Crown Of Success Spell

Crown of Success

What is Crown of Success Spell And Supreme Casting?

Find out what IS Crown of Success Spell and always remember this Magick because at one point, you WILL NEED it!

Yes, Crown of Success Spell… One of my favorite spells. And soon, it will be yours! Because you will know why…


Today, I was at the store…

While visiting Ukraine and shopping at EpiCenter hyper-market, I saw this beautiful reminder picture:

Crown of Success Spell
Picture takes at EpiCenter while I was in Ukraine

It is in Russian language, but I will translate it or you.

It says:


Think about it…

Success IS the action.

And real success comes to those who do not give up.

But there is a Magick trick to it…

It is called Crown of Success Spell

What it does is attracts success much effortlessly.

I lost count of examples when I used Crown of Success spell to:

  • Help people with passing exams
  • Restore relationships
  • Attract money
  • Start new business ventures and make them a success
  • Start up new websites and attract all kinds of things to them (of course, money is the fina result)
  • Overcome all sorts of obstacles
  • Sell houses
  • Attract new residents to apartment complexes
  • Make a flow of new clients to new businesses
  • Restore old, failing businesses and make them a success
  • Help a plumber to expand business
  • “Crown” people for attraction towards opposite sex
  • “Crown” people to make successful contracts
  • Sell cars with lighting Crown of Success spell
  • Boost psychic abilities
  • Even cleanse Karma
  • Help with justice problems
  • Put CROWN on people for all sorts of general things
  • And used this CROWN candle for… I just lost count….

Let me tell you a little secret.

Crown of Success candle is one of my primary candles that is use in many spells. When I do a spell, I often light Crown of Success candle in the middle to make the spell SUCCESSFUL!

Think about it…

For a small price, your can put Crown of Success Spell “over your head” and you will be much more successful. Of course, it brings money, love and all sorts of success in your life, Seriously, get this candle and witness yourself how your life improves!

Dr. Pluto

Attract Money With An Envelope Magnet!

Attract Money

I attract money.

I attract money easy.

I attract money in large sums.

$100,000.00? Not a problem…

And I don’t do much… Money just come on their own. Because I am a money magnet and I know how to attract money the right way.

I succeed where others fail but they preach you their failures like they succeeded by selling you “how to attract money” so-called “information”. And most of it has missing keys.

Look, I’m not bragging. Seriously. In fact, I keep my mouth shut when it comes to others. You do the same. If you landed on this page, it was not an accident. Learn the real money miracle secret and keep the silence.

Right now, I want to reveal to you real-working secret formula and the way I apply it, so you too can have effortless riches!

Attract Money Magnet

Imagine that: my attract money envelope does it for me. You will see it below how I attract money with investment of about just $33.00 total…

I do this process to attract money for me. And yes, it attracts money for me. I don’t do anything. Then, all I do, is take out the money from it and spend it…

But it begins to attract more… And more… It’s like an endless, infinite money attraction magical portal… Yet, I control how much I want to attract with my mind. I’m not kidding you.

Soon, you too will have same money miracles coming to you – and you will WITNESS it with your own eyes!

Why does this secret formula to attract money works so miraculously consistent?

How come it never fails? And why is it really working with predictable consistency???

And why can you rely on it’s predictable consistency to attract money endlessly?

Because I unlocked several missing secrets to do it right. I seriously found the loopholes of the other money attraction systems and fixed them.

I knew that either there is a missing secret or most likely, they just hide the real truth when they teach Law of Attraction (and other systems) to attract money.

I had that suspicion and I think I proved it to be right.

Today, I want to share a real-working secret to attract money with you. Witness how I attract money effortlessly with Law of Attraction and a light touch of Magick. Do it the PlutoCraft way and do it right!!!

I want you to write to me your “OMG” money miracle success story after you see that PlutoCraft money attraction formula really works!

There are couple of tricks to this process and I will tell you about all of them. Do it – and it will work for you too. Miss the secret or two and I have no idea how it will turn out for you.


You want to attract money. But you don’t want to do much. I don’t blame you. Since we all were born to be abundant, I also choose to attract money the lazy way. But lazy way does not mean you sacrifice the quality of your work. It is actually completely opposite.

Good money come from creating value. To me, PlutoCraft is a creator of a HUGE value!

And I am very sure that you too want to do what you love and attract tons of money not only from what you do, but also from all the unexpected sources of income and miraculous financial gifts of God.

Ok, cool. Let’s do it together for you. I will guide you like I’m holding your hand. When you attract money by such a good, God-given process, I will attract them too automatically! That’s why I want you to succeed and use this simple process all the time! It is 100% Karma-safe!

This is what you will need:

  • 1 envelope (see the picture for this post – that’s one of the envelopes I use! Yes, you can have several enveloped, but I recommend having no more than three. One envelope for one financial goal. I will explain later…)
  • 3 stamps
  • Black marker or a good black pen
  • 1 good looking largest bill of your country’s currency (for example, in USA it is $100 bill)
  • 1 good looking second largest bill of your country’s currency (for example, in USA it is $50 bill)
  • 30 smallest bills of your country’s currency (for example, in USA it is $1 bill)

ATTENTION: Never use bills that are torn, have writings in them, old, too used, marked or whatever… Bills must be beautiful and clean! Like-new! This will accelerate your money attraction because you will be attracting what’s called “high energy clean money”.

And high energy is fast! It’s your money attraction speed!

Now, take a look at this example and study what I wrote and drew on my envelope:

Attract Money
PlutoCraft Envelope Example of Attract Money Procedure

Let’s examine what I did, so you can do this real, working, magical money attraction envelope too!

Take an envelope…

In the portion where you need to write an address of the sender (top left corner), write the words:

  • GOD
  • Jupiter
  • Pluto
  • Mercury

Then, next to them, draw their symbols. Leave GOD blank. The symbol for the universe is just a black filled circle. You can clearly see how I drew it and take it as an example.

If you want to know all the planetary symbols, you can look them up in Wikipedia Astrological Symbols.

Then, think of a REASONABLE amount of money you want to attract effortlessly. For me, it is $100,000.00 at this moment. This is the amount I want to attract effortlessly right now and I know I will – because I already did it many times.

When I was starting out first, I think attracting $2,000.00 was my goal. But that was years ago. Now, I aimed for another $100,000.00. You know why? Because this system to attract money works! Do it right and you will be the witness with your jaw dropped!!! Because it really works!!!

Now, after you thought of a reasonable amount, write the words “Thank You For __________”

Fill it that blank with the amount you want to attract, just like you saw on my envelope.

Always know your money currency sign! For USA, it is US Dollar with this symbol: $

If you do not know your country symbol, look it up on

Here is the important part: after you write the words “Thank You For __________” with your amount, imagine that you already have your amount for just a second. Yes, just for one second.Then, let it go with gratitude that you already have it. That’s it.

The next thing you want to do is draw a magnet. Magnet needs to be thick. Look at the picture above how I drew it.

At the left side of the magnet, draw 7 bills. They do not have to be perfect. Look at how messy I drew them. Then, what I did was drew two largest amount bill numbers inside the bills.

You need to put the largest bill 4 times and the next largest 3 times.

Now you have your 7 bills filled with numbers.

In USA, the largest bill is $100.00 and the next one is $50.00

These are the numbers I drew inside the bills.

Determine what are the largest bills are in your country and then – next largest one.

You got the idea.

OK, now comes the fun part! What you need to do now is to write your name with full address (country included) on the bottom right hand side of the envelope.

For example, it would look something like this:

PO BOX 700

For the photo example, I wrote the words so you can see how it is done. But I will change them with application of a sticker and rewrite it to my name. This will tell the Universe where to attract money.

Ok, what you just did is creation of attract money envelope. And most importantly, you symbolized it. Then, you told the Universe where to attract money by writing your name and address. This creates a laser-like beam of high money attraction energy that’s specifically targeted towards you!

Finally, what you want to do is to put three stamps on the envelope. Don’t ask me why… It just works to attract money to you!!!

Now you have what’s called targeted, safe and attractive place for money to come in.

It is welcoming money that you will spend later.

Why did you have to create this symbolized, written and targeted envelope?

Because in order to attract money, you have to create a place that money will love. And money do not love what you necessarily think they love.

Why did you have to write words and symbols of planets like Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury?

Let me tell you why…

Put it this way: Jupiter rules your money expansion. It’s energy is expansive and high. When you have right relationship with Jupiter, you always know how to expand anything you want. Jupiter is your loving gives and it wants you to give back!

For example, when I do Magick for big businesses or corporations, I use Jupiter as “10% Wealth Spell Rule”. It means that I price Magick service with 10% addition to use Jupiter for spell casting.

What it does is takes the 10% invested and returns the investor at least 10 times more. For every $10,000.00 invested, I set the Jupiter to return at least 10 times more – $100,000.00

This is an ancient secret. Only few people know it. But this secret is time-tested and is passed from ancient generations. What’s weird about it is that one way or another  it ALWAYS WORKS!

Pluto, of mighty Pluto… A planet of unconditional love… There is so much B.S. about it… They call it “dark, heavy, dangerous…” Don’t listen to them. Pluto rules wealth, hidden money secrets, unexpected sources of income and so much more. It’s energy generally moves slow, but it is very steady.

When it’s energy comes, it comes with supreme power. And it is always able to pull money from somewhere “out there” so precisely, that even I still get shocked!

For example, I use Pluto energy for spells when someone has severe money issues. Someone who feels very blocked financially. Someone who runs in circles, trying to reach a certain financial level but is not able to.

When you really feel Pluto energy, it comes with an unforgettable smell of power. It is like a cologne that you’ll never forget. As I am writing this right now, I smell it. And when you smell it – you smell unquestionable power not to mess with. You just know that you can trust it and it will do the job.

I also use Pluto energy to attract money to weird situations. For example, when a poor student needs large sums of money to open a business, but has no idea how and where to get it.

Or when a small business is failing and it needs to be fixed…Fixed so well – that it will become a super-booming business.

Or when someone is in the financial crisis…

You get the idea…

Pluto does it all! And you never question Pluto. It is your loyal friend. Question it and you’ll learn a harsh lesson. So harsh, that you’ll regret it. Get a good relationship with Pluto – and you are golden!

Here is another trick: most people have very poor relationship with Pluto and that’s why they are so subconsciously blocked. Since Pluto also rules sex, their sex desires are not fulfilled at the fullest too. So, money and supreme-quality sex are both blocked!

Mercury also rules your money and speed at which you attract money. It makes you think. Right relationship with Mercury creates unlimited riches and ability to consistently have them! In fact, when you have right relationship with Mercury, you can become an instant money magnet.

Now, think of a combination of these money planets: expansion, unquestionable power and speed.

But when you think deeper, you discover that such combination creates reliable, miraculous money attraction consistency.


What you really want is called financial prosperity. Just money itself mean very little to you. It is things that you want to do with money that mean a lot to you. Or if you dig deeper — it is meeting necessities and satisfying your feelings… But let’s not do psychoanalysis here.

Once you created your envelope (money heaven), it is now time to pull out your highest and second highest currency bills. I will just use $100 and $50 as an example.

Remember: like I said earlier, the must be like-new! NEVER-EVER use bills that are torn, have writings or markings on them or are too used and old.

Take $100 bill…

Begin looking at it and noticing all the details about it. Look at it until you “connect” to it and it is though it almost becomes alive to you. Like it smiles to you or something. You will feel the connection once it happens. Whatever it will be for you, I do not know.

Once it happens, thank the bill and whisper to it like you whisper the words in the ear of a person you are in love with during hugging before sexy times:

“I love you. Thank you. I value you. Come to me. Be with me. Multiply until my financial goal is reached. And thank you again for all your help. I love you. Sincerely.”

Feel what you are saying! You are talking to it like to your dear lover!!!!

You can say more. Say whatever comes from your heart. But speak to it positively! Never complain!!! Never say anything negative like “Help me because I need money and I am so blocked, I do not know what to do, etc…”

Always speak positively. You can say things like “Thank you for help. Thank you for bringing me more money. Thank you for attracting me so much money that I now feel I can open a business instead of working. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to create value for people!”

This is another secret to attract money: first, you always want to speak positive and second – you always want to feel as though your goal is already achieved! It is just a matter of time when it will manifest into a physical reality.

Now, put $100 bill into an envelope and feel how it loves being there!

Take $50 bill and do the same process. You can say different words to it. Whatever comes from your heart.

When you will look at $50 bill and connect to it, you will notice different details. And you will notice that difference is good. Therefore, you begin to understand right now that trying new, different things is good – and is a great way to attract money.

While you do this process, listen to bills as well. They may tell you something. Money energy may tell you that you need to do certain actions.

Here is another secret: write down these messages, if any, and do them! No matter how weird they may sound.

Then, you put your $50 bill into the envelope below $100 bill, so $100 bill covers your $50.

After that, you put your envelope somewhere safe, where nobody will ever find it.

Whenever you can, start adding only $50 and $100 bills in your envelope.

Never add lesser value bills.

Add only clean bills. Do not ever add torn, marked or written bills.

Never take your money out of this envelope to spend until you reach your desired amount. Even if it is “just few dollars short”.

For your first experience to attract money, I highly recommend that you choose a very reasonable amount and add $100 to it. For example, if you choose to attract money in the sum of $1,000.00, try to attract $1,100.00 instead.

Now comes the fun part – extensive Jupiter and Mercury money attraction energy acceleration!

Remember I wrote that you will need 30 smallest bills, like $1 in USA?

Prepare these bills.

They do not have to be new and clean. It doesn’t matter how they look like…

I want you to pick a place where every day, you will put one of these bills knowing that someone will find one and be happily surprised about it.

This place can be a book store, street full of people, subway station…

The point is that your bill will be found by someone.

And when you put the bill, set the intention: the person who finds it will use it productively and will be pleasantly surprised!

This is another secret!

Do not put the bill in order just to do it. It’s not like it will not work, but the money that you will attract will also give you “meh” attitude.

Money is energy represented by paper. Think about the energy you output when it comes to money.

Finally, we want to deepen and maybe even accelerate powerful Pluto energy.

In order to attract money and wealth with Pluto, you need to do this exercise at least weekly:

Lay down on your bed and close your eyes. Relax as much as you can. Just relax…

Relax about the whole thing. Imagine that you absolutely do not care about your thoughts and feelings. It’s like your thoughts and feelings have no power.

Then, imagine that you safely end up on the planet Pluto. And imagine that when you end up there, you feel it’s powerful energy. It is so powerful, deep and intense that it can overcome any obstacle.

Thank Pluto for fulfilling your request to attract money. Thank Pluto for attracting the amount you want, like it already did happen. Imagine that all you did is just came to thank Pluto because the amount you wanted to attract was already attracted and manifested a long time ago.

Imagine that you already even spent, saved or invested that money. And it happened a long time ago. So, all you do now is come to thank Pluto.

While you do that, listen to any messages. Fully allow your mind to expand and accept pretty much anything. Know that Pluto protects you and no dark stuff will come to you. Know that Pluto repels all darkness and negativity.

All you want to do is be silent and “listen”. You may feel the loving and healing energy of Pluto. You may have your darkest and deepest fears come out – those fears that never came out before. You may Astral travel… Or you may just enjoy the process…

Whatever happens is for your observation. It is fully up to you what to do with that observation. You may discover that you have desires that you are not fulfilling due to fears and anxieties. Or you may get some very powerful advises from Pluto. Whatever happens, it is all good!

When you feel it is time to return, just get back into your body, take three deep breaths and write down any important messages or observations. Analyze them and if you have to take action on some advises – then take action!

All of this will bring a very powerful transformation, so you can attract money like a powerful money magnet!

When you really do what I wrote about without asking questions, doubting or fearing it – you will notice how your magical envelope grows with money! And let me tell you something: at first, it may be slow, especially if you are doing it fr the first time, but then – you will be surprised how fast everything happens!

Also, always remember to attract safe and good money. What I mean by that is avoiding any crime, manipulations, deceit and any other negative ways to attract money.

Do not question how and when money will come. This is one of the worst things you can do. This will slow down your money attraction process. And it can actually make you quit. Then, you will say that this process doesn’t work.

And yet, you do know that it works!

It always works!

The process itself always works. But not everyone can work with this process. Even if it is so simple in reality.

The 7 main obstacles to this process to attract money are:

  • doubts
  • fears of failure and/or success
  • lack of discipline
  • forgetfulness
  • lack of motivation
  • indifference towards money themselves
  • greediness

Let’s talk about greediness for a second. It is one of the main obstacles to attract money.

Can you answer this question?

If Joe has 4 candies and he gives 2 candles to his friend, how many candies will Joe have left?

If you answered “two”, then you are thinking logically. But Karmically, Joe will get at least 20 candies in return. Not instantly, but over a short period of time. Same applies to money or anything else. Whatever you give out, you attract back magnified – especially if you correctly desire so!

What are you giving out?

I truly hope that this article on how to article on how to attract money will make you… attract money… Lots of money… Wealth… Prosperity… And become more happy.

As I said, you do not have to believe if this secret formula works or not. It will work either you believe it or not.

Either you want to do it to attract large sums of money or small sums of money, the choice is yours.

And remember the last very important secret: do not tell anyone that you are doing it. Keep the silence!

You did not end up on this page by accident…

You know it for sure…


Master PlutoCraft

August, Month Of Harvest For Money Magick!

Money Magick Candle Spell

Remember this date and time:

On August 29th, 2015 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, you will have a perfect opportunity to perform a very powerful Money Magick spell!

As planetary forces of Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune powerfully join each other during this time, you will have a perfect opportunity to greatly benefit from it – and increase your finances with ease!

Let me give you all the details on how to do it all with ease.

But before that, let me give you a quick explanation of the power of such planets and what they can do for you.

Mercury is one of the “money planets” and it is especially powerful for anyone who uses communication to make money. Whether it is verbal communication or written, or any sort of advertising – Mercury governs it.

Career and vocation is also ruled by Mercury.

The problem is, most people are not aligned with Mercury…

But keep reading.

Saturn rules structure as one of its aspects. Anything that involves business has a direct link to Saturn.

But Saturn is also extremely beneficial for workers because it rules aspect of security. When you want job security and financial security, Saturn would be one of the planets to call on.

The bigger problem is that most people are way out of alignment with Saturn.

Jupiter is one of the best planets to call on for money. Jupiter rules expansion, inspiration and growth as some of its aspects. Very obviously, all of this applies to money. Any Money Magick is aimed at financial expansion and growth and, in most cases, it happens through inspiration.

A lot of people do have alignment issues when it comes to Jupiter and it is one of the major “money planets”.

Finally, Neptune is not considered to be the “money planet” by most Astrologers and Magick Practitioners. But I’ve found this to be very far from the truth.

That’s because Neptune itself is a planet of ultimate truth. “I see where others can’t see” is one of the mottos of Neptune.

Spiritual Healer Neptune can very well heal your finances because money itself is very spiritual.

Neptune gives an advantage to attract financial opportunities that others can’t even imagine! And it helps to attract money from unexpected sources because it has the quality to reveal what’s hidden.

Since the majority of people are stuck in scarcity and dishonesty, they are not too compatible with Neptune’s truth energies. What they summon instead is the opposite – illusions. That’s why many consider Neptune a “negative planet”. By the way, the same applies to Saturn – it is one of the most feared planets because it is associated with Karma.

So, imagine if you can use this viciously powerful planetary force to attract money and aim for lots of it!

And while you do that, you also release money Karmic blocks with Saturn, get more “YES!” responses to your requests instead of “NO” with Mercury, expand your money itself with Jupiter, and attract even more money from hidden sources with Neptune.

These are just a few minor benefits and examples you’ll be able to get out from the Money Spell I will show you below.

Overall, this is like crazy attraction of money on steroids! And since Saturn rules time while Mercury rules speed, expect fast manifestation of money!

What supplies will you need?

Here is the list:

  • Florida Water
  • Green cloth for your altar table
  • Dropper pipette
  • One 7-day green jar candle
  • Mercury oil
  • Saturn oil
  • Jupiter oil
  • Neptune or Pisces oil
  • Red Clover herb (any kind will work)
  • Mullein herb
  • Hyssop
  • Melissa herb (also known as Lemon Balm)
  • Salt
  • Black permanent marker and
  • Matches or lighter

Plutocraft Money Magick Planets

Here is how to do this money spell:

  • On August 29th, 2015, at about 8:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, prepare all the supplies. You will be performing an actual spell some time after 9:00 PM, so you need a few minutes to get ready.
  • Wipe your altar table and green candle with Florida Water to remove any unwanted energies.
  • Put green cloth on your altar table and sprinkle some Florida Water on it.
  • Take 3 drops from each oil that you prepared and put them into your 7 day jar candle using dropper pipette. Make sure you clean the pipette after each oil. To clean the pipette, use water or your Florida Water.
  • Take a little bit of each herb and put it in the candle. Do not overfill your candle with herbs. You can always crush the herbs if you want to.
  • Take a permanent marker and write your name and date of birth on the candle.
  • Right below it, write the words “An it harm none, do what ye will”. You are writing this statement with the intent not to harm anyone with your spell, including yourself. You do it because you never know how the energies may work, and one of the last things you need is money showing up because you or someone got harmed. “An it harm none, do what ye will” is a Wiccan Rede statement that is known to serve such protection. No, you don’t have to be Wiccan to use it.
  • Below it, write your intent: “Attract money from expected and unexpected sources”.
  • Below this statement, write the names of the planets in order. You can make this order from top to bottom or from the left side to the right side. If you choose from left to right, it will sort of be forming a circle. Planets are: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune. You can also draw symbols for these planets instead of writing names.
  • After you write the planets, one more time, write the statement: “Attract money from expected and unexpected sources”, but this time – add your name to it. For example, it would look like this: “Attract money from expected and unexpected sources to Jim Dillon”.
  • Below it, write the words “Perfect harmony and balance”. You are writing these words to put yourself in alignment with the planets and money energies in general.
  • After you wrote that, it is now time to “symbolize” your candle with money signs. The most common money symbol is a dollar sign: $. So, starting from left to write, you write these money symbols until you form a circle of money symbols on your candle.
  • After you do that, draw a pentagram on your candle which symbolizes balance and protection.
  • Let the marker writings dry on your candle for a couple of minutes so they don’t smudge.
  • After that, take your candle in your hands and visualize (or imagine) that you get money. You don’t have to know where it comes from and how much. Just imagine that you have a lot of money. Do it until you feel the end result of it. Usually, it will be a happy feeling.
  • If for some reason you start to imagine some negative things, like some money blocks or hardships to get the money, imagine that this very same spell will take care of them. You don’t know how, you don’t know when, but you feel perfectly comfortable, because you imagine how this very same spell will take care of your money problems.
  • Get your imagination going while holding your candle until you feel that it is enough. Or until you feel happy.
  • Put your money candle on the altar and form a circle of salt around it. This is done to remove any unwanted energies while it burns.
  • Light the candle and for one more time, imagine how you have a lot of money! Imagine that your money obstacles are going away and you have money!


Here is how you take care of your money spell after you’ve lit the candle:

  • Now you need to watch how your candle burns. Since it is a 7-day candle, it may take a few days before it is fully going. You need to watch for two things: flame and clarity of the glass.
  • It is also very important to daily “feed” your candle with oils as it burns.
  • If the flame goes weak and your candle is burning slow, which can often happen at any point, you add a drop of Jupiter oil to it daily. Flame that is around 5 millimeters is considered to be weak. If it happens on the first day after you light your money spell candle, it is ok. But if it continues to be like that after the first day, it means your candle is going weak. This may indicate that you can expect your results but with possible delays. If your candle goes weak all the time, you may want to consult a skilled Magician.
  • If your flame goes well, 5 mm or above, usually at over 1 cm, then your candle is burning very well. In that case, you add 3 drops of Jupiter oil to it daily until your candle is done.
  • But you also want to watch for the clarity of glass. Obviously, it is perfectly normal if the glass isn’t completely clear at the places where your candle burns. But if it starts getting dark and smoky, then this indicates possible obstacles. In this case, you start to feed your candle with 3 drops of Saturn oil instead of Jupiter with the intent to remove obstacles. If your candle goes dark and flame is weak, add just 1 drop of Saturn oil to it daily. Consult a skilled Magician if it happens.
  • What if your flame goes very high (over 2 cm) and your 7-day candle burns quick? This indicates that you are on the very right path and putting the energy where it was lacking. In other words, your money energy was depleted and you are filling that vacuum. This also means that you may want to do other money spells after you finish with this one. You may also want to add 7 drops of Jupiter oil to it daily, instead of 3.
  • What if the flame is high and your candle turns dark? This means that your money energy was depleted and there are obstacles present as well. In this case, add 7 drops of Jupiter oil to it daily. Jupiter also has uncrossing capabilities. But consult a skilled Magician if it happens.
  • Now, what if your candle goes very dark? Maybe even charcoal black at times? This means that there are major obstacles present and you may want to consult a skilled Magician as soon as possible.
  • What if your candle got shut down right in the beginning or during the process before it burnt well? This usually means that there are major obstacles present and you may be lacking power at this moment to work around them. Consult a Magician as soon as possible. You may try to re-light the candle again to see what happens, but you may need to uncross the situation as well.

Here is the bottom line: if you feel that something is wrong, especially if your candle indicates some darkness in the glass and the flame is weak, then consult with a reputable Magician as soon as you can. When you do Magick, you may become extra sensitive to certain vibrations and that feeling of “wrong” should not be taken lightly.

But if everything goes fine – great! Expect money and miracles!

Here is a note to some of the “lottery dreamers”. While at PlutoCraft, we helped people to gain millions, we strongly caution you against the hopes of doing this spell for the sole purpose of lotto wins. Even if it does increase your chances by 1000 times, you may still be not nearly close to winning that big lotto prize. The last time I checked, the chance to win that big lotto is 1 in 175 million.

In the real World, it is just unrealistic.

If you want to become rich, you may want to get yourself a Diagnostic to see how you can do it.

Performing spells for the sole purpose of getting filthy rich quickly and miraculously without doing much is a great way to get disappointment.

But people who are realistic gain tremendous benefits from our money spells.

Here are examples of realistic approaches that we performed:

  • Realtors are able to sell houses much faster and easier.
  • Investors acquire millions.
  • Business owners gain fresh new clients without spending much money on advertising.
  • Some business owners get a lot of clients without spending anything on advertising.
  • People get new jobs, promotions, better careers.
  • Attraction of money from unexpected sources.
  • We also helped to stop major financial losses, which leads to money savings.
  • One of my interesting cases: I “reworked” two apartment complexes with Magick and turned them from completely failing businesses to profitable ones in just under three months. Imagine having two nearly half-empty complexes with major repairs turn into two complexes which are filled – and still have a line of applicants coming in! On top of that, mysteriously, major repairs vanished like they had never even been there.
  • I also helped a car business to move their inventory quickly.
  • Many kinds of web projects were worked with Magick — and very successfully.

Money Attraction

What is your idea?

See, if you have an idea you want to pursue – let us know! Our diagnostics combined with Money Magick proved to work miracles over and over. As soon as you don’t have any bizarre requests for a “million dollars from the lottery by tomorrow”, almost always – we can do it!

And remember – when it comes to acquiring wealth with Money Magick, you have to take action. Doing spells while lying on the couch hoping that wealth will come is not a bright idea. But even then, money from unexpected sources can still come.

Remember that August 29th, 2015 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time is a great time to do your Money Spell.

If you want PlutoCraft to do this particular money spell for you, or if you want us to do another spell for you – just let us know!

If you own a business or plan to have one, let us know your goals and we can let you know how we can help!

Got an idea? We can make it happen!

– Master PlutoCraft

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