Astrological Candle Magick. Invented By PlutoCraft.

Available to public on September 13, 2013.

Now you can enjoy greater power, ultimate control, easy success, create comfortable living conditions and enjoy happier, longer life with PlutoCraft Astrological Candle Magick!

It is now done for your chart, your location and your relationships!

astrological magickThe problem: we are all aware of the problem of negative Astrological influences in your chart. And some of them are no fun. Lack of money, relationship hardships, misfortunes, emotional instability, lack of progress, loneliness and feelings of loss of control.

Those are just few minor examples of how negative Astrological influences can run your life. And no matter what you do – situation seems hopeless.

But little did you realize until this point is that your locational Astrology plays a very significant role too. When you relocate, you can easily trigger, for example, negative Mars aspect and experience more hostility in your new place. Or suddenly, you family life goes to misery: spouse starts cheating, kids don’t listen to you and you feel stuck.

Also, there is a relationship to Astrology. For example, someone’s Moon in Capricorn is not a good match for someone’s Moon in Sagittarius…

You may start to feel like your partner gets more distant from you or even go through a break up. Communications problems arise all the time and relationship feels more like work than play.

What’s the solution, the cure to all of that?

The often instant, certain, and permanent cure can be yours with…

PlutoCraft Astrological Candle Magick!

This is how it works: after getting one of your custom Astrological reports, personal and locational or personal and relationships, we can look and help you determine what can be done using PlutoCraft Astrological Candle Magick.

For example, after getting your personal and locational report, you now realize why, for example, you are having such a hard time making sales over the telephone (a negative aspect of Mercury).

It will all be crystal clear in your report.

What we can now do is fire the right Mercury candle for you on the specific point at your chart and location to neutralize the negative aspect and bring the positive one!

Or, if you are “born to struggle” with Saturn, we can now burn a Saturn candle at the specific point n your chart to turn it into “born to succeed!” with Saturn!

Or, if your relationship has a constant emotional roller coaster due to negative Mars aspects and infidelity due to Uranus, or whatever other planets bring it on – we can now do PlutoCraft Astrological Candle Magick to neutralize cheating and hostility and turn it into passion and dedication.

The possibilities are virtually endless! All you have to do is know and tell us what you want or let us help you to decide (hey, indecision can be a negative Neptune aspect and it is always a good idea to get a professional opinion).

Remember: The Possibilities Are Endless! If You Can Think It, We Can Create It!

Whenever you are ready to change your life or lives of your loved ones for better – send me an email to begin the process right away!


Purchase your intuitively customized Astrological Report today!


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