Become Psychic Now!

Finally! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. After years of in-depth research, countless
Tarot readings and case diagnostics, Master PlutoCraft reveals his secrets on
how you too can become a very powerful psychic!

A special Psychic Master Course designed with YOU in mind! It can teach you how to master the Tarot in just one dayeven if you never held a Tarot deck before!

Does it sound unbelievable, impossible… inconceivable?

Then you are in for a surprise!

“Become Psychic NOW!- Mastering the Tarot in One Day” is designed for all levels of tarot readers, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. This master course contains valuable information for everyone, drawing on years of experience helping people receive important messages through the mystic art of divination.

What does it take to master the Tarot?

  • Know the cards.
  • Know spreads (and how to make your own).
  • Know how to ask the correct questions.
  • Know how to interpret a reading.

But most of all…

Know that you can trust yourself and go to the Source for answers.

You have what it takes to master the Tarot. Everyone has the ability to tap into their natural psychic powers and intuition to glean important messages and information from the Universe. In fact, it’s knocking right now, you just don’t know how to listen – yet. This book is designed to show you how to use the ancient and revered tool known as the Tarot.

If you’ve ever wondered…

  • How you can get that promotion.
  • Whether or not that person is meant for you.
  • Where your path to money leads.
  • Who you can trust.
  • If someone means you harm.
  • How to accomplish a specific goal.
  • How to repair a broken relationship & get your ex back.
  • What your inner gifts and desires are.

Or had any other questions that needed answers that no one else could give you…

Then Mastering the Tarot in One Day is the perfect book for you.

It’s a simple, straightforward, no-nonsense Tarot reading guide that can be applied to any situation. Whether you wish to read tarot for yourself, for friends, or professionally, you can make great use of the knowledge offered in this complete guide.

There’s no need to slog through hundreds of pages of historical and technical information or vague fluff in order to grasp the essentials of tarot reading and begin practicing divination on your own.

In fact, you’ll learn that the biggest obstacle to your success is accepting that you can do it!

Don’t let doubt hold you back and keep you in the dark. Dominate your natural power and begin working your psychic abilities with ease and enjoyment. Everything you need to start your journey and more is in this book.

We’ve streamlined the process so that you know exactly
what you need to Master the Tarot in One Day!

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  • How to take care of your new best friend – the Tarot. This includes cleansing, connecting, protection, and more.
  • Learn the secret to increase your accuracy and how to find the answers you’re looking for.
  • Explore the very same spreads that Plutocraft has used for years! Including spreads for Love, Money, Success, and Law of Attraction.
  • Then, see how easy it is to create your own spreads for other situations.
  • Easy to understand card meanings, including General, Love, Sex, Money and Business, Law of Attraction and Dark Side interpretations for every card in the Major Arcana!
  • Effortless breakdown of the Minor Arcana and what Pentacles, Wands, Cups, Swords, Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings each represent.
  • The Quick Keyword Sheet. One page you can refer to at any time to help you decipher readings rapidly on-the-go. Think of it as a cheat sheet until the card meanings become second nature.
  • Loads of real life examples to help you apply this knowledge to actual card spreads and readings.


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