters!!!”

Ok, first of all, you need to realize that EVERYONE has something…

Then, for example, for the first case we will fire a simple combination of Jupiter and Saturn spells (because Capricorn is represented by Saturn) and it will give you a freedom for financial independence along with very clear mind to make your decisions. You will not feel blocked anymore.

In the second case, we will fire Venus Spell and Jupiter Spell (because Jupiter is the main Pisces representation) and you will attract a right, healthy, happy, fun, joyful and trustworthy relationship that you’ll love!

And guess what now? The choice IS yours!

These are several powerful things we can do with Astrology and other types of Magick to solve your problems.

Therefore, contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION, explain your issues – and I guarantee that if I can fix it – I will do my best to fix them for you once and forever!

— OR — JUST — PICK —

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