Grab Your Spiritual Well Being And Metaphysical Bliss Right Now!

Pluto Retrograde is notorious for bringing all sorts of illusions. And you have to take care of your personal well-being as well as metaphysical well-being, so you do not end up as a fool once retrograde is over. Spiritual well being is a huge subject right now!

LOOK! Here are some that I commonly get in the emails lately:

  • “Demons are attacking me” (metaphysical illusion). Reality: subconscious mind is bringing out “demonic” on the surface for clearing.
  • She said “We met in a wrong time and in the wrong place, therefore, we can’t be a couple. If we would meet sooner or later, in another place, things would be different” (logical and intuitive illusion). Reality: she has personal unresolved issues and fear of commitment, that’s why it feels “so wrong”.
  • “I am too cursed to attract money”. Reality: subconscious mind is bring out deep money limited beliefs to be logically worked through and cleared. Person needs monetary self-reflection.
  • “It is a wrong time”. Reality: Pluto Retrograde does have a tendency to slow things down. Again. Logical reflection on how to speed things up would make a huge difference. And of there is nothing can be done (which I am NOT a believer in), then maybe it is a time to wait until that idea disappears?
  • “My Tarot readings are showing me that you will abandon me and meet a new woman”. Reality: are you reading deep enough? Do you understand what are cards showing? Maybe take some time away from the readings or do completely opposite – practice more? Otherwise, with such a conviction, you can make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • “She does not want to have sex with me anymore”. Reality: Pluto rules sex and it rules some kinky stuff. She is not ready for that kinky stuff yet, it was not even discussed to begin with. Now, she is slammed with new sexual ideas she never even thought of. But it does not mean she does not want to have sex. However, Pluto Retrograde can slow down sexual activity and make things harder. Again, logical and intimate navigation is a great key to success.

As you can see, Pluto Retrograde does bring some illusions which trigger intuition and logic. That’s why it is very important right now to remove one of the biggest enemies of humanity: haste.

And it is a great time to slow down and reflect instead.

Pluto Retrograde is asking you to take care of your:

  • Mental body
  • Emotional body
  • Spiritual body
  • Aura
  • Chakras
  • Energy systems
  • Unhealthy psychic connections to other people
  • And whatever else that may be linked to any type of energy filed, like an attached Spirit to a Spiritual body or vampiric link to Emotional body

We use Remote Viewing to “scan” the person for all sorts of abnormalities.

These abnormalities are reported to the person and the person can do proper corrections.

DANGER WARNING: Watch out for psychic vampires right now! They are hungry and on the “hunt”, as Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn makes their life extremely hard. Karma is there against them and they are looking to “feed” on some new, good energy to sustain themselves, or else – they go “dry”. Do you feel like you are a victim of a psychic vampire? Check out this solution: Protection Against Psychic Vampires.

Close off from the emotionally and even better – let them go out of your life completely!

I recently had someone telling me they feel ill. What they did have is drainage from a psychic vampire.

Pluto and Saturn are like punishers for all sorts of dark people, those who chose such a lifestyle and continue to choose it.

And they need good energy, especially through sex and mental drama to drain someone’s resources. Again, remember whom you are sleeping with as we discussed earlier.

Watch out for people who are:

  • Manipulative
  • Cause drama
  • Blame you for who knows what
  • Make you feel confused
  • Try to throw their problems at you and often use guilt against you
  • Anyone who just “feels dark”
  • Sweet talkers
  • Someone who makes you feel good ONLY if you sleep with them
  • Someone who threats you
  • People who put demands on you
  • Clingy people who communicate with you about problems only

That’s a high indication you may be dealing with either someone dark or someone who is a victim of darkness and is looking to steal your energy.

Also, consider employing our very powerful Phantom Warrior Spell against all sorts of darkness and hidden enemies.

And here is a quick tip: if someone really hurt you and you have a justified grudge for such hurt, besides doing spells above – hit them with MARS SPELL! Teach them a lesson to NEVER MESS WITH YOU AGAIN! THIS IS A PERFECT SPELL AGAINST ALL SORTS OF BULLIES!

Hey, do it even against those who gave you troubles in high school 30 years ago! If it is justifiable, go for it! Feel better by giving them a dose of their own medicine!!!

What is justifiable? That’s the question you may ask. It is very simple: if you did not cause harm to someone but they caused harm to you – then you have all the rights to “return their doings” back.

Let’s say you went to high school and was shy. Because you weren’t popular and maybe you even had problems others could not understand, you were picked on.

You weren’t picking at anyone, but they picked at you. It made you feel bad, maybe even miserable and hit your self-esteem.

It is JUSTIFIABLE for you to case a spell to teach them a lesson!=

What is NOT justifiable?

Let’s assume you was picking on some girl who is shy. But it turns out, she had friends. Her friends gave you a warning. Your ego could not comprehend such “how dare are you, look at you and look at me, you ugly bitch” – and you seek revenge because that girl asked someone for defense, then it is NOT justifiable. I highly advice you to APOLOGIZE instead and MAKE REAL FRIENDS with the person you hurt.

That will pay off BIG in your favor!

Another example of NOT justifiable act is a cheating wife trying to stop a divorce using Magick. “How could that looser even think to divorce ME?”

And here is one more: someone used someone for money. That person figured all “ins and outs” of such “dating game” and dropped the so-called victim.

“OMG!!! I can’t believe he just dumped me? Just like that! For what??? And he did it over the text, he did not even tell it to my eyes! What an as*hole!!! He promised to make me for a vacation! We were suppose to go shopping!!!” – a drama queen, who failed on most of her promises, makes 20 phone calls to all her “friends” in order to collect the “advice” and to reinforce already damaged self-esteem.

Now that so-called dumped “victim” is seeking Magick to return a “lover” (or to be more exact, to return a “wallet”). Casting a Love Spell against the real victim of lies, scam and empty promises is NOT justifiable. Thank God, Saturn Karma is watching!

I’m sure you got the picture!!!

Let’s now talk about LOGIC.

As you learned, Pluto Retrograde brings illusions as well as “new stuff” you are consciously not familiar with.

It is a great time to kick in and practice logic.

Instead of jumping into Love Spells, consider getting a Case Diagnostic and see if you may need an Uncrossing Spell?

Instead of delaying things, can you make a logical plan on how to speed them up?

Instead of feeling confused and “cornered”, ask for guidance and simultaneously, bring out that logical part of you! It takes time, patience and energy, however – you will be making better choices! Choices that can make something a complete failure or blessed success!

Another suggestion during Pluto Retrograde is to REST.

Rest does not mean procrastinate. It means giving extra time to YOU. For example, instead of executing burdens of demanding people, learn to say NO and take that time to yourself!

Example: a friend wants you to go to the bar, so he or she can drink and you can be a safe driver. You come home tired from work. You feel obligated to fulfill that expectation. Instead of resting, you go somewhere you do not want to go, because your friend may get a DUI and you would feel guilty.

But let’s kick in some logic. Your friend has choices:

  • Respect your time and understand your desires
  • NOT to go to the bar (by the way, going to bars and similar places is NOT advisable during Pluto Retrograde, especially when it is in Capricorn). If you would only know what kind of energy is there right now… Bars are not a good energy to begin with and now, all sorts of “darkness” goes there to “lick the wounds” with alcohol, drama, hook-ups and “feed” on someone who is “clean”.
  • Take a taxi cab
  • Ask someone else
  • Get a bottle and drink it at home
  • There are other options too

But do you see what I mean about taking care of yourself? And using logic?

And if your friend even dares to use guilt against you, like “How could you? You know I can get a DUI? What kind of friend are you???” – then it tells you A LOT about what kind of friend you have.

Pluto REALLY wants you to take a look at such “friend” very closely.


It gives you trigger points and ideas to use logic and intuition to identify WHO IS WHO!

Do you need such a friend?

If yes, why?

Do you fear abandonment?

Obligations because your friend did something for you? You can count how much you did for your friend too…


Do you have a fear of abandonment?

What are you doing to do?

Keep so-called ”friend” or will you take care of your fear of abandonment and draw in REAL FRIENDS???

By the way, one of the best ways to get rid of fake friends and draw real friends is to use a combination of 2 candles:

  • RUN DEVIL RUN (with this candle, you don’t even have to know who is a real or fake friend. Someone who may seem so good may have hidden jealousy against you and may be very happy when you have problems. Such a “system” will only bring you more problems in your life and you will not even know where they are coming from).
  • VENUS CANDLE SPELL – this candle spell attracts REAL, LOVING AND HELPFUL friends!

And finally, take some time to take care of yourself.

  • Do you feel like you’ve been down?
  • Did life become hard?
  • Do you feel identity crisis?
  • Things are not going your way?

If yes, then it is a great time to relax, use some logic and take care of yourself.

Maybe it is a great time to schedule that doctor’s appointment.

Maybe get a massage.

Take a road trip.

Spend a weekend by yourself.

Do activities that make YOU feel happy.

Take some time to yourself!

You know what’s one of the best candles to rejuvenate from all the stress and improve your life in general?

It is PlutoCraft SUN CANDLE SPELL! Let me tell you another little secret of this candle. Remember when we talked about psychic vampires? YES, Sun Candle Spell sets you with extremely powerful, blessing-driven energies. However, it also sets you with energies that makes psychic vampires sick! So, next time they try to vampirize you – they get hit by Sun energy and you probably watched enough movies to know what Sun does to them…

Movies are movies. But Magick is Magick. And if you would only know how many movies are actually based on Magick and Metaphysics!

Most movie producers are VERY metaphysical people.

Legends are legends. But they have meanings.

So, you get the idea what PlutoCraft Sun Candle Spell does next time someone tries to vampirize you…

On top of that, this is one of the BEST spells you can do for yourself, NO MATTER WHAT! It brings prosperity, energy, vitality, happiness, Light and all the good things!

That’s a REAL investment in yourself!

Quick tip: Sun spell is often used to clear houses and properties from all forms of negativity and evil. You can do it for yourself or for your house too!

Bring the happiness in!

As we finish with your Spiritual and Metaphysical well being, let’s now touch on your health!


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