Do you own a business?

Do you want to start your own business?

Do you want to become rich using Magick for your business?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, then you must pay attention to what I am about to share with you!

You absolutely MUST KNOW how the power of Planetary Spells can skyrocket your business and you must understand what planetary spells to use and for what purposes.

In just a few short moments you will learn:

  • Which Planetary candle spells apply for specific aspects of your business (sales, protection, etc)
  • How to do Planetary candle spells
  • How to increase your business sales by at least 50% using Magick!
  • What internal control and external control planets mean to your business
  • Business Magick ideas for every planetary candle spell
  • And so much more of some very cool stuff that every business owner must know!

Here is something I want you to consider: many people underestimate the power of Planetary Spells because they do not know the real depth of such power. But planetary spells hit deep and they hit hard! Either you use them for Business Magick or other types of Magick, when you do them RIGHT – they produce the power to be reckoned with!

In order to utilize success with Planetary Spells with your Business Magick, you must first understand what each planet is responsible for when it comes to business.

Let’s start with the first 7 planets of internal control and then, we will finish with the last 3 planets of external control.

For those who don’t know about controls, internal control means it is a force that you can influence using your mind and intent while external control means  a force that comes from more from the outside.

For example, Saturn (internal control) is a planet of limitations, therefore you can easily set limitations and liberation using your mind. Neptune (external control) is a planet of Universal Truth and it can suddenly deliver you a load of illusions that may seem to be nearly impossible to deal with. But if you live an honest life, it will deliver you an over-abundance of truth…

Since you and your business are at least somewhat connected, you can easily harness the power of internal control planets not to just make more money but to also set your attitudes towards your business.

On the other side, you can use the power of external control planets to bring positive changes that will work outside of your personal influence. Think of it this way: you will create a perfect environment for your business to grow, expand and have more customers.

Continue reading and it will make clear sense to you.



In Business Magick, Venus is used to attract more customers and money. It is also used to better business relationships of all kinds. Venus candles are burnt on Friday, preferably in the morning. Venus has very pleasant energy and it works at an attractant to magnetize desired outcomes to any business. Venus is also governing any businesses that deal with love, romance, relationship and core values niches.

Use green colored 7 day candles for Venus Business Magick Spells.

Ideas for Venus spells:

  • On Friday morning, burn Venus candles to attract more customers
  • Do Venus candles to have tranquil relationships between your business and your customers
  • Burn Venus candles to attract investors and partners
  • Do Venus candle to be clear on core values, mission and vision statements for your business


In Business Magick, Mars is used for protection and victory over competition. Mars is a very powerful force that works as a repellent (unlike Venus which works as attractant). Mars spells are used for repelling unwanted customers and anything that is not wanted in the business.

Mars spells can also be used to punish un-paying customers, gossip-spreading individuals and rivals who try to harm the business in unjustified ways (for example, people who spread fake rumors).

It is also a viciously powerful spell to reverse harmful Magick against you if any of your competitors tried to harm you using metaphysical means. In that case, Mars amplifies their Magick and reverses it back to them while destroying their protections. The more injustice your competitors did, the more Mars will hit them. Combined with Saturn spell, it can easily completely destroy anyone who was trying harming you in unjustified ways or someone who was using Magick against you.

When doing work against competition or punishment (aka: going dark), use these spells with extreme caution and make sure you know what you are doing, otherwise they can easily fire back against you. Do them only with universal truth and if someone really harmed your business really unjustified way.

Do not do self lying or denial, knowing that your competitor may be right. NEVER, EVER, EVER do these spells because you feel jealous of your competitors. This is nearly a guaranteed way to cause self-destruction and destruction of your business. You must have SOLID FACTS, not suspicions that your competition caused INTENTIONAL HARM for your business before you even think of these spells.

Mars candles are burnt on Tuesday, preferably at night. Mars has a very powerful energy. Mars governs businesses in following niches: competition, sports, energy, mathematics, insurance, creation, sex and male niches (for example if you sell men’s clothes).

Use red colored 7 day red candles for Mars Business Magick Spells.

Ideas for Mars spells:

  • Burn Mars candle for general protection of your business
  • On Tuesday night, do a Mars candle to win over competitors in a fair game
  • If you own a gym (sports), do a Mars candle to power up your business for success
  • When opening a new business, start it with a Mars candle!
  • Do a Mars candle to end procrastination


Jupiter is a planet of expansion. Therefore, whenever you are ready to expand your business, burn Jupiter candles.

That’s what Jupiter is mostly used for in Business Magick.

Whenever you release new product or service, burn a Jupiter candle for better success with your new release. Jupiter will help you to take your new expansion to the next level.

Whenever you increase your prices, do it with a Jupiter candle.

Whenever you need money for business growth, seek them with the help of Jupiter.

Jupiter candles are burnt on Thursday, preferably at noon. Jupiter governs businesses in following niches: Spirituality, charities, finances, growth and expansion, investments and abundance.

Use purple colored 7 day purple candles for Jupiter Business Magick Spells.

Ideas for Jupiter spells:

  • Every 3 months, burn Jupiter candle on the top of your business card for general expansion
  • Do Jupiter candle to acquire more higher paying customers
  • Burn Jupiter candle to gain better credit for your business
  • Light Jupiter candle to find volunteers and collect donations for your business
  • If you own non-profit organization, burn Jupiter candle to expand it!


Mercury is a planet of communication when it comes to Business Magick.

Every business needs some form of advertising and Mercury is a planet that governs marketing and advertising. It is a planet of all sorts of communication: written, spoken, designed, art…

So, Mercury is one of the top planets to work with when it comes to your business.

Whenever you launch a new advertising project or do any form of advertising, boost it with Mercury spells.

Mercury candles are burned on Wednesdays and Yellow color candles are used.

Ideas for Mercury spells:

  • Every 3 months, burn a Mercury candle to boost your adverting.
  • Do a Mercury candle to attract new clients.
  • Burn Mercury candles to enhance communication between you, your partners, clients, investors and anyone who comes in a “contact” with your business.
  • Light Mercury candles whenever you need SPEED in sales, especially if your business is “going down” and you need emergency cash flow.


Saturn is one of the feared planets. Not most feared, but feared pretty well. And there are reasons why. Here, I will tech you some secrets of how to make Saturn spells work for your business and make it prosper.

First of all, Saturn is a business planet. It is a planet of business foundation and structure.

You get the picture: without strong foundation, your business is weak.

If you own a physical business, then Saturn is an excellent spell to help you to support your buildings against unnecessary repairs, damages, theft, etc.

Also, if your competitors are doing something shady against you, and you burn Saturn candles – this planet AUTOMATICALLY will provide you a wall of defense, justice and Karma reversal on competitors. That’s one of the biggest reasons this planet is feared – because this is a planet of Karma and punishment for wrong doings.

Saturn does not mess around – it takes a backstabbing competitor and returns those “knives” several times fold back in the back.

Let me tell you a little secret – the reason PlutoCraft is doing so well is because we never fired any sneakily ant-competitor spells as well as never did any shady business. So, Saturn is on our side.

Saturn is a planet of wisdom. It perfectly understands that we all do mistakes, most of them – unintentionally. The good thing about Saturn is that it does not punish against that. It punishes only against direct attacks. So, you don’t have to worry about things like “OMG, I said to this client… or I did this…” As soon as you have no PURPOSEFUL BAD INTENTIONS, you are Golden with Saturn.

But what if you did? Then, most likely, you and your business is getting hit with Karma on some level and you may not be aware of that.

My best suggestion is to contact us for a process called Karma Clearing. As soon as you don’t plan to do the same shady business, we can easily clear it.

Let me tell you a quick story. We had a client once who was getting well over millions using out help. He was doing everything right, following our advice…. Then, one day, he decided to enter into the “shady” business… To make a long story short, Saturn ruled this out:

  • Complete loss of money
  • Complete loss of good connections
  • Problems with the law and shady “partners”
  • Family problems…
  • …and the person got left with nothing. You got the idea.

So, Saturn can be your best friend or one of the worst enemies – you choose! And remember – when someone does you wrong and you light the Saturn candle, it goes AUTOMATICALLY against them. The harder they will try to fight it – the harder they will be automatically hit. It can get to the point where Saturn will destroy their lives, unless they learn a lesson.

Use black or dark brown candles when working with Saturn.

Here are some ideas for Saturn spells:

  • Every 6 months, a Saturn candle for business protection
  • Do Saturn candles if you have problems with your physical locations, like unnecessary repairs (electricity problems, water leaks, mold, pests, etc)
  • Burn Saturn candles to get rid of harassing customers and competitors
  • Light Saturn candles for justice – if you do a good business and you are getting “pressed” by a competitor who has better finances, but does shady business – light a Saturn candle!
  • Light Saturn candle to aid you with business paperwork, authorities, licences, etc.
  • Light a Saturn candle whenever you feel “stuck” in business and need more “opening”. For example, you want to expand, but “something” does not let it happen. Saturn is a planet of restrictions, but good restrictions. It means that there is a message for you – wither you are going in the wrong direction or you are doing a mistake. Saturn should eventually deliver that mistake through your intuition and it should be unmistakable to recognize it (that it comes from Saturn).


Also, watch your mind and definitions of what’s “right and wrong”. Some “saviors” out there think that we do “evil business”, because we sell dark candle spells. Yet, they forget to realize that dark does NOT equal evil… Saturn can AUTOMATICALLY AND SEVERELY punish you for judgement as it is a planet of judgement.

Just do your best and Saturn will cover you like a lightest angel! Even if you do some unintentional mistakes!


Sun is another business planet – a planet of PROSPERITY!

It can take your business to such high levels, that your imagination will have a hard time to comprehend all of that!

And one of the best things about Sun spells – they are happiest spells to work with because Sun itself is happiness!

Ahhh, that light, happy Sun energy that puts a smile on your face and faces of your customers!

You can light up your whole business venture with Sun candles and prosperity will be just a matter of time (assuming you are doing what you suppose to be doing).

Use Gold candles when working with Sun. If you can’t find gold, use bright Yellow just like for Mercury.

Here are some ideas for Sun spells:

  • Do Sun spells whenever you feel you are ready for expansion. Never jump for expansion unless you are not ready. Some people think “let the prosperity roll in, I will rule everything out later once I have the money”. NO! This is not how the Sun works. Get everything ready first and then – light the Sun candle.
  • Once a year, during July or August, during the sun rise, light additional Sun candle for business support.
  • If you feel your business feels “dark”, either it is a building itself or whatever it is – do the Sun candle!
  • If you have bad relationships in the business, do the Sun candle.

Little secret about charging Sun candles: obviously, the best charge is a direct placement under the Sun for 2 hours. But you can also place Sun candle under a lit light bulb for 20 minutes. Just make sure that the hear of the light buld reaches the candle.


When it comes to business, Moon is a planet of flow. Some things come in, some come out. If you know more about Moon, then you know it had 4 phases: New, Waxing, Full and Waning.

You can use these phases to aid your business greatly. And Moon is another money planet!

Instead of me explaining of how it all works, let me better give you examples.

The best color of working with Moon candle is Silver. Substitute is dark blue.

Here are some ideas for Moon spells:

  • During New Moon, light a Moon candle for anything that is new. For example, when you release a new product. And yes, it can be lit in conjunction with other candles and planetary spells (like Moon + Jupiter + Sun). Burn a Moon candle during New Moon phase to attract new clients.
  • When Moon is Waxing, burn Mon candles for whatever you want to gain in business. For example, you want to gain more sales. Go for it!
  • During Full Moon, burn Moon candles when you need power. For example, you need some contracts to go through or you want to protect your business assets.
  • During Waxing Moon, do Moon candles to get rid of whatever is not needed in your business. For example, that lazy employee who plays with the phone more than she works, or someone who is trying to get on your nevves.

Remember 2 things I said earlier?

  1. Moon is a Money planet and…
  2. You can always combine several planetary spells together for your business. Don’t be shy to burn a Moon candle during Waxing phase with a Saturn candle to get rid of that nuisance competitor.

Moon are also great candles for business imagination, intuition and creativity. They connect you on a deeper emotional level with your business.



Uranus is one of the least used planet when it comes to Business Magick.

But that’s a big mistake.

Let me explain you why.

Before we begin, I want you to get a bit intimate with Uranus – it is a planet that rules open marriages and open relationships.

It is a planet of FREEDOM.

It is an enemy of control-freaks, insecure people and those that demand it only their way.

But when it comes to business, it puts severe limitations. There are people who are convinced “they know everything”, yet – they know nearly nothing if we take a big picture. Knowing how to do paperwork or successful appeal is one thing, but know what’s going on in the invisible Universal realms – that’s a totally different story.

So, how can Uranus help your business?

Let’s take a scenario when economy hits bad. Businesses suffer. Business owners try to pull their best but slowly, business goes down and down.

That’s where external control planet Uranus can come into play.

Now, instead of YOU ruling your business out of the problem, Uranus does it FOR YOU.

The only issue with that, at fits, you may not like what happens. But then, you will see the blessings.

Let’s say your business is suffocating because economy is bad and “I know everything” person is still not able to rule it out. Remember: he or she does not see the FULL picture.

Uranus can connect such a business to special Universal portals and bring over-flood of customers.

But before this happens, a “very valuable employee” may quit.

What happens?

Turns out to be that “very valuable employee” had very bad energy compatibility for bad economy. And he or she had to go. The next thing happens is a blessing – a business gets “so, so” employee, but somehow – sales start to skyrocket. Later, that “so, so” employee becomes three times more valuable than the original one.

That’s how Uranus works. It FREES things without YOUR control and rules everything out in the RIGHT direction.

Here is a problem of working with Uranus: you have to have faith in yourself, Universe and God. Otherwise, this planet can create a lot of stress for you.

So, if you do a Uranus spell and things don’t go your way – my best suggestion is wait and see what blessings may come! The main ingredient of working with Uranus is TRUST. Or at the very least, being OPEN-MINDED.

Here are some ideas for Uranus spells:

  • Do a Uranus candle when you feel your business is “suffocating” from whatever reason. Then, let everything go and just patiently wait for miracles. Do not try to control Uranus with “I want this and I want that”, as it’s intelligence knows better.
  • Do Uranus spells once a year to banish all negativity, envy and jealousy, and evil eye from your business. Uranus is an enemy of evil eye. Evil eye is afraid of Uranus like of a nuclear bomb.
  • Burn Uranus candles with a prayer: “Dear Uranus, please attract me what I need and remove what I don’t need, as I know that even though I think I know – I don’t know, but you know.”
  • Cleanse your business space with Uranus candles. Once every 6 months should be enough!


Most think that Neptune is a planet of illusions. But in reality, it is a planet of ULTIMATE TRUTH that cuts through illusions.

Neptune is another external and very powerful aid in business: when you have pure intentions, it connects your business to special portals and magnetically attracts the right customers for you.

It also greatly aids in money gains. Seriously, Neptune is a huge aid for an honest business.

But just like Saturn, Neptune can punish a dishonest business with layers of illusions and confusions.

That’s why I ALWAYS teach: have best intention and don’t worry about the rest.

Neptune color candles are: blue or dark blue.

Here are some ideas for Neptune spells:

  • Light Neptune candle when you feel that there is something going on behind the scenes, secrets are made and someone is planning something against you.
  • Clear your business space with Neptune spells – it’s energy is very high and magnetic. It magnetically drawn the right customers.
  • Burn Neptune candles when you want more customers.
  • Just work with Neptune energy and it can be one of your most powerful business guidance!

By the way, if you are ever in Virginia Beach, VA – make sure you visit King Neptune statue and put 3 quarters as a gift 🙂

Here it is:

King Neptune Magick

Statue of King Neptune in Virginia Beach, VA – Image by Don Klumpp (Getty Images).


And here comes our last external control planet – PLUTO!!!

The most FEARED one.

The DARKEST, most mysterious, most dangerous planet that brings chaos beyond chaos.

But here is a little secret: Pluto is a planet of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!


Don’t be!

Just like any planet, it has it’s own light and dark side. It is your INTENTIONS that summon the lightness or darkness of any planet, NOT the planet itself.

I can very well curse someone with the lightest Sun and that curse will be like being in hell…

But that’s not the point.

The point is that Pluto is the MOST POWERFUL planet that rules WEALTH.

Sure, it rules transformations, regeneration, cutting ties and all of that, but we are talking about business in here.

Unlike any other planet, Pluto has a capacity of doing to the depths of the depths.

It goes so deep, that only your subconscious mind can understand it.

It takes years of practice to bring that subconscious Pluto connection to the conscious level without “going crazy”.

And instead of me explaining much about Pluto, let me give you some examples of how you can use it.

The color of the candle to work with Pluto is BLACK. THE DARKER – THE BETTER!

Here are some ideas for Pluto spells:

  • If you are opening a brand new business, start it with Pluto candle. Put your future business name under the candle and light it with intention to bring you wealth. Pluto will take it’s course and do it’s job. It is not a fast planet, it moves slow, but it is impenetrable. It means that once it moved – that’s it! Nothing can stop it expect extremely skilled Magician who SPECIALIZES working with Pluto.
  • If you are not afraid of changes, light a Pluto spell for your existing business. But be ready for things that may happen beyond your control, like I explained in previous two planets. Unlike Uranus, Pluto goes much deeper. It requires you to have extreme faith or be ready to handle extreme stress.
  • If you have enemies who do Magick against you, hot them with Pluto. Shortly, they may regret they were born to begin with, because the way Pluto punishes bullies is hard to explain in words. And it will continue doing it, and doing it, and doing it…
  • It is your ultimate protector and defender. Light Pluto candle for your business for defense and go to do your business. Pluto will take care of your enemies, especially if they used metaphysical means to harm you. The only thing is, Pluto will not make it light for them. It can turn it into a lifetime torture, making an illusion of “everything is fine” and then – destroying it all. Over, and over, and over again… What a nice vicious cycle, isn’t it?
  • Use Pluto spells to transform your business, Let’s say your sales are at $50,000.00 annually and you want $100,000.00 annually – use Pluto for such transformation. It will find the problem areas and correct it.


But if you have pure intentions, Pluto will be your best friend, defending you on many reals, visible and invisible. On shallow and deep. It will be your “best friend ever” that will be loyal at day and night, watching you from all the sides and not allowing any garbage to even come close – automatically sending it back where it belongs (or to whom it belongs).

And here comes the end of Business Magick Education.

Now, let me be very honest with you: I did NOT spill all the secrets here, but I gave you more than enough to take any business from zero to wealth.

No offence, but there are some secrets that will never be written or shared. They are our personal secrets. Any legitimate Magician knows what I am talking about and high respects that.

Yet, as I said, I gave you way more than enough… If you will USE this information, you will see what I am talking about.

Under no circumstances I make a claim that JUST planetary spells will make you rich and all you have to do is light them… But then can easily remove over 90% of the hassle pf your shoulders – if not more!

Sorry if I did some grammar mistake because when I was typing this, it was channeled directly from the Universe. I was in a deep trance state.

Now, dear businessmen and businesswomen, our colleagues… If you want us to do some of these spells for you or if you want to take your business to the next level, do 2 of the following options:

  1. Go to our Planetary Spells Catalog page and select the spells you want or…
  2. You can contact us direct and discuss your goals, ambitions and exactly what you want to happen with us.

Let us tell you straight ahead – we don’t work for free. And no longer will we accept businessmen who pay $300.00 to gain $150,000.00 – from now on things will be FAIR. Let’s respects each other and keep that mutual respect.

From our statistics, $1.00 on PlutoCraft Magick usually brings $10.00 back if guidance and advice is followed.

These are not made up numbers – they were calculated based on years of work and feedback from the customers.

In my opinion, this is a super-investment.

And we are also very interested working with people who want to start their new businesses, having only few dollars saved up. Let us know and we will guide you to your wealth.

I gave you information, numbers, secrets, statistics…

Now, the choice is yours!

Pluto Magick

Planet Pluto

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