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Tarot Reading Sample By PlutoCraft

This is a sample of a Tarot reading performed by PlutoCraft. Your Tarot reading might be shorter or longer, depending on the question. A different spread can be done, depending on the question.

Question Asked: “Will Jeff and I be together? I think he started cheating on me, because he got a little weird and became more distant.”

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Current Situation: I see that right now you two are going through a second chance. I see that your relationship was pretty bumpy. Right now you both are not in the greatest position, however not in the worst one ether. I feel that mistrust and confusion from the past lead to such a situation. You must very carefully think about future steps, especially if you want to stay together. Or maybe it is time to leave everything as it is. Whatever happens – it happens. It doesn’t seem that this relationship goes smooth at all. It seems like you are are both pulling the horses to keep it going and starting to wonder if it is really worth it. Simply take a mental break and don’t think too hard about this situation right now. Avoid negativity as much as possible. Don’t allow any arguments to occur right now. Rather, talk to each other logically and be mature.

What Jeff thinks about you mentally: He is confused. He has a new vision about the future. It’s not like he is thinking if he wants to plan it with you or not, but it’s more like he is concentrating on other aspects of his life. He lives in the moment of now, but thoughts of the past and future occur in his head often. He questions things. He has many “why” questions. He has a great deal of concern about planning the future, but he judges actions from the past. Discuss any negative subjects and actions from the past, and try to reassure him that things will not happen again, but only if you are sincere about it.

What Jeff thinks sexually about you: He feels stability. However, there is one issue that needs to be addressed. There is too much dominance coming from his side, and it seems like he wants you to start being more “active”. Try to be more thrilling. Surprise him with something new. He doesn’t complain – but sexual spicing up will definitely be a huge plus. And keep in mind that it’s totally normal – relationships have their own sexual peaks and declines. There is absolutely nobody to blame here and, in fact, there should be no bitter feelings at all. However, if you enjoy full domination by your partner – talk about it and ask if there is a way to spice things up. Then, collect on the pleasure of benefits and new excitements. Try some master and slave role playing, as well as priest and a nun, maybe teacher and student. That type of a stuff would be great.

What Jeff thinks spiritually about you: He has a feeling that you might leave him. He tries to analyze what causes problems and he wants to fix them. It seems like he wants to stay with you, and if anything happens – at least be friends. His spiritual side is being analytical. He is also thinking if there is someone to blame for problems. I strongly suggest you withhold from taking the advice of your friends right now. It’s not because they wish you harm, but it’s because this issue must be addressed and resolved by you and him only. In fact, try to hide all relationship problems from everyone, at least for now.

What is Jeff’s secret that he doesn’t want you to know: His life has a lot of conflicts right now. That includes his own conflict between mental and emotional sides. That might also include conflicts between him, parents, friends and co-workers. He is agitated. But he wants to keep you away from that. Not because it’s a big secret, but because it is something he is capable of dealing with on his own and he strongly feels everything will be just fine. I suggest you to be supportive right now. A great deal of this conflict comes from conflicting relationships. It’s like a chain reaction, like a domino effect. Help him extinguish this fire. How can you help him? Just be nice and show your feminine side. A hug, kiss and a phrase “everything will be great, I am here for you” will improve a situation a lot. Help him release that mental pressure.

What you think about Jeff mentally: The break up is on your mind. A great deal of fear, too. But instead of feeding this fear with your energy, try to think logically. I see that this fear and thoughts about the break up are purely emotional. Think what is causing them. What triggers them. Most likely, it is actions from the past. But past and present are two different things. Let go of the past, self-blame, aggression, obsession and all of the negative feelings. Think about Law of Attraction instead. I strongly feel that this is a root of the problems in your relationship with Jeff. Again, let it go. It’s extremely important.

What you think about Jeff sexually: It seems like you think of outside influences here. You might be heavily questioning if Jeff has another woman on the side, as well as if you should have someone on the side. It seems like actions from the past cause those thoughts. It seems like you two are prone to outside affairs. But think about the cause and effect as well. Before doing any move, think about the consequences. I do not see that Jeff has anyone on the side. This insecurity comes from your emotions that you must let go, just like I described above. Again, think about chain reaction and domino effect. Also, think about Karmic consequences. I strongly suggest you discuss this topic with Jeff and reassure each other. If there is a lack of affection – talk about it.

What you think about Jeff spiritually: I see that you find Jeff to be a balanced person. This is great. There is still a bit of questioning about infidelity here. But leave that questioning aside. You know that Jeff perfectly understands the difference between light and dark, and that puts great deal of security here. Try to balance your feelings too. It would be an excellent thing to do.

Your secret from Jeff: You heard the “news”. But this so-called news was gossip. Disregard it. Don’t start a fight. Instead of planning attack and argument, simply plan peace and defense from future gossip. It seems like right now you are collecting the “evidence”. Forget it. There is nothing to collect as it seems like nothing happened. I strongly feel that you know exactly what this is all about. Remember – some people just don’t want to see you happy. Know whom to trust.

Future outcome: As far as a future for both of you together, I strongly feel that you both will resolve these issues and everything will be fine. I do not see a break up. All I see is just temporary problems that occur in pretty much any relationship. Simply don’t jump to conclusions too early. Learn to welcome positive changes. In fact, I feel that positive changes are on the way, but you will see them only when you are ready to welcome them. Listen to your heart. Remove negative emotional thinking as well as logical analysis of any gossip and welcome the peace. It’s there, just learn how to open the door for it. And remember – when everything is perfect, there is absolutely no need to question whether it’s too good to be true. I see you do that because of the past.

Thank you.