Gay Spell (Lavender)



Gay Spell (Lavender) To Bring Ex Lover Back

Choose this Gay Lavender Spell even if you think your situation is hopeless!

If You Enjoy Being With Your Gay Ex Lover, Then You’ll Be Excited To See Our Latest Gay Spell Collection!

… With Over three exclusive products to choose from, it’s Everything you need for bringing your ex boyfriend back – At Unbeatable Prices!”

If you’re a gay person who enjoys loving your ex boyfriend and spending time with him, then we invite you to browse our supreme online selection on of Gay Spells – everything from making your relationship strong to overcoming harshest obstacles and even to solving problems that seems to be “impossible” to solve!

… In a wide range of supreme casting options – all at unbeatable prices.

Shop with confidence knowing that all purchases come with a 100% supreme casting back guarantee.

Best-Selling Gay Spell – 2X Supreme Casting
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Gay Spell
Now, you too can make your gay romance a reality!

New Arrivals For 3 X Supreme Casting

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Gay Spell Supreme Casting For Much Better Results!
What Just A Few Words Dr. PlutoCraft Is Saying…

“Male gay relationships are very complicated by nature. When I deeply studied this subject, I found out

Gay Spell Supreme
Gay Spell Supreme Casting For Much Better Results!

harsh truth – most male gay relationships are not means to last for over 5 years. On top of that, many gay men fall in love with bisexual men who leave gay men later on…

They return back to women, dumping gay men like they never existed before. Or they maintain tolerant “friend zone”. But this can be easily fixed.

In our 7 years in business since January of 2010, I have happily served over 50 excellent gay couples of all dynamics with 100% success rate – and this is my pride that I want to maintain for your and me… and many of them have gone on to become loyal repeat customers for their other needs. Hear me share this joy with you, in my own excitement and words I cannot even explain here when I hear their success stories – and why they enjoy shopping with us…

You Can Shop With Confidence, Thanks To
Our 100% Casting Guarantee!

You can shop PlutoCraft without fear, because you’re fully protected by our complete casting guarantee!

If you make a purchase, you can be fully assured that your Gay spells will be cast and DONE RIGHT– for ANY reason – if something goes wrong, which happens extremely rarely, they will be re-cast with no questions asked – until they are done right!

We’re happy to stand behind our products like this, because we know you’re going to LOVE them and most importantly – results they bring!

No Work Is Involved From Your Side –
All Is Done From MY Super Charged
Magick & Miracles Attar!

Unlike some websites require you to do “extra work”, I never ask you to do anything, unless I simply give your personal recommendations that are very easy to follow. They require no materials and even that happens rarely. It’s just for some cases, some simple recommendations are given from my psychic messages.

In fact, spend just some money on our website, guarantees you supreme casting as well as donation to Ukrainian Hospital # 3 in Cherkassy, Ukraine, where some people cannot afford 1 pill of Aspirin. That’s where I volunteer in Neurology department and have a very special room for spell casting.

Combine that with prices lower than typical charlatans charge, plus my guaranteed supreme casting guarantee, and you’ve got NOTHING to lose by ordering today! I WILL set the Lights to bring your gay ex lover back to you as soon as possible!


Have as much information as possible: both of your names, fates of birth, pictures’, then “thining is ha preferably those that I can print with 4 by 6 inches size) and location where you reside. I use location to set the Lights to start Magick at the place where you reside. Do not worry if your locations are different or you are missing some of the information.


REMEMBER: No matter what others tell you, even though Magick most always works instantly, it may take 1 – 2 Moon Cycles (3 – 6 weeks) for your spells to start taking effect. Some spells require 93 day period to take full effect. NEVERE, EVER think that I your ex is “not contacting you”. Then “nothing is happening”.

After placing on order, I mail you your own, special psychic messages by totally confidential mail if you want me to. You WILL KNOW that no matter what happens, you ARE on the road to results with Dr. PlutoCraft! GUARANTEED!

  1. Get Supreme casting spell if you just broke up with your ex boyfriend and things are complicated,
  2. Get Supreme 2 X Power Gay Spell if your circumstances are hard, person has a lot of outside influence, person says they do not wan to see you… in other words, things are very tough,
  3. Get 3 X Power Pluto Grade Gay Spell if you think your situation is impossible to resole and watch Dr. PlutoCraft Magick miracles work your Gay Spell! Make sure you want it and really want it because I will set my Lights and other tricks of Magick to make the other person OBCESSED with you! This is not a toy – this is a very serious Pluto Grade spell casting where I GUARANTEE changes!!!This spell work takes 91 Days to cast, may take up to 93 days to see results BUT this will definitely work! So, again, make sure you want it ad really want it…

…because results will be yours!


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