Law of Attraction and 2016 Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn… Wow… What a combination!

Let’s review what Law of Attraction is because not many people understand it.

Most people had mistaken it with intent.

Law of Attraction is a LAW and it always works, believe it or not, deny it or accept it…

But what’s the “problem” with Law of Attraction?

Why can’t you just manifest all these good things that were shown in the movie “The Secret”?

Here is why: Law of Attraction works on SUBCONSCIOUS level.

In other words, you mostly attract people, circumstances, all good and bad based on your HIDDEN subconscious :”programming”.

Quick tip: hypnosis is NOT a good tool to “reprogram” your subconscious, unless you know what you are doing and your subconscious AGREES for such “reprogramming”. Be very careful with hypnosis – it can create severe conflicts, even though it is a very powerful tool.

And be VERY CAREFUL with hypnotherapies. I met a lot of them and from my experience, these “confident and charismatic” people do not have the best intentions.

To be honest, I cannot even say I met at least ONE legitimate hypnotherapist, even if they have “celebrity” status.

If you wonder more on that subject, write me. I will explain you some things. But for now, let’s take this tip as a very serious tip and continue with Law of Attraction in Pluto Retrograde.

You just learned that Law of Attraction works on subconscious (hidden) level.


Realms that most people are scared to look at: Karma, demons, Underworld, ancestry, Spirits, deepest problems, mental and emotional problems, Spiritual diseases and it can literally bring hell to Earth in your life.

But at the same time – in reverse – it can bring heaven of blessings.


The clearer your subconscious is from “hell” – the better.

Now, 2016 Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn has NO MERCY for your comfort.

Do you have demonic attached to your subconscious?

Karma problems?

Unresolved past life issues?

Other very unpleasant stuff?

Love problems?

Money problems?

Sex problems?

Pluto Retrograde wants to bring ALL of it, from deepest depth you probably never even looked at to the VISIBLE SURFACE so you can experience it (or, experience hell on Earth).

Sounds horrible?

Don’t be too quick to judge.

Do you know WHY Pluto does it?

For one specific purpose: so you TAKE CARE OF THESE ISSUES!!!

They have been hidden there for years and probably centuries.


Like it or not, feel crazy or good – Pluto is bringing it all out!

Let’s repeat again – WHY?

So YOU take care of it once and for good!

So, instead of considering Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn as enemy, treat it as your best friend! Because when else and how else would you get such a perfect timing to clear from the most messed up stuff and build a fantastic future???

It especially applies to people who procrastinate. I often like to say: “Reinvent in the front of the need”.

But even me, as a human being, I cannot always do what I need to do (my issue is not procrastination, it is a lack of time for myself due to helping others – and I caught this issue during this retrograde, so now, I am creating a balance).

But let’s remember something again: Pluto works on the deepest levels of subconscious. Keep that in mind very well, especially during this retrograde, and after – at all times!

So, maybe that’s why you are experiencing problems that are either new or severe, or both. Actually, they are not new nor severe – they’ve been there, holding you back – you wasn’t just aware of them, until now.

How does this work in real life?

Let’s look at the typical example.

Mike is about to turn 38 and he had only 2 real girlfriends. But Mike wants to have a happy family with two kids, loyal wife and provide the food for the table.

Mike was going to therapists, all sorts of Spiritual workers, joined all dating sites – and all he hears is that “you are a good guy, but… we don’t have a future together”.



It most likely means that Mike’s subconscious mind is running an ancestral + past life Karmic “program”, which by now, runs real life depression since he is not able to get what he wants.

It happens to be that Mike was surfing the Internet, came across PlutoCraft and this exact same article, and something clicked in his head: “I need to check my subconscious programs because it does not look right!”

He FEELS it is not right, He is NOT a couch potato! He looks good, dresses good, yet – he is “just a good guy” when it comes to serious relationships.

Obviously, Mike has Law of Attraction working FOR HIM, but NOT IN HIS FAVOR!

Another example I can give you is that recently, I got an email from someone saying that “for some reason, someone severely attacked me last week with Magick. All sorts of demons are now attacking me!!! Please help!!!”

But the truth is, nobody attacked that person. It’s just Pluto Retrograde brought out some inner demons to take care of.

Do you start getting the picture?

And yet, someone who has clear subconscious enjoys a major business growth during Pluto retrograde! All sorts of blessings are falling from the sky!

Do you now seriously start getting a picture of Law of Attraction and HOW it works?\

And let’s not forget: 2016 Pluto Retrograde is in Capricorn, so we have a lot of KARMA connected to Law of Attraction!

So, how do we handle Law of Attraction issues at PlutoCraft, especially with this Pluto Retrograde?

There are two best tools to start with:

  1. We do Law of Attraction psychic reading or
  2. We do PlutoCraft Deep Sky Series Astrology report

These tools provide you invaluable information to set your subconscious mind to work FOR YOUR FAVOR!

Also, never forget about A Prayer That Always Works!

Plus, if you really want to get deeper during this perfect time, seriously consider investing in BECOME PSYCHIC NOW course that I wrote.

Pluto is really behind your shoulders to help you become psychic, raise your Spirituality and become more aware!

But if you feel like your Law of Attraction issues are hard and you need extra help fast, check out our WISH GRANTING & MIRACLES CANDLES!

See which product or service appears to you most! Invest in yourself and you WILL witness how HUGE are the dividends when they are paid off!

Make Law of Attraction your BLESSING and who knows how long we will have to wait for such a perfect timing!

Imaging having a power to take down on the DARKEST, MOST INTRUSIVE stuff?

Now IS the time!

Do it right and watch how QUICKLY Law of Attraction turns into YOUR favor!

Sure, others may suffer and will continue to suffer – but you can be a walking blessing, amazing others! Others may only wonder “What happened to him or her???”

How do I know? I used such a power to become one of the most recognized Magicians from being an almost broke, mid-size town taxi driver working for a corrupt company who cheated the drivers. Little secret: they had to go out of business once they got on my nerves J

And it’s not just me. How many people I coached on that subject of Law of Attraction? And guess what? EVERYONE who listened – GOT WHAT THEY WANTED BY NOW!

Will you listen? Or will you doubt? BTW: doubt is a subconscious program which is 99% of the time is not even yours. It is a “borrowed” program.

One more thing: CAN I MAKE YOU PSYCHIC?


Can I make you psychic?

I want to! The time is perfect!

If you want to, and deep down inside you want to, because it is your NATURAL GIFT you suppressed for many years – click here to look at the easy process!

As we are finishing with Law of Attraction during Pluto Retrograde, prepare for the next subject:

Your Spiritual and Metaphysical Well Being – NEXT >>>

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