Attract New Love We hope you had a beautiful Beltane full of light and love! Summer is finally arriving in the Northern hemisphere, though some of you are still waiting for the warmth to set in. We invite you to take advantage of this season’s romantic sexual energies with a new candle spell – the Find New Love spell.

If you’re looking for a new partner, or desire to move on from an old one, Find New Love is the perfect petition for attracting the right person for you at this time.

New and rekindled love energies are brewing…. The fire of the summer Sun is on your side, ready to spark a flame that will burn with passion. Celebrate the love that grows between the God and Goddess and the sacred union of the Divine.

This is also a great time to work Protection magick on your love and relationships so that they do not come to harm. For an added boost, begin with Uncrossing – especially from Evil Eye (jealousy/envy energies).

For any and all who need help with clearing, blessings, and prayers, Master Plutocraft is offering his Healing Magick services. He has made these services extraordinarily affordable in order to deliver light and healing energies where you need them most.

And don’t forget that the Full Moon is next week (May 14th)! Shortly after that, the Mars Retrograde will come to an end on May 19th, giving you a burst of active energy that you may have been missing this year.


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