Spiritual health… Love health… All kinds of health… Even monetary one…

Before we talk about health, I want you to know that I am not a medical doctor and I am not giving any medical advice.

Even opposite – I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to work with doctors and other medical professionals when it comes to any sorts of health issues and even regular check ups.

And the reason I want to touch on health is because Pluto Retrograde may bring out some UNEXPECTED health problems.

What is health?

Health has many parameters.

Let’s look at some.

You have:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health

And you also have:

  • Mental body health
  • Emotional body health
  • Spiritual body health
  • Chakra system health
  • Aura health
  • Energy fields health
  • Your psyche has health
  • Habitual health
  • Situational and circumstantial health
  • Financial health
  • Love life health
  • Sex health
  • Karmic health
  • Past lives health
  • And so on and on…

Health is NOT just body.

It covers many aspects and angles.

When something is “unhealthy”, it can affect other areas of health.

Let’s take at the typical examples:

In America, financial problems are one of the major causes of divorce. So, financial health can impact love life health. And that can impact your mental-emotional health, which can lead to problems with physical health.

See the chain reaction in action?

Can you count how many of them you already had?

So, how do you deal with subjects of improving your health in any area of your life?

Here is my favorite process:

  1. Identify when it all began
  2. Identify how, why and under what circumstances it all began
  3. Use logic with Magick to correct the problem

Let’s look at the example of divorce.

  1. It began about 10 years ago
  2. In began with my husband saying he wants a divorce. When I reflect back, I can honestly say that I stopped taking care of myself and he began to show less affection for me. Our sex life went down. I started to look for “outside” sources for sex. I thought I was too smart but he caught me. Since then, things never been the same.
  3. What can we do? I can sincerely talk to him and admit the problem. I can point out things I wish he would do different as well. I can ask for another chance and show him in action that I am not the same person anymore. I can do my hair sexier, dress sexier, act flirtier and I would also ask him to do the same. We can take a vacation outside of home and make it like new again. Besides that, I can get a Case Diagnostic and Magick suggested after that. I can also get Venus candle to regain my feminine powers and Neptune candle to supplement my attraction. At the same time, I can get our Marriage Blessing candle with Stay With Me spell. Based on the Case Diagnostic, if additional work is needed – we can proceed from there.

Does that solution seem simpler and less expensive to you than divorce, lawyers, custody, arguments and so on?

I hope you see the power of logic and Magick when you look at it right!

Similar principle applies to other forms of health.

Problems with finances?

Problems with mentality?

Identity problems?

Energy depleted?

Too much stress?

Spiritual health issues?

Let’s diagnose that, make Magickal and logical plan and repaid the problem!

There is no need to go through it!

And if you remember, we talked about Karma and Past Lives earlier! Who knows where that divorce is coming from? Maybe someone threw black magick? Maybe there is a competitor?

Most problems CAN be fixed and fixed EASILY with the right approach!

What about physical health?

As mentioned earlier, I am all pro-doctors.

But some people complain that doctors “cannot find the problem”.

The problem can be either metaphysical or you may need a different doctor.

Again, Case Diagnostic is the best solution.

But in a meanwhile, doing ATTRACTION SPELL to find a right doctor along with SUN SPELL to improve your health conditions may be extremely beneficial.

And you know what other spell may help you? Our series of UNCROSSING AND PROTECTION SPELLS may become your best aid ever! Look at them carefully and you’ll see why!

As we finish up with Health during Pluto Retrograde, let’s move to the next subject of “weirdness”. I hope you read this article series carefully and identified some problems, but if something stiff feels off, you are still confused, you still don’t know what to do – I have a perfect section for you called:

“I don’t know, but something feels weird”. – NEXT>>>

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