Mars Spell – Protection, Victory



Mars Magick Spell!

Mars magick spell represents the warrior, the victor, and the powerful masculine aspects of aggression and protection.

Just a Few Common Uses:

  • The Mars Candle Spell can be used to gain victory over competition and succeed over enemies.
  • Empower male sexuality and passion and attract your perfect sex partner.
  • To enhance the energy of any enemy work magick, including crossing, hexing, and reversals.
  • Invoke fiery protection in extreme situations.
  • To increase motivation and the ability to take action. Great to counteract laziness and malaise.

Quotes About Mars Spell:

From ancient times, Mars energy was also used to combat viruses and strengthen the body.

It was said that “it makes your body like an unpenetrable rock against certain evil like viral spreading energies” and that “Mars energy destroys those viral vampires that want to make you infected and ill. Use it in Magick to protect body, soul, and life as evil, especially viral evil, fears Mars as demon fears Saint Michael…”

Then… “with a shield of Mars, no enemy or evil can take you even from the back…”

Then… “If too much Venus energy goes out of balance, viral attacks are seeking you. But what counters that disbalance? Mars Magick Spell does, when it is cast on Tuesday, or when Moon is in Aries, or when Sun is in Aries or when you apply a sacred number 4 when you cast Mars Spell.”

And then… “Always apply a sacred number 4 when you cast this spell. It will summon the Highest Mars Energies or Supreme Quality available to those who know and you’ll witness miracles you never knew exist”.

All candles are dressed with Mars herbs and oils and fired at astrologically correct times on your behalf with extreme power by Master PlutoCraft. All Mars work is always monitored for you and done to perfection! This is a very serious spell and you are guaranteed my serious attention for you!

Mars Spell Magick
PlutoCraft Mars Spell – Super Premium Quality – GUARANTEED!