2016 Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn is NOTORIOUS for bringing up Karma & Karmic issues.

And it DEMANDS you to look at Karma & Karmic issues NOW, so you can have a bright future, beginning NOW!

No need to wait!

The time is PERFECT!

Just like with previous subject of money, it is also about SPECIFIC ACTION OF NOW!

I can’t stress it enough how important that it and what are the benefits, yet I do know that there will be people who will doubt and procrastinate, as usually…

And many people are SCARED of Karma.

What people don’t realize is this:


Many people talk about Karma as this horrible punishing thing.


I LOVE KARMA!!! To me, this is one of the best friends. It brings blessings to those who do good deeds and automatically punishes those who knowingly do bad ones.

Karma is not always harsh on people who do something bad without realizing it because it knows: MOST PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO DO THEIR BEST AT ANY GIVEN POINT OF TIME!

That’s why you should remove shame, guilt and all these negative feelings you may have for doing something bad, because most likely, you was trying to do your best at that time!

Now, if you willingly, knowingly go and scam people, knowing what you are doing – then it is a different story.


You need to know what you are doing and we will be talking about several important aspects of Karma in just few seconds.

I can’t tell you everything as it is a long, lomg subject – but I will tell you more enough to know HOW SPECIFICALLY you can start turning Karma into your best friend, staring RIGHT NOW, using the power of Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn.

REMINDER: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn rules Karma. Pluto rules deep hidden issues and the past. What you did 3 years ago and “forgot” may very well surface up now! BUT LET’S FIX IT ALL AND RESTORE YOUR KARMA!!!

First, you need to learn that there are several types, or layers of Karma. I will mention the most important ones:

  • Ancestral Karma
  • Past lives Karma
  • Your own daily Karma

For a quick recap…

Ancestral Karma deals with issues of your ancestors. What your grand-grand mother did may be severely affecting you now. Do you feel like you cannot break the cycle of some negative pattern and you feel that “something” is stopping you, yet there is no black magick? It can very well be Ancestral Karma.

People with undesirable Ancestral Karma have a very hard time to move forward in their life, despite their best efforts. Does it sound like you???

Past Lives Karma deals with issues you did in past lives. That is very self-explanatory. But don’t forget that maybe, you had several past lives, not just one. And it may very well be the case, when SAME ISSUE is dragging through several past lives over and over again – including this life!

People with negative Past Lives Karma have normal or strange things happening which are hard to fix when “stuff” goes bad.. Do you have sudden “weird” things happening, like, for example, as soon as you find someone you like – they do not like you back? Or you feel like you are forced to work at the job you hate? Or think of something else? Does that sound like you???

Normal Daily Karma. This is a type of Karma that counts in this life, things you do and things you don’t do.

You may say: “What? Things I don’t do???”

Yes, Karma looks at things you don’t do, like self-sabotage and procrastination. For example, if you know that you need to write a book, apply for a better job, get out from the couch and live more productive life, better your marriage or relationship, apologize to someone you hurt – but you don’t do these things – and more things – Karma is watching it very closely!

Karma also works with Magick very closely. For example, on PlutoCraft, we have Rules. One of the major rules for Love Magick is remove your obsession and no stalking.

A lot of customers do just opposite.

Instead of getting anti-obsession Pluto candle to heal themselves and Saturn candle to remove stalking behavior, they go straight for Love Magick.


They are mixed. They get the lover back but because they did not follow PlutoCraft Rules and did not work on themselves, or invested in RIGHT work first, they are UNABLE TO KEEP THE LOVER.

That energy is still there. Even when the lover comes back, everything is fine, they still stalk lover’s phone and obsess over every minor detail.

Lover stopped for 15 minutes to sit down and have a cup of coffee? Customer is already obsession on “cheating”, checking the phone, causing drama, etc…

And since Magick connects people on DEEP PHYCHIC LEVEL, lover picks up that behavior intuitively.

Treat it as blessing or a “curse” – even before you reconcile, meaning you come into each other’s life and become a real couple, your lover already feels obsession and stalking, along with worry and mistrust – all intuitively at the distance.

No matter how many times we ask customers not to engage in such behavior, they still do. Therefore, it is all on them. Someone cannot write PlutoCraft and complain because they break the rules. Karma watches that and purposely delays the process of reconcilement.

Same principle applies to pretty much all aspects and it doesn’t matter if Magick is deployed or not.

Again, the choice is yours.

Obviously, daily Karma watches all other deeds. You give change to a poor man when he asks? Great! You tell him “get a job”? Bad! How do you know his life story? Maybe he is unable to work? Maybe he has PTSD? Maybe he is depressed and looks for better in people? And how much poorer would someone really become if they give that change or a dollar to someone who asks?

Either you know it or not, every milli-second, your mind is making a decision and runs “processes”. A lot of these decisions and processes are determined by CONSCIOUS COICES. When you CHOOSE to help someone, especially when they ask, maybe very hungry, you make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to become a more productive human.

That small choice can reset a lot of things for you. You give that chance and in a short period of time, you may notice that you refrigerator is filled with great organic foods, when before – it was mostly cheap lunch meat.

And you don’t even know how it all happened! It happened like a miracle!

I have too many stories to share of how good and bad deeds play out later in the life.

So, earn Karma points!

Especially during Pluto Retrograde.

Now, let’s talk about Karma Healing. A VERY IMPORTANT SUBJECT!

If you feel that something is “off” with your Karma, more often than not – your intuition is right.

Again, we cannot just tell you what exactly it is, where it is coming from, how it can be fixed, etc… That requires our comprehensive Case Diagnostic.

But generally, we do Karma healing by using following methods:

  • Deploying Pluto Candles
  • Deploying Saturn candles
  • Deploying Jupiter candles
  • Going into the Underworld for you
  • Rewriting the contracts with Spirits
  • Rewriting the contracts with oaths
  • Applying special Karma cleansing prayers (one of them is A Prayer That Always Works)
  • And so much more!

As you can see, this is not a process that amateurs can do, this is not a toy and this is not a joke.

One thing I can tell you that if you want to fix your Karma urgently, get a Case Diagnostic with a Saturn candle. This way, we can begin RIGHT AWAY!

It doesn’t matter which type of Karma you need to heal. This combination provides a very powerful start. And if you need more work, we would let you know and you can always go at your own pace!

Some people think they can’t afford our services, they are expensive, etc. But get to the level of our professionalism, do what we do and then – make such a claim. That’s what I would say to any person making such a claim.

Can you even go into the Underworld of Dead and rewrite contracts with Spirits?

Most will get shivers just from the idea… And if they try, they will most likely “come out” with four dead Spirit attachments on them.

Also, our services are very affordable because you can go at your own pace. You can order candles at your own pace. You can order work when you are ready.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: PlutoCraft is an UPSCALE MAGICK SERVICE PROVIDER, we are not “mamas”, “papas”, “so-called certified conjure workers” or whatever else you name it. We do not work by theory. We work by PROVEN PRACTICAL METHODS.

All it takes is YOU to understand it, follow the rules, guidance and have trust with faith!

PlutoCraft is all about you in mind!

Look, I am not just “advertising” us, I am EDUCATING YOU! Otherwise, how else would you know? You can get some $20.00 candle lit for you somewhere else but I bet it would cause more damage than good and you won’t even know where that damage is coming from! It happened to too many people already who do that stuff and still come back to us because they get into a deeper mess than they originally had.

Think about it: do you want a $20.00/hour attorney lawyer your case or do you want an upscale attorney? The reason I use this analogy is because Magick is like a Law. WE REPRESENT CLIENTS (YOU) IN THE REALMS OF HIGHER POWERS!

So, HOW would you want to be represented???

And it ESPECIALLY applies to Karma work! You must know WHO represents you as Karma is not too quick to “listen” to just anyone and make amends.

Spirits? They LAUGH at those who do not know how to work with them and very often, purposely create even more problems, so people LEARN THE LESSONS AND HAVE A RESPECT FOR SPIRITUAL!

Claiming to have respect and showing respect are two different things.

My personal tip to improve your Karma and soon, you will see how well it works: say “Dear Universe and Dear Karma, thank you for all the blessings for all times, those I know about and those I do not know about”. AND THEN – WATCH THE MIRACLES!

Either fortunately, or to some – unfortunately – I cannot give you too much advice about Karma work right now because of the nature of this article. But INVEST in Karma and watch the rewards like many others already did! That’s all I want to say on this subject for now because my goal is not to persuade you. My goal was to educate you.

And now we switch to another very important subject: Law of Attraction in 2016 Pluto Retrograde. This one will be interesting!


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