How To Remove Bad Karma!

How To Remove Bad Karma!

Remove bad Karma with A Prayer That Always Works available on PlutoCraft Magick & Tarot!

Remove Bad Karma!

Do you feel like you have bad Karma?

No, I am not saying you did something wrong…

Or maybe you have…

That’s not for me to judge…

But bad Karma can also be ancestral,
from past lives and even come from
associating with certain people…


We have Waning Moon coming.

And I cover some issues you may
want to get rid of, including bad Karma.

All of this is here!

No matter what happened,
what happens or what
will happen – at least
now, you know
what to do!

Secrets Of Waning Moon And Banishing Magick Spells

Secrets Of Waning Moon And Banishing Magick Spells

Secrets Of Waning Moon And Banishing Magick Spells

How to effectively use the powers of Waning Moon with Banishing Magick to get rid yourself from blocks and evil, so you can easily attract what you want!

And… How To Banish Bad Karma At The Same Time!

The Waning Moon follows the Full Moon, and the Moon will now slowly diminish in size until the New Moon. Now is the time to banish those bad habits, break up those unhelpful relationships, and move on.

It’s time to banish anything that is unwanted, and reverse any moves that you might have made that haven’t been for your highest good. This time can be used to settle disputes and make amends too.

After the Full Moon peaks, we enter the waning half of the lunar cycle. Waning energies repel rather than attract, so it’s a good time to begin working on spells to get rid of things.

During the Waning Moon (from the moment after it is Full to the moment it is New), do spells to banish evil influences, lessen or remove obstacles and illness, neutralize enemies, and to remove harm.

Here, “decrease” is the operative word, as the moon’s light is decreasing.

Waning Moon Magick: it is done in about seven to ten days after the Full Moon. The Waning Moon rises at midnight and sets at noon.

Good for addictions, divorce, health and healing, banishing disease, stress protection. Transformation from negative vibrations to positive. Balances the energy with in the body and helps the mind and body flow more easily with life.

Minor banishings can begin with the Waning Moon.

This is a good time for general cleansings to upkeep your home, office, garden or any of your personal spaces, etc., to keep things from mounting up.

This is also a good time to cleanse any personal objects you may have, such as your jewelry or magical tools. Think of this more like routine dusting — there’s no major build-up, you’re just trying to keep things clear to prevent problems.

If you have something for which you need closure, or if you’re ready to end something in your life (such as an unfulfilling relationship or unsatisfying business venture), this is a good time for spells to bring things to their fruition.

As for meditations and divination, rather than looking to the future or on to new things, it’s a good time for introspection.

Where have your previous attitudes and actions brought you? What things in your life have been affecting you most? Are you happy with where you are? Do you need to make any attitude or behavior adjustments?

The Waning to New Moon is the time to remove unwanted situations from our lives. This is the time to cast banishing spells that deal with enemies, addictions, illness, negativity and evil. This is the time to cleanse ourselves of the things we no longer want in our lives.

What do you want Removed?

In order to propel you to happiness and success in all aspects of life?

Think about it because it truly matters!


Banishing is done to get rid of negative or unwanted energy, or even people who may be causing problems in our lives.

While some traditions use banishing as manipulative magic, on the theory that it impacts the free will of another, if your tradition has no prohibitions against such things, then there’s no reason you can’t do a banishing spell.

Banishing spells are designed to drive away anything the magic-user feels is a threat or a nuisance; a person, an obstacle, a debt, a disease, an addiction, a bad habit, etc.

A banishing may be performed on a home, to drive away unwanted energies, discord, stress, etc. undesirable entities, ghosts; faeries and other spirits.

A banishing spell may be performed on a person to banish an addiction, an affliction or an influence another person has over them.

While banishing spells can be performed at any time, they are most effective if performed during the waning phase of the moon while the moon is in the sign of Capricorn or Scorpio. Saturday is a good day for general banishing spells.

There are a number of different methods to accomplishing a successful banishing. Which one you choose will vary, depending on how comfortable you are and what you’re trying to achieve.

Elemental Banishing

A popular method of banishing is the use of the various elements, such as fire or water. Fire can be used as a method of purification and cleansing, by way of destruction. Water is used in a number of religions for a variety of purposes, including banishing.

Salt is also a great tool for banishing. In some magical traditions, it represents earth, and has been used for centuries to get rid of negative energy. In some folk magic traditions, black salt a blend of sea salt and charcoal – is used as a protective barrier. Fire can be used to burn a symbol of whatever it is that is needed to be rid of, or earth to bury it.

It all seems complicated or easy but when you know what you are doing the results are phenomenal.

A basic binding which metaphysically ties the hands of the individual or the tongue-binding spell if you’re dealing with someone who is spreading nasty rumors about you.

To Make Someone Leave You Alone

This one comes in handy when you’ve got someone in your life that you can’t avoid—a co-worker or classmate—but you’re tired of being harassed by them. They’ll still be around, but they’ll stop bothering you.

So before ordering any spells whether it’s (Love Magick, Money Magick, Sex Magick, Get Ex back, etc…) get rid of what needs to be rid of before ordering any Magick…


Because even if Magick is done if there are blockages or unwanted energies still present then no matter what the spell is it will take the spell longer to take effect due to negativity and even if the spell take effect if negative energies are still there the spells may not work on long term so if you are having trouble with (Love, Money, Sex, or with Ex).

Banish the root whether it is obsession, impatience, control, insecurties, jealousy, doubt etc..Let’s work intelligently and not cast spells to get desired result without having done banishing beforehand that will help clear the path to success in your desired result.

Now you may ask:

“Ok Master PlutoCraft, I understand… But what type of Magick should I get specifically?”

Let’s examine some spells to help you suit your situation best!

Here are the most common and effective spells done during Waning Moon with intention of banishing:

  • Cut And Clear spell. This spell is usually done to get rid yourself of people. It is also often done to clear yourself from energies and the past to move on. For example, do you have an ex who bothers you and you feel that they interfere with you at the distance? If yes, then Cut And Clear spell is the way to go!
  • Remove Evil Spell. In this one, name says it all. Evil can be anything: a person, a situation, a circumstance. Even evil cycles that keep repeating. It is a viciously powerful multi-purpose spell that can be done to get rid of people and even nastiest behavioral attitudes. Also, this spell serves as the protection.For example, a carrying mother can order Remove Evil Spell on her son to keep peer pressure and addictions away. A store owner can order this spell to keep evil, evil eye and nuisance customers away. The reason this spell is so powerful is because it keeps seen and unseen evil away!
  • Run Devil Run Spell. This spell is basically a lighter version of Remove Evil spell and is usually done to get rid yourself from negative people. It also serves as a powerful source of protection too. It also clears negative energies, especially if they are evil in nature. For example, this spell is fired to free someone from harassment of any kind… Or from nasty debt collectors… You got the idea!
  • Anti Evil-Eye Spell. This spell (ritual) is done to get rid of misfortune. How can you tell if people give you evil eye which affects your success? Easy! If you noticed that someone in particular is bringing you bad luck or if things do not work out when you tell your plans to people. In this case, you may be a victim of evil eye. Get rid of it with Waning Moon and banishing and let your life shine again!
  • And if anything… Don’t forget my famous and one of the most demanded Debt Banishing HOODOO Spell!

From Astrological Planetary Spells, Pluto (when maximum power is needed), Saturn (when stubborn and annoying issue is present), Mercury (especially when speed is needed) are the most common banishing spells.

Let me touch on Saturn spell since we talked about Karma…

Not many people know that Saturn spell is used to banish bad Karma.

It removed bad Karma and opens up new gateways for good Karma!

You can always do Saturn spell in conjunction with another spell to banish things and bad Karma.

Why would you eve want to consider doing this?

Because, guess what?

Most things that you want to banish are directly connected to your Karma.

No, I am not saying that you did something wrong…

You may very well carry your ancestral or past life Karma.

That’s why Karma cleansing and banishing of bad Karma is important and Waning Moon is the time to go!

Ok, so…

Which spell to select?

The one that appeals to you most!

And if you are not sure, you can always ask me.

Here are some thought-provoking questions that you may want to answer in regards to the Waning Moon and banishing:

  • What is it that irritates you most in life?
  • What is the # 1 thing you would want to get rid of right now?
  • What stops you from doing that?
  • Wouldn’t it be smart to do the banishing on what stops you?
  • And after the banishing is done, how would your life change?

See you at the top!

Master PlutoCraft

P.S. No matter what you do, you can ALWAYS help your Magick and anything in life, including bad Karma, with A Prayer That Always Works – because it destroys all evil! And definitely – removes bad Karma! Order it now and start getting rid of bad Karma right away… Get a GOOD KARMA instead! Even if it is not a Waning Moon yet!

August, Month Of Harvest For Money Magick!

August, Month Of Harvest For Money Magick!

Remember this date and time:

On August 29th, 2015 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, you will have a perfect opportunity to perform a very powerful Money Magick spell!

As planetary forces of Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune powerfully join each other during this time, you will have a perfect opportunity to greatly benefit from it – and increase your finances with ease!

Let me give you all the details on how to do it all with ease.

But before that, let me give you a quick explanation of the power of such planets and what they can do for you.

Mercury is one of the “money planets” and it is especially powerful for anyone who uses communication to make money. Whether it is verbal communication or written, or any sort of advertising – Mercury governs it.

Career and vocation is also ruled by Mercury.

The problem is, most people are not aligned with Mercury…

But keep reading.

Saturn rules structure as one of its aspects. Anything that involves business has a direct link to Saturn.

But Saturn is also extremely beneficial for workers because it rules aspect of security. When you want job security and financial security, Saturn would be one of the planets to call on.

The bigger problem is that most people are way out of alignment with Saturn.

Jupiter is one of the best planets to call on for money. Jupiter rules expansion, inspiration and growth as some of its aspects. Very obviously, all of this applies to money. Any Money Magick is aimed at financial expansion and growth and, in most cases, it happens through inspiration.

A lot of people do have alignment issues when it comes to Jupiter and it is one of the major “money planets”.

Finally, Neptune is not considered to be the “money planet” by most Astrologers and Magick Practitioners. But I’ve found this to be very far from the truth.

That’s because Neptune itself is a planet of ultimate truth. “I see where others can’t see” is one of the mottos of Neptune.

Spiritual Healer Neptune can very well heal your finances because money itself is very spiritual.

Neptune gives an advantage to attract financial opportunities that others can’t even imagine! And it helps to attract money from unexpected sources because it has the quality to reveal what’s hidden.

Since the majority of people are stuck in scarcity and dishonesty, they are not too compatible with Neptune’s truth energies. What they summon instead is the opposite – illusions. That’s why many consider Neptune a “negative planet”. By the way, the same applies to Saturn – it is one of the most feared planets because it is associated with Karma.

So, imagine if you can use this viciously powerful planetary force to attract money and aim for lots of it!

And while you do that, you also release money Karmic blocks with Saturn, get more “YES!” responses to your requests instead of “NO” with Mercury, expand your money itself with Jupiter, and attract even more money from hidden sources with Neptune.

These are just a few minor benefits and examples you’ll be able to get out from the Money Spell I will show you below.

Overall, this is like crazy attraction of money on steroids! And since Saturn rules time while Mercury rules speed, expect fast manifestation of money!

What supplies will you need?

Here is the list:

  • Florida Water
  • Green cloth for your altar table
  • Dropper pipette
  • One 7-day green jar candle
  • Mercury oil
  • Saturn oil
  • Jupiter oil
  • Neptune or Pisces oil
  • Red Clover herb (any kind will work)
  • Mullein herb
  • Hyssop
  • Melissa herb (also known as Lemon Balm)
  • Salt
  • Black permanent marker and
  • Matches or lighter

Plutocraft Money Magick Planets

Here is how to do this money spell:

  • On August 29th, 2015, at about 8:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, prepare all the supplies. You will be performing an actual spell some time after 9:00 PM, so you need a few minutes to get ready.
  • Wipe your altar table and green candle with Florida Water to remove any unwanted energies.
  • Put green cloth on your altar table and sprinkle some Florida Water on it.
  • Take 3 drops from each oil that you prepared and put them into your 7 day jar candle using dropper pipette. Make sure you clean the pipette after each oil. To clean the pipette, use water or your Florida Water.
  • Take a little bit of each herb and put it in the candle. Do not overfill your candle with herbs. You can always crush the herbs if you want to.
  • Take a permanent marker and write your name and date of birth on the candle.
  • Right below it, write the words “An it harm none, do what ye will”. You are writing this statement with the intent not to harm anyone with your spell, including yourself. You do it because you never know how the energies may work, and one of the last things you need is money showing up because you or someone got harmed. “An it harm none, do what ye will” is a Wiccan Rede statement that is known to serve such protection. No, you don’t have to be Wiccan to use it.
  • Below it, write your intent: “Attract money from expected and unexpected sources”.
  • Below this statement, write the names of the planets in order. You can make this order from top to bottom or from the left side to the right side. If you choose from left to right, it will sort of be forming a circle. Planets are: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune. You can also draw symbols for these planets instead of writing names.
  • After you write the planets, one more time, write the statement: “Attract money from expected and unexpected sources”, but this time – add your name to it. For example, it would look like this: “Attract money from expected and unexpected sources to Jim Dillon”.
  • Below it, write the words “Perfect harmony and balance”. You are writing these words to put yourself in alignment with the planets and money energies in general.
  • After you wrote that, it is now time to “symbolize” your candle with money signs. The most common money symbol is a dollar sign: $. So, starting from left to write, you write these money symbols until you form a circle of money symbols on your candle.
  • After you do that, draw a pentagram on your candle which symbolizes balance and protection.
  • Let the marker writings dry on your candle for a couple of minutes so they don’t smudge.
  • After that, take your candle in your hands and visualize (or imagine) that you get money. You don’t have to know where it comes from and how much. Just imagine that you have a lot of money. Do it until you feel the end result of it. Usually, it will be a happy feeling.
  • If for some reason you start to imagine some negative things, like some money blocks or hardships to get the money, imagine that this very same spell will take care of them. You don’t know how, you don’t know when, but you feel perfectly comfortable, because you imagine how this very same spell will take care of your money problems.
  • Get your imagination going while holding your candle until you feel that it is enough. Or until you feel happy.
  • Put your money candle on the altar and form a circle of salt around it. This is done to remove any unwanted energies while it burns.
  • Light the candle and for one more time, imagine how you have a lot of money! Imagine that your money obstacles are going away and you have money!


Here is how you take care of your money spell after you’ve lit the candle:

  • Now you need to watch how your candle burns. Since it is a 7-day candle, it may take a few days before it is fully going. You need to watch for two things: flame and clarity of the glass.
  • It is also very important to daily “feed” your candle with oils as it burns.
  • If the flame goes weak and your candle is burning slow, which can often happen at any point, you add a drop of Jupiter oil to it daily. Flame that is around 5 millimeters is considered to be weak. If it happens on the first day after you light your money spell candle, it is ok. But if it continues to be like that after the first day, it means your candle is going weak. This may indicate that you can expect your results but with possible delays. If your candle goes weak all the time, you may want to consult a skilled Magician.
  • If your flame goes well, 5 mm or above, usually at over 1 cm, then your candle is burning very well. In that case, you add 3 drops of Jupiter oil to it daily until your candle is done.
  • But you also want to watch for the clarity of glass. Obviously, it is perfectly normal if the glass isn’t completely clear at the places where your candle burns. But if it starts getting dark and smoky, then this indicates possible obstacles. In this case, you start to feed your candle with 3 drops of Saturn oil instead of Jupiter with the intent to remove obstacles. If your candle goes dark and flame is weak, add just 1 drop of Saturn oil to it daily. Consult a skilled Magician if it happens.
  • What if your flame goes very high (over 2 cm) and your 7-day candle burns quick? This indicates that you are on the very right path and putting the energy where it was lacking. In other words, your money energy was depleted and you are filling that vacuum. This also means that you may want to do other money spells after you finish with this one. You may also want to add 7 drops of Jupiter oil to it daily, instead of 3.
  • What if the flame is high and your candle turns dark? This means that your money energy was depleted and there are obstacles present as well. In this case, add 7 drops of Jupiter oil to it daily. Jupiter also has uncrossing capabilities. But consult a skilled Magician if it happens.
  • Now, what if your candle goes very dark? Maybe even charcoal black at times? This means that there are major obstacles present and you may want to consult a skilled Magician as soon as possible.
  • What if your candle got shut down right in the beginning or during the process before it burnt well? This usually means that there are major obstacles present and you may be lacking power at this moment to work around them. Consult a Magician as soon as possible. You may try to re-light the candle again to see what happens, but you may need to uncross the situation as well.

Here is the bottom line: if you feel that something is wrong, especially if your candle indicates some darkness in the glass and the flame is weak, then consult with a reputable Magician as soon as you can. When you do Magick, you may become extra sensitive to certain vibrations and that feeling of “wrong” should not be taken lightly.

But if everything goes fine – great! Expect money and miracles!

Here is a note to some of the “lottery dreamers”. While at PlutoCraft, we helped people to gain millions, we strongly caution you against the hopes of doing this spell for the sole purpose of lotto wins. Even if it does increase your chances by 1000 times, you may still be not nearly close to winning that big lotto prize. The last time I checked, the chance to win that big lotto is 1 in 175 million.

In the real World, it is just unrealistic.

If you want to become rich, you may want to get yourself a Diagnostic to see how you can do it.

Performing spells for the sole purpose of getting filthy rich quickly and miraculously without doing much is a great way to get disappointment.

But people who are realistic gain tremendous benefits from our money spells.

Here are examples of realistic approaches that we performed:

  • Realtors are able to sell houses much faster and easier.
  • Investors acquire millions.
  • Business owners gain fresh new clients without spending much money on advertising.
  • Some business owners get a lot of clients without spending anything on advertising.
  • People get new jobs, promotions, better careers.
  • Attraction of money from unexpected sources.
  • We also helped to stop major financial losses, which leads to money savings.
  • One of my interesting cases: I “reworked” two apartment complexes with Magick and turned them from completely failing businesses to profitable ones in just under three months. Imagine having two nearly half-empty complexes with major repairs turn into two complexes which are filled – and still have a line of applicants coming in! On top of that, mysteriously, major repairs vanished like they had never even been there.
  • I also helped a car business to move their inventory quickly.
  • Many kinds of web projects were worked with Magick — and very successfully.

Money Attraction

What is your idea?

See, if you have an idea you want to pursue – let us know! Our diagnostics combined with Money Magick proved to work miracles over and over. As soon as you don’t have any bizarre requests for a “million dollars from the lottery by tomorrow”, almost always – we can do it!

And remember – when it comes to acquiring wealth with Money Magick, you have to take action. Doing spells while lying on the couch hoping that wealth will come is not a bright idea. But even then, money from unexpected sources can still come.

Remember that August 29th, 2015 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time is a great time to do your Money Spell.

If you want PlutoCraft to do this particular money spell for you, or if you want us to do another spell for you – just let us know!

If you own a business or plan to have one, let us know your goals and we can let you know how we can help!

Got an idea? We can make it happen!

– Master PlutoCraft

P.S. If you’re looking for more Money Candle Spells, there is a wide variety to be found in the Magick Shop.

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