November Full Moon 2013

Happy Full Moon, everyone!

We hope you are enjoying the illuminating energies of November’s Full Moon. The Native Americans called this the Beaver Moon, as this was traditionally when beaver traps were set before the winter set in.

Have you been watching the skies? There has been a gorgeous display from the comet ISON and the annual Leonid Meteor Shower is coming tomorrow. This is a great time to charge your candles, sprays, talismans, and other items in the light of a very large full Moon and the energy of the particularly vibrant celestial phenomena occurring right now.

It is also Israel Regardie’s birthday today. Regardie was a famous occultist and is also known for being Aleister Crowley’s personal secretary. He wrote many books on Hermetic magick and the Order of the Golden Dawn. You can read excerpts from some of his work on the Israel Regardie Foundation website.

Here is another free gift for all of you: A playlist of Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn series as well as other lectures on magick. Enjoy!




Written by Dr.PlutoCraft

Dr.PlutoCraft - owner of the website PlutoCraft.com, also known as Master PlutoCraft (previous status of Magick belt, which was later earned to a Dr. and meta-physician status). He provides all Magick and Psychic help for love, money, sex, business, protection , custom Magick and so much more! Contact Dr. PlutoCraft for all your life needs and your solution can be right in the front of you!

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