Do You Want Dark Moon to Reduce Your Anger and Frustration?

I really hope so, because if you would only know how more beautiful life will be – and Dark Moon is your powerful solution!

Date of upcoming Dark Moon: March 17, 2018

Dark Moon is something that scares people. But let it scare the weak ones. You belong to elite group of people who got attracted to PlutoCraft website through Law of Attraction and you no longer have to be scared of Dark Moon.

Anger, rage, frustration…

Something is holding you back…

It’s binding…

And having a short-temper seem to be more common due to everyday stress and pressure that we put on ourselves and that is put on us, whether it is at work, home or personal achievements.

However, having these feelings on a regular basis is not normal and can lead to physical and emotional illness. Wouldn’t it be nice to find instant relief from anger and frustration?

There is some uncertainty around the terms dark moon and new moon.

For what it concerns us, we will follow the astrological version, which means the period after the waning moon and before the first crescent of light appears from the new moon, this is the best way to explain it for you to understand.

At this time, you may (AND MUST!!!) use the following rituals…

…to channel the special cleansing and renewing energy of the Dark Moon. Do it and you are golden.

Channel the potent power of the dark moon and the Law of Attraction ability to attract into your life whatever you are focusing on.

It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe, including the Law of Attraction.

It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and make it manifest into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually.

BUT! If you focus on negative thought you will remain under that dark cloud, especially with Dark Moon.

If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with considerable action and you will see the sun shine,

This is why the Universe is such an infinitely beautiful place.

The Law of Attraction dictates that whatever can be imagined and held in the mind’s eye is achievable so if you take action on a plan or a goal to get to where you want to be or what you want to achieve whether it is in LOVE, SEX, OR MONEY.

Moon worship has been part of our history since ancient times. Special energies are active during different phases of the moon. The dark moon is the perfect time to heal, renew and rebuild.

There are 13 full moons per year – one every 29.5 days. As each month has between 28 to 31 days, the dark moon will fall on a different day each month.

When you perform dark moon spells, there must be no light showing, so verification with the almanac and/or calendar is another tool used to maximize the effects of the spells.

I use only traditional candles of only premium quality, crystals and herbs oils and other secret ingredients in order to do the special cleansing and renewing energy of the Dark Moon.

So if you relate to the above mentioned and you feel the need to break free finally and break the chains holding you back from happiness then contact me and it will be my pleasure to guide you to the road of happiness.

Let me help you with that! Just contact me, let me know what chains hold you back and let my powerful Magick rip them like they exists from paper!