Love Magick: Three Major Secrets To Getting Your Lover Back

New interview with clients and Master PlutoCraft on subject of Love Magick to easily get your lover back!!!

These ARE the must-known three secrets of Love Magick for getting your lover back!

Yes, actually,they are the very same secrets that, when you apply them, create magic and miracles of reuniting you fast!

Dear Friend – Love Magick is not a toy! Either you are an experienced Magician or a complete newbie to Love Magick, there is something for everyone in here. Know these secrets revealed from Master PlutoCraft interview from the start – and you are golden!


Clients writes: “…she is always on my mind…”

Master PlutoCraft answers: “One of the major secrets to attracting your girlfriend back, especially when using Magick is detachment. As weird as it sounds, detachment is a secret because it is one of the major powers of the Conscious Mind.

Let me prove it to you.

First of all, the detachment I am talking about is a detachment when you truly have no worries, no fears, no resentments, no need and your mind is occupied with happiness.

You do not put your happiness and love in her. You generate it within.

You know that everything will be great!

Love Magick is a very serious thing. It is not a toy to play with. When Love Magick is done, it intensifies psychic links between you and your desired lover.

Such is a nature of Love Magick. Some Magicians know how to overcome the negativity if it becomes a consistent problem, some don’t. We will touch in this very important subject later.

But you, as a customer, hold a responsibility to work on yourself. You, as a customer, under no circumstances should allow feelings like depression, anxiety, worry and other negativity to fuel you because they also fuel your relationship with her and delay the very same results you want to get.

I clearly explain this subject and so much more in two of my free e-books “Before Reuniting With Ex Lover” and “After Ordering Magick”.

Therefore, you must know this information and treat it as sacred information! Otherwise, you will simply delay the very results you want to attract!

Remember: by Law of Attraction, which works every single milli-second, you always attract something. What are you attracting? Think what you think about…

Need attracts more need. Feeling of satisfaction attracts more satisfaction. Depression attract more life events to be depressed about. Happiness attracts more happiness and miracles. Worry attracts worry. Joy attracts joy!

If you can spot another bog secret here, then I congratulate you! Here it comes: if, by Law of Attraction, you always attract something, and your feelings are more powerful than your thoughts…

And if you want to attract her back…

Then… What kind of feelings should you consistently feel?

Answer this question right and not only you will miraculously speed up the Magick, but you will always be able to keep her and always have a complete control over your relationship!”


Clients writes: “No matter what I try, I just feel negative! I don’t know what to do! Please help!!!”

Master PlutoCraft answers: “Sometimes, especially during a crisis, feelings are hard to control. Feelings are very dynamic. And I will be very upfront with you – Love Magick can intensify all sorts of feeling. Actually, any form of Magick can!

As I wrote above, we will get back to the subject of a Magician being able to dissolve the negativity. Some Magicians can, some can’t. Some Magicians are masters at removing negative energies!

One of the secrets of getting your love back is being able to safely feel deep.

See, here is the trick. Above, we talked about how you always attract something…

Have you ever hear the phrase: “You cannot serve two masters at once?”

Do you know what it means?

It means that you need to choose which way will you feel. If you choose to feel negative at all times and not do anything about it, then I would suggest to forget about getting your lover back. Just choose to feel negative, overcome this feeling and move on.

But if you want to get your lover back especially with Love Magick, then you need to serve this one master: feel great and positive at most of the times. The faster you want your lover back, the more and intense you should feel happy. You must feel it deep!

And you must feel safely! It means that, when you are woken up in the middle of the night, you must be able to feel and say: “I know that everything will be great between me and my loved one!!!”

See, when you are truly able to feel and say it, not only you automatically feel deep, but you also automatically feel safe. And it is just a matter of time when such result, powered by Love Magick, will manifest into a reality, most likely, when you least expect it!

As soon as you start waiting for manifestation of result, you send a negative energy. Desire to see the result manifests energy of mistrust. You are deeply saying: “I want to see my results now because I want to know I will have them”.

But Magick cares less about how you want your results. Magick, in brief, if your intent, super-charged with secret formula for manifestation for a certain outcome.

How and when it happens – sorry to say it, but Magick says it is not your business. It is a business of the Universe. Magician whom you hire is your representative in the front of the Universe.

Hire the right Magician and not only you will get your results faster, but you will also save a lot of money and nerves. Trust me on that one. Do you know how many people write to me, then go somewhere else and still come back to me because they had not gotten their results while some things got worse?

But one of the greatest powers of a Magician is to be able to help you to safely feel deep.

If you try to change your thoughts and feelings, and you still feel down – it can be due to many reasons.

Skilled Magician should be able to identify these reasons and see if Magick is an appropriate tool to remove them. If Magick is not an appropriate tool, then what is the next metaphysical (or other) appropriate tool/action to remove it?

I have several protocols that I use to successfully remove negativity quickly from the customers who cannot do it themselves. This is done to quickly open up channels for Love Magick between you and your lover to take form and manifest your results.

One of my protocols involves positivity vortexing and one involves negativity blocking strictly for Love Magick to take place.

Negativity blocking protocol includes that:

a) client’s negativity has absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

b) target’s negativity has absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

c) environmental negativity has absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

d) psychic negativity has absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

e) other forms of negativity, if any, have absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

This form of Magick is what I call Self-Empowerment and Self-Improvement form of Magick.

It is done mainly on you, barely touching your lover (the target in this case).

It immediately blocks all forms of negativity from touching the manifestation of your results from Love Magick, even IF you feel negative all the time.

But I truly try my best to help people feel happy and positive when they order Magick from me. It all depends on each case and is very individual.

When you safely feel deep, anything becomes possible to you! Return of your lover is just a matter of time and you better be ready for it – because it can happen anytime!”


Clients writes: “What is the best love spell you can cast to get my ex back?”

Master PlutoCraft answers: “This is a great question that comes with a great answer! And as you continue reading on, the answer may surprise you. It is something that 99.99% of people who want to do Love Magick do not know.

The best Love Magick spell I have is my personal invention called “Supreme Pluto Love Super-Spell”

I cast it rarely. This spell is something that requires a great preparation, requires going to a special place, requires using a vortex instead of opening up a portal and requires a lot of work after.

It also requires super premium supplies. It requires very accurate timing. And it requires great deal of energy.

Obviously, it requires a lot of time as well.

It is a very expensive spell that I do only for certain clients. And while it is designed to bring absolutely positive results in regards to getting your lover back, even under the harshest circumstances when you exhausted all options and everything seems impossible, it is usually an overkill as well.

That’s because I have other, less intense spells and forms of Love Magick to help you get your lover back.

For example, I have a medium-grade spell, a reinvention of mine, that’s called “Extreme Venus Love Spell”

This spell is the most common spell that I use.

It still comes with use of premium supplies and ingredients, very careful preparation, very intense spell casting and it brings you the magic of getting your lover back very fast, assuming “all roads are clear”.

If there are any blockages, this spell has a built-in psychic intelligence mechanism to report to me and it will be my decision what to do with the blockage. I usually just order the Spirit to knock it down. If blockage has it’s own intelligence which comes back to me, I let the customer know so we can make the best decision together. Of course, I help with that by advising on options.

Then, I have a milder form of Love Magick called “Return To Me” Love Candle Spell.

Do not underestimate the power of this spell. While it may work slower, it is a common love spell that is used in Hoodoo Magick and other Magick traditions to do one thing only: return your lover to you!

And let’s talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of Love Magick, so you are better equipped with accurate knowledge before getting the best love spell.

The most powerful and intense Love Magick requires expenses and cost time of a Magician. The disadvantage is that it is expensive. But at the same time, this expense can be clearly seen as investment for most people, because what would you do without someone you love? Then, who knows how many spells will you need total (love and non-love category)? And finally, some just want to pay and get done with it!

The main advantage of most powerful and intense Love Magick is that it is neatly guaranteed formula to work under any circumstances.

For example, while most casters will tell you that they get 99.9% of results, I will tell you that it is complete non-sense and simply an advertising trick to make you pay them money.

* Please note that under no circumstances I am bashing true spell casters and other true Magicians. I have high respect for these people. It’s just there are so many charlatans out there who think they can do Magick at 99.99% success rate, or those that simply take your money and do nothing at all.

Do you know what is the true percentage of success rate of these so called casters?

It is almost at zero. Yes, that’s right – zero. Even if they “get” results once in a while, it is almost always a simple coincidence because some lovers do actually come back to each other again.

I have casters order Love Magick from me all the time. Yes, the same ones that advertise 99.9% success rate to you.


Because results-oriented Love Magick ALWAYS requires an accurate and precise psychic Case Diagnostic! It is also known as Psychic Intelligence Discovery Service about your case. And that is the third major SECRET to your successful Love Magick.

You cannot just cast spells and hope they will work.

In that case, you do not need a spell at all. Not only it can cause damage, but it can cause a permanent break up that will be nearly impossible to fix. Then, I would have to work your case really hard if it happens and you may feel anxious because Pluto and Saturn planetary energies will be hitting your Karma.

And while I would be able to block the negativity from interfering with my Love Magick, I highly doubt I will be able to make you feel good in the process.

It is better not to do a spell at all.

No diagnostic? No love spell!

It is a right philosophy of results-oriented Love Magick!

Please pay close attention to the words “results-oriented”… It is the form of Love Magick that I want to do for you. I do not want to just case spells. I want to get you results as well! The ones you deeply desire!

I started to openly service public in January of 2010. That’s when PlutoCraft website came out. As I am writing this, it is March 21, 11:56 PM in Midwest of USA.

Do you have any idea of how many Love Magick clients I served? A LOT!

Do you have any idea of what complication love cases I often solve? They call them “impossible to solve”. I was told that some say this: “It will be impossible to solve, refer him/her to PlutoCraft”

And finally, do you have any idea of how much I know about metaphysics in general? Probably, too much even for me… There are some things I do not want to know…

If you are able to cast “Supreme Pluto Love Super-Spell” which is designed to work under any conditions to get your lover back WITHOUT suppressing their free will and all safely – then that’s what I personally call a True God-Gift!

Right now, I am organizing some of my knowledge into a major Magick course that I’m writing, while sharing my inspiration with a friend and hypnotherapist from North Dakota.

Why am I telling you all of this right now?

Because I want you to know… To know that Love Magick is not a toy. It always requires a precise Case Diagnostic. A Magician should know how to effectively block negativity of any sort in an emergency situation you may experience. To know that you feeling is the secret to effectiveness with speed. And to know so much more than that.

Let’s get back to our discussion about advantages and disadvantages of different forms of Love Magick again.

Medium-grade Love Magick spells have one little disadvantage: in very rare circumstances, they do not have enough power to overcome the obstacles of getting your lover back. But it happens rarely.

For example, my “Extreme Venus Love Spell” has nearly all the built-in mechanisms for pretty much any obstacle overcoming.

And the main advantage is that it is very affordable! It is a an excellent choice of a Love Spell! How I say it “There is little of of everything for everyone in here… Get it – and you are golden!”

It also has a surprise mechanism to get you extra money because Venus attracts money :)

Finally, lower strength Love Magick, such as Return To Me Candle Love Spell has an obvious disadvantage: it may not be sufficient enough or it may require extra spells to get you results that you want.

For example, it may require an additional Break Up candle spell if your lover is with someone else…

It may require Pluto Planetary Candle Spell if your lover is obsessed with that someone else…

And so on…

But! Very often, it is a good choice for anyone who is on a budget.

So, what is the best love spell I can cast to get your lover back?

If you carefully read this article and understood it, then you can proudly answer:

Case Diagnostic Will Tell!

That’s right! Every case is individual. Every case has it’s own complexity. Every case has it’s own dynamics. And the list goes on and on…

With over 110 of successful and time-tested love spells I possess, I am more than sure your situation can be solved quickly and it will be done right from the very first time.

I gave you secrets.

I gave you options.

I gave you inspiration.

Either you finally choose to do my medium-grade Love Magick or my super-intense Love Magick, the choice is yours!”


Master PlutoCraft

Practical Magician & Meta-physician