Magick and Kaizen…


Whats the deal?CREATE what you want with intense speed!

SEE it in the front of yourself.

FEEL it near you as though it is already yours and you will understand how miracles manifest!


Facts about Kaizen philosophy and how to make productive decisions. Master this and see what happens when you apply it to Magick! You can apply it to Love, Sex, Protection, Victory, Custom and whatever else Magick! Also, if you apply it to Remote Influencing, you will get results beyond exectations!Wikipedia has information on Kauzen: Again, remember about Magick, Remote Influencing and Kaizen!

And success is yours! What I also want to say is that some spells work easily on their own. Most of them…But some require action.For example, if someone orders Job Spell, he cannot expect employees line up by his door offering high paying job.

Here is a short interview with a client I had.

He ordered Job Spell.

In 2 months, he call me as says: It does not work.

Me: Well, how many aplications did you submit?

Him: None, why? I paid for the spell.

Me: So, you think employees should show up by your door begging you to work for high salary?

Him: No, but…

Me: But what?

Him: Well, I paid..
Me: But did you at least look for a job? Opened a newspaper?

Him: No
Me: Then, please explain me, HOW should you get a job if nobody even knows you want one?

Him: Well, I just waited…

Me: Waited for what?
Him: I don\’t know… Job, I guess

Me: Can you look for a job, submit applications and show up for interviews? Spell WILL help you get one! Let ‘s say you have a chance 3 out of 10. Job Spell will make your chance like 9 out of 10

Him: I don’t want to do it, it’s too much hassle, I paid for my spell.

Me: Ok, this is hopeless… Take care. Bye

Do you now see what people think of Magick? This is unrealistic!

But apply Magick with Remote Influencing and apply Kaisen, and you will be able to have the best job ever!

Or even better – YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!

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