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Welcome to the page of PlutoCrfat Money, Wealth & Business Magick.

On this page, instead of just describing you what it is all about, I will give actual case examples, so you will witness yourself what we can do for you.

Here are some of the examples of the cases I worked on:

  1. My very first Magick case. Yes, I literally mean this was my first professional Magick case, which happened before PlutoCraft was even open.I was called to help 2 apartment complexes to gain residents. It was a long time ago and I may have forgotten some minor details, but I perfectly remember the who situation.The owner has 2 complexes: one big, over 100 apartments and 1 small – 12 apartments.The owner had 2 major problems: both of the complexes were half-empty and all sorts of repairs were coming up. Pipes, electrical systems, inside the apartments, garage entrance, heating system – you name it…The problem was that this business had approximate $15,000.00 of loss. In other words, instead of making money, it was losing money.

    There was another problem: a witch lived there whom I spotted and put some negative spells against filling apartments because she did not was neighbors. But that was a minor problem.

    After just less than 2 months of work, both complexes got full! A waiting list was created. Some apartments were still empty due to the damages (they needed remodeling), but all others, in both complexes, were filled.

    Apartments that were cursed by the witch had prospective residents nearly engage in the physical fight – but before that, they were for over 2.5 years empty! Nobody wanted them! Imagine that?

    Right after I did the work on those apartments, in less than 2 weeks, people DEMANDED them!

    I had to interfere in the leasing office to avoid the fight between prospective residents.

    Obviously, unnecessary repairs disappeared. They turned into a normal maintenance here and there…

    As a result, the business went from $15,000.00 of income loss to $45,000.00+ a month of income gain! And that’s in less than 2 months!

  2. Plumbing business without solid customers. Father and son owned a plumbing business. They complaint was that their business was not getting enough customers and they are “barely making it”.I did some light work for them. It worked. They started to see very noticeable clientele increase.They came back and ordered a good scale of Magick work. I performed the work and up to this day, their business is fully booked with clients!
  3. International investor wanted millions. Ge got it! This is a case where I worked.The person wanted to turn $100,000.00 into millions. He wanted it fast.We performed some very heavy duty Magick because this request was complex.As a result, we got an email that the client got over $1.6 million dollars in investments – and more are coming up.However, the client did not keep his promise on the 2-nd payment to us and as a result, he sustained a devastating money loss with other problems. He was also not following guidance which lead him into a series of serious problems. After getting his millions, he thought that now, he is the king. That’s a very bad approach to think this way and I am telling you this as an education lesson.

    Client did request more services from us but was banned from PlutoCraft due to breaking the payment contract.

  4. Job finding Magick.I seriously lost count of how many times, PlutoCraft helped people to find jobs even in hardest economic times.When you stop listening to “outside difficulties” and turn to Magick, miracles happen.Please note that with this type of the Magick you will still have to do job hunting and give out resumes.Employers will not line up in the front of your door, begging you to work for them.

    However, we can easily employ a Magick for your resume to stand out from the rest. And there is no contest as you become the best.


  5. Internet businesses going from zero to complete self-employment. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD DO!!! Either you have an idea, or a dream. passion, want to start your Internet business… Or maybe you already have one but it makes you zero or low income… And you want to take it to the next level – PlutoCraft is your best choice!I will not describe out Internet business secrets.But this is what I worked on and was achieved:- Someone with email list of only 25 (yes, twenty five!!!) subsribers pulled over $2,500.00 in sales from just one mailing.- One website started to have… 24% conversion rates from a generic traffic… which is nearly unheard of…

    – One Internet business went from $5,000.00 of annual income to $75,000.00 of annual income next year taxes were filed.
    – Several people told me “Master PlutoCraft, I have this business idea and I do not know where to start”. Keep in mind that I am a business owner and entrepreneur myself. More of an entrepreneur, I would say… So, I helped these people design magical websites under the guidance of the Universe, employed Magick on top of that with some Remote Influencing and voila – people quit their jobs, making PASSIVE INCOME!

    Now, why did I say “this is something you should do?” That’s because EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU, YES – YOU – have some special skill or a talent which can be put to use.

    We can diagnose and find out such talent, build you a Divine Website (or rebuild your existing one), charge it with Magick and Remote Influencing – and people will CRAVE what you sell?

    Do you know why people will CRAVE what you sell? Because we never use “force to buy” Magick. We use only clean Magick that attracts your BEST CUSTOMER – someone who is already LOOKING for what you have!

    Either it is product or service – it doesn’t matter. Either you have your own website (which you must!!!) or sell on eBay, Etsy or other places – we can help!

This case examples give you a clear picture of what we can do.

Simply contact me with your desires and we will be more than glad to help you out!

By the way, Money, Wealth and Business Magick are our favorite types of Magick!

We work with: doctors, attorneys, celebrities, investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, clinics – you name it! There are our customers!

But what is also important is that we helped so many people to go from ZERO to that! Right now, you may feel like you don;t have much money and dream of having your own business is a far future. NO! Allow us to work and it can happen VERY QUICK!