Many people write to PlutoCraft, requesting lottery spell, desiring to win a large sum of money in a lottery.

While it all sounds very interesting, we should always look at the real picture of gambling and understand what exactly Lottery Spells do.

First of all, let’s break the lottery gambling in itself.

According to statistics, the odds of winning a 1 in 13,983,816… That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there is a lot of other types of lottery and all sorts of gambling with much better odds.

Let’s just say that you play some lottery where your chance of winning is 1 in 250,000.

What Lottery Spell does is it increases your odds.

Let’s just imagine that Lottery Spell increased your odds by 10 times.

You are still left with 1 chance over 25,000.

Does not look good, right?

Let’s imagine we did a lot of Lottery Spells for you and your chance of winning the lottery increased by 100 times.

You are still left with 1 chance over 2,500.

So, how do you overcome losing?

You have to think of yourself as strategic player and take different angles of approach, such as:

  • Using Money Drawing Spells and
  • Using Psychic Attunments spells, and…
  • Maybe even using Wish Granting Spells

Money Drawing Spells help you to increase the sums of money to win in the lottery. After all, you are playing to win more money, not just a lottery, right?

Psychic Attunment spells help you with intuition on when to play the lottery, when not to play, what kind of lottery to play, where to buy it… You get the idea.

Wish Granting spells help you to achieve your goals and manifest your wishes into a physical reality.

What’s cool about all these spells is they can help you gain more money one way or another! After all, money is your desired goal when you play lottery, right?

So, how do you select the right spells if you really want to win big in the lottery?

Here is a very powerful suggestion:

  1. Start with Lucky Black Cat Spell to increase your odds.
  2. Fire it simultaneously with Money Drawing Spell or/and with Bayberry Money Spell.
  3. Add Psychic Attunment (Become Psychic) spell either at the same time, or no longer than 90 days after you did previous spells.
  4. Finally, seal all the work with Secret Desires Wishing Candle Spell as soon as possible! And yes, that’s right – keep it all as a secret to yourself and NEVER tell anyone!

After all Magick is done, wait for about week or two before you start playing.

Start playing slow… Use your intuition.

And if you do it all right, one day, you can start claiming good winnings!

When you start to notice that your winnings decrease, repeat the spell work.

This is how you with with Lottery Spell and other spells!

It is not a wise idea to order just a Lottery Spell and rely on it for your income!

I hope this information helps and if you have any questions, just contact me!


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