Earth Spell – Abundance, Grounding, Physical



Earth Spell

Earth is our home planet and emanates the energies of grounding, abundance, the physical plane, and the nature of life and death. This Earth Candle Magick Spell is great for those who do any work associated with Earth, for example gardening. Farmers can greatly benefit from this spell and ask for blessing over all their crops.

Common Uses:

  • Spiritual healing of the physical body. Don’t ever turn to magick instead of professional help from a medical professional. However, you can use magick to aid with energetic healing. The Earth is perfect for this kind of work.
  • Grounding unwanted or excess energies from a person, place, or thing. Also to stabilize your energy when you feel disconnected, “spaced out” or forgetful.
  • To reconnect with Nature and the rhythms of the changing seasons and the movement of the Earth itself
  • For blessings to manifest material abundance and prosperity that grows as lush and green as an ancient forest.